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This post is going come talk around Anna, the Trickster that you can gain in Fire Emblem Awakening. Anna has actually been a recurring character in every Fire Emblem game other than Fire Emblem Gaiden (the second iteration that the franchise; just released in Japan) and is typically a seller in charge of an enig Shops within every game. She usually, yet not always, has a love interest named Jake, who is generally recruitable in gamings he exists in.


So, who is Anna?

This particular Anna (apparently, she has actually identical sisters) is a Trickster who has ended up top top the wrong next of a specific bandit, who looks for to kill her for what her sister did come him earlier in Paralogue 2. A (possibly) fatal situation of failure identity, together it were. Anna's defining character properties is her love that gold and also her want-on referrals to anything including the priceless metal. In video game terms, Anna serves together a unit that have the right to pick locks and also use staves, so she is the ultimate support character in the sense. However, her an abilities also enable her to put up a fight against most foes, particularly in the first couple of turns the a battle.

Where have the right to I gain Anna?

You deserve to recruit Anna in Paralogue 4, i m sorry is easily accessible at any type of time when you beat chapter 9. She starts together an ally unit surrounding by numerous enemies, so utilizing a Rescue employee is, together usual in this sort of situation, very recommended.

Note: The Anna that exists in Paralogue 2 cannot be recruited, for those of girlfriend concerned around not reaching her in time.

Should I use Anna?

Well, she is definitely useful and has beautiful base stats come compensate because that the fact that she is a pre-promote. However, while she growths room pretty good, she has nearly no support to speak of. In fact, she deserve to only build a support relationship with my Unit (and don't forget the MU can support with every other unit in the game, for this reason that's a freebie) and also Tiki. This makes her viability take a nose-dive due to the fact that you probably have other support choices for her MU and also it is simply not reliable to pair her up with many other units because you won't acquire a assistance bonus out of it.

Amusingly, if you have no one rather to choose locks with, girlfriend may have to take her follow me anyway. If the is the case, her rather superior stats will certainly not disappoint.

Should I usage a second Seal top top Anna?

No other feasible class deserve to use Swords and Staves at the exact same time favor Trickster can, which diminishes her ability to execute as a assistance unit need to you do so. If you're particularly inclined, you're always complimentary to obtain both Trickster an abilities and climate class adjust to one Assassin. I can't yes, really recommend any other class readjust choices though.

But, what around Mage Anna?

Well, male posted really detailed and also well-written comment around building up an Anna through the Mage line of classes. I would certainly be remiss in not posting it in this article, together it serves as an alternate take on Anna that i personally did not explore during my playthrough. So, below it is, for your analysis pleasure:

Again, credits go to man for this really helpful item of content.

Use Mage-line Anna (I went Sage, yet Dark items would work too).

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Second Seal ideal after she's recruited (or a bit later, if you desire Lucky Seven, she'll quiet be reasonably awesome) because that a Mage through a Magic stat better than any Mages you may at this time have, while additionally retaining every one of her Luck, both of she Thief Skills, and also a decent section of her Skill and Speed. As a Level 1 unit through competitive stats because that the point of the video game she's at, she have the right to grind easily and also gain level at a decent pace, further increasing she stats. As soon as she's had enough of that, encourage away; Dark Knight will certainly be a step up indigenous Trickster in regards to defense, while Sage proceeds the Magic focus in both offense and also support, with skills being Skills. Both courses let her use several of the weapon endure she had actually as a Trickster, v Dark Knight offering her swords back and Trickster offering her staves back. One of two people way, when she's re-promoted, you'll finish up with a highly qualified Magic user through the capability of a Thief.