When a patient is diagnosed v dementia, it results not just the patient but likewise those who care for them. It have the right to be disastrous to clock loved ones shed the independence, personality, and also abilities that once characterized them, knowing there is no cure. Exactly how should christians respond to a diagnosis of dementia?Experienced geriatrician Dr. John Dunlop desires to transform the way we view dementia—showing us exactly how God can be honored with such a tragedy together we respect the inherent dignity of all people made in the picture of God. Sharing stories from decades of endure with dementia patients, Dunlop provides readers, specifically caregivers, v a biblical lens through which to know the endure and an obstacle of this life-altering disease.Finding elegant in the face of Dementiawill aid you see God"s purposes as girlfriend love and also care for those through dementia.

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John Dunlop (MD, Johns Hopkins University) practiced geriatric medication for thirty-eight years and also taught in the bioethics regimen at Trinity international University. He now lives in brand-new Haven, Connecticut, where he taught at the Yale institution of Medicine. Dunlop is the writer of Finishing well to the Glory that God and also Wellness for the Glory the God.

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God and DementiaWhat should We Know around Dementia?What about Diagnosis?Can Dementia it is in Prevented or Treated?How does It feeling to have actually Dementia?The suffer of CaregivingHelp for CaregiversHow have the right to We honor God v Dementia?Respect the Dignity the Those with DementiaMeet the needs of Those v DementiaWhat must the Church Do?Grow v the suffer of DementiaEnd-of-Life Issues

AcknowledgmentsAppendix: A Letter to mine FamilyNotesSuggested ReadingGeneral IndexScripture Index

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“This book offers needed help and hope for those who have actually a loved one enduring dementia. John Dunlop’s training as a medical doctor, together with his understanding of what the scriptures teaches us about our bodies and our souls, provides him a unique perspective native which to deal with this an essential issue.” Dennis Rainey,President and also CEO, FamilyLife; Host, FamilyLife Today; author, Stepping Up

“Finding this book is like discovering a exorbitant treasure. John Dunlop has actually mined decades of experience as geriatrician, child of a mommy with dementia, bioethics expert, and active church member to help the remainder of united state make feeling of a problem that appears to rob civilization of every piece of dignity. Drawing on the glorious biblical truth of every person’s development in the image of God, Dunlop shows that dignity cannot be lost even in the confront of dementia. World entering or anticipating the experience of dementia, and also their family, friends, and caregivers—in various other words, almost everyone—will find in this publication the grace they should cope with its challenges.” john F. Kilner,Professor Emeritus the Bioethics and contemporary Culture, Trinity Evangelical Divinity school

“Almost thirty years ago, my mother passed away of symptom springing from nine years of Alzheimer’s Disease. During those nine years I check out several helpful books that described the stages of the disease, what to expect, and also how to respond. Nowadays comparable resources are uncovered on the web. But there is nothing quite like John Dunlop’s publication on dementia. Decades of suffer as a geriatrician and also a devout Christian combine to assist other loyalty think through dementia—what that means, exactly how to trust God once you watch its start (in girlfriend or in friends and also relatives), and, yes, just how God glorifies himself and brings strength to his civilization precisely in the middle of such horrendous, ravaging illness. This publication will help you come to be a better caregiver; more importantly, the will help you end up being a more mature and also thoughtful Christian. It may even aid you become a better patient.” D. A. Carson,Cofounder and also Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

“My father-in-law resided through us v his eight-year journey with Alzheimer’s. As a physician, I had actually taken treatment of patients through dementia, but then i lived v the disease. The best means to aid a girlfriend or family member taking care of this illness is to give them a copy the this book. That is one invaluable resource.” David Stevens, CEO, Christian Medical and Dental Associations

"Finding grace in the challenge of Dementia is a remarkably useful book ~ above the increasingly usual phenomenon the dementia. Cultivation out the his medical practice as a geriatric physician and his suffer as a caregiver because that his parents, both that whom endured from dementia, john Dunlop writes for those who battle with this condition themselves, for caregivers, and also for members the the body of Christ passionate to skinny in and also love well in these difficult circumstances. This book ably and also understandably consist of the waterfront medically, theologically, practically, and also experientially. Combining compassionate kindness, sober realism, suitable anguish and also lament, and ultimate to trust in God"s love and grace, Dunlop both encourages and fortifies those that suffer and also those who offer care. This book rings true come my own experience with my mother, who experienced from dementia because that twenty years. Might this much-needed source be provided widely and also mightily in the work ahead." Steven C. Roy, Associate Professor that Pastoral Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity college

“Dementia might well it is in the many feared diagnosis in the western world, and this publication is a timely contribution to a neighborhood in need of education and encouragement. Dunlop does no gloss over the obstacles that dementia have the right to bring but takes us by the hand and leads us sympathetically v the various elements of the illness. Dunlop’s comprehensive experience permits him to contribute rich practical and spiritual wisdom because that those walking this path. I highly recommend it as a guide.” Megan Best, palliative treatment practitioner; bioethicist