Enemies will try to steal comb Stones. As soon as they do, you"ll must defeat castle to recuperate the steal Crest Stones.

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For this reason, much faster units room preferable in this fight. Fliers are constantly useful, especially since the only adversary Archers - two pairs of two stationed atop the stairs along the southeastern and also southwestern edge of the map - won"t stroked nerves you unless you come within range, permitting your fliers come harass the would-be thieves on reduced ground through impunity. Mounties will likewise fare fine here, as aside indigenous the abovementioned stairs there are few impediments that will stop them from chasing down the devices threatening the stakes Stones.

In enhancement to a collection of fairly unimpressive ground troops, your foes consist of 2 Demonic Beasts, Metodey and the fire Emperor. While fairly potent (at least contrasted to the majority of the humanoid foes you"ll be facing) the Demonic Beasts are hardly novel - just make certain you lug weapons, battalions and also combat artes suitable to taking care of monsters and also you"ll it is in fine.

As because that the two distinct foes, Metodey is an Assassin with higher-than-average ATK and also a Venin Sword, which have the right to poison opponents struck in combat. In enhancement to this he"s acquired the poison Strike ability, i m sorry will minimize the HP of systems he strikes in combat by 20%. His toxicity weapon and ability are precious noting, and although he"s strong by this map"s standards, random adversary Pegasus Knights and also Wyvern Riders you"ve most likely encountered on various other maps are simply as lethal, all points considered, and also Metodey can be relatively easily dispatched through ranged attacks.

The flame Emperor is a more impressive specimen, having actually a significantly higher ATK than even Metodey, and also impressively high PRT score, a hefty save of HP and also the Counterattack ability, i beg your pardon will allow this unit to retaliate in combat regardless of the attacker"s range... Much like the fatality Knight. Seal Strength and also Seal Magic will additionally ensure that units the flame Emperor damages will certainly be less potent on subsequent turns. Finally, it is in wary that the fire Emperor"s Charm ability, which rises the ATK of adjacent allies by 3. Happily the flame Emperor shouldn"t breakthrough until provoked, enabling you come dispatch claimed allies before this ability can have much effect.


Send quicker units to the flanks to wipe the end the adversaries there, while her casters deserve to pick personally the armored soldiers.

You can only deploy nine units in this fight, and we clear up on three groups of three for ours attack. One group (ideally faster units choose your fliers, cavalry, or a Dancer/Assassin) will certainly be assigned come the 3 eastern-most and also western-most deployment spots, while one more three (including Byleth) - will be deployed ~ above the central three tiles. The job of the wings is to immediately head east or west come dispatch the enemies on your sides that the map, if the casters in the center cautiously advance. Their goal is to continue to be within Physic range without providing the opponent Armored Knights any cost-free attacks... Back if they relocate too close, her casters have to prove quite capable of defeating them, given their disastrous RSL.

Don"t expect the opponent to remain passive, either, they"ll most likely start moving south immediately, therefore you"ll should work quickly to choose off potential thieves and also keep the opponent from converging on you in any significant number. Additionally be wary that almost any enemy unit deserve to snatch a comb Stone, for this reason be prepared for that. ~ they acquire such a compensation they"ll try to flee come an to escape area behind the flame Emperor.


With your devices on the edges of the battlefield relocate north and clear the end the would-be theif lurking about, have actually them swoop earlier to the center to dispatch any remaining Armored Knights and/or the Dark Mage and also unify your forces in time come fend off the Demonic Beasts, i beg your pardon will gradually start to move south. Play together aggressive as your strength enables and don"t let any type of Crest stone thieves obtain to the stairs, as you"ll have to attend to the adversary archers and Dark Mages if you do. Ideally you"ll use superior speed and variety to choose off every the systems to the east and west, secure all the stakes Stones, dispatch the Demonic Beasts and reform south of the divine Tomb, all set for your attack on the southern-most forces.


The archers and also Dark Mags atop the stairs existing a little bit of a problem, yet like most difficulties in Fire Emblem, you have the right to rely on the stupidity of your enemy to certain victory, as the archers have actually much greater variety than their accompanying mages, and also aren"t bright enough to prevent charging ahead to shooting bait. Attract them down with units v a high PRT score, then relocate your casters increase - or various other units v high RSL - to dispatch lock in anticipation of their mages. Once one of the archers up here engages you have the right to expect all four archers and also Dark Mages to start moving down, therefore keep various other units near your bait so you can counterattack when they come down. V this strategy you need to have little trouble removed the 4 archers and also mages, leaving just Metodey, a Dark Mage and the fire Emperor.

You have the right to use spells like Warp to safely near the distance, or simply use ranged attacks. Either way, loss Metody and also the flame Emperor.

Metodey and also the Dark Mage are exceptionally easy to defeat provided you have actually Pegasus Knights or Falcon Knights equipped with Javelins, as they have the right to assemble simply out the the enemy"s strike range, then fee forward, to win Metodey without fear of reprisal, then fly back out the range. Also better, if you have actually a caster through the Thyrsus relic you have the right to just actors spells from the floor in front of Metodey and dispatch him the way. The Dark Mage shouldn"t need lot explanation - Pegasus Knights have tendency to have decent RSL, and also in a hit they should easily come the end on top.

Isolate the fire Emperor and you have the right to converge top top them, taking your sweet time come ascend the stairs, assemble forces on the flame Emperor"s flanks, then merely crush them v overwhelming force. Magic assaults are most likely to prove far an ext effective than melee attacks, if your mages deserve to survive the reprisals. If not, soften the flame Emperor up with Gambits, first, then end up them off through spells.

If you safeguarded all the stakes Seals you"ll score a Rusted Bow (can it is in reforged right into a silver- Bow), a Knowledge Gem and also an Advanced Seal.

Defeat the fire Emperor to reveal their identity, a revelation i beg your pardon is sure to send shockwaves throughout Garreg Mach and cause significant political upheaval throughout Fodlan. Much more importantly, it"ll finally collection in motion occasions which will certainly send the three homes down various paths...

If you are aligned with the gold Deer or Blue Lions factions, or if you"re aligned with the black color Eagles and also did not side v Edelgard, you"ll proceed with the To War branch of thing 12. If you decided to side with Edelgard, however, you"ll coninue through the Outset of a power Struggle variation of thing 12.

If friend sided with the black color Eagle faction and attended Edelgard"s coronation earlier in the month, you"ll get one more route-altering an option to do at the end of this battle. If you pick I must kill Edelgard. you"ll finish up on the Silver Snow route, i m sorry will proceed with the To War version of chapter 12. On the other hand if you choose the option I must safeguard Edelgard.

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you"ll begin the Crimson Flower route, i m sorry is the only of the 4 routes that leads to the Outset that a power Struggle version of thing 12.