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Hello everyone! This is Toshiyuki Itahana from Square Enix. To commemorate the upcoming release of final Fantasy crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, I’d favor to introduce some rare principle art indigenous the original last Fantasy decision Chronicles native 2003 and share a look in ~ some new pieces for the Remastered Edition.

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For the original game, ns joined together Character Designer and also Art director part way through development, after ~ being brought on by the Producer, Akitoshi Kawazu. At this point, the setting and environment of the people had currently been established in writing, therefore I had the satisfied of happen it come life through art.

For the Remastered Edition, as well as working as the Remaster arts Director & personality Designer, i have designed some brand-new character variations and weapons, which i think fans will really look forward to!

1. Very first up, here’s a look at a stormy draft that the main art because that the Remastered Edition.


Eagle-eyed fans may see the layout is comparable to artwork from the initial release in 2003. Ns tried to draw in it a similar way to the original picture from 17 year ago, by beginning with a pencil sketch and also colouring it digitally.

There are a couple of changes indigenous the initial version. Because that example, over there was initially a Yuke holding the crystal chalice in the centre, but for the remaster, I’ve changed this come a Selkie. I have also changed the mrs Clavat and the male Lilty top top the ideal of the photo to be the personalities from the final Fantasy decision Chronicles novels, Erin and Chad, so fans of those books may evaluate this small easter egg!

2. This is a breeze of one illustration used for promotional materials about the time the initial was released.


It’s a breeze from once I to be still considering the layout, so it’s a little embarrassing to present it in its loose form! I’ve had elements main to the story, prefer the characters Gurdy and also the black color Knight, and the mysterious girl who shows up towards the finish of the game in the background.

Looking in ~ my illustrations indigenous 17 years earlier like this, ns see lots of things I want to go ago and deal with – yet I think practically every artist would say the same!

3. This is the line illustration for the front cover illustration for the Japanese guidebook, final Fantasy decision Chronicles world Ultimania.


As i mentioned earlier when talking around the key art, this guide contained a last Fantasy decision Chronicles novel at the back, about Erin and also Chad. Those two room at the center of this illustration.

My an individual title because that this photo is ‘Memento Mori’. It i do not care clear together you progress through the story, yet the characters in the background room all thinking about someone who isn’t there.

I really prefer this illustration, so please try to find online and also take a look at the finished colour variation as well!

4. This is a picture of the inside of the caravan, i beg your pardon isn’t shown in the game.


I drew this photo while imagining what day-to-day life would be prefer for the members that the caravan, living with each other in together a small space. It was really fun to draw. For the crystal chalice in the corner, i seem to remember 보다 I scanned that in and added it to the photo before colouring that digitally. Similar to the key art, I attracted my line arts in pencil and also then scanned it in come colour that digitally. It might be interesting to compare the differences between the initial draft and the final coloured version and also see just how the color really lug it to life.

5. This line art depicts the end of a fight, when the characters still have mud on your faces and clothes, and the adrenaline is still sufficient to make them forget their wounds.


For the finalized, coloured version, I added a elevator in digitally. Many of the illustrations for last Fantasy decision Chronicles space warm and cosy, so i remember that when I drew this, I wanted to draw something v a slightly various tone the shows another aspect to these characters.

6. What a expedition down storage lane! currently I have to think earlier and remember what was this from….


I believe this was attracted as one insert for a strategy overview or magazine back when the original game launched in 2003.

The principle is the moment when a moogle it is provided a letter indigenous home throughout the journey, i m sorry is something that happens after ~ each boss fight in the game, and helps repeat the player of your family back home and their reasons for taking on their dangerous adventure.

I love drawing smiling characters, it’s so fun as it bring the characters to life.

7. This is a map out of the Mushroom Forest, very early dungeon in the game (which can also be discovered in the free release of last Fantasy crystal Chronicles Remastered version Lite at launch).


For most of the backgrounds in final Fantasy crystal Chronicles, I drew snippets of landmarks, buildings and also the as whole atmosphere the areas. The background developers then take it that as a starting point and expanded it from over there to design the levels and dungeons the the world.

Everything is do of mushrooms, all the method down to the paths, and also it turned into a beautiful area with the towering mushrooms dyed red under a sunset sky.

8. This is one more sketch comparable to the Mushroom forest one above.


It to be to convey the environment of the Miasma currently area to the advance team. It’s no an illustration that would have been offered for advancement purposes, so it’s quite rough.

The currents the miasma that would certainly be presented in video game were added digitally, once I coloured the picture, so this looks prefer a drawing of a passageway in a cave, however when linked with the digital impacts it transforms the artwork right into something brand-new and exciting.

9. These are the newly added character variations because that the remastered edition.


I’m relieved we’ve lastly arrived at a coloured piece, not just sketches, haha!

We added brand-new character variations come the Remastered Edition due to the fact that we wanted the video game to feeling fresh come those that had currently played the original, and to give a more comprehensive choice to world playing the video game for the very first time. Especially since Final Fantasy decision Chronicles Remastered execution will emphasis on virtual play, we want to minimize overlap that identical characters as far as feasible by offering much more options come players.

These brand-new variations encompass some more Japanese-inspired designs, and variations that have outfits similar to personalities from later last Fantasy decision Chronicles games that were released ~ the original.

For final Fantasy crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, I operated alongside another designer, Rubi Asami, who also worked top top Mobius last Fantasy. The new female Clavat personality variation the she designed was very popular when last Fantasy decision Chronicles Remastered execution was very first announced.

I look forward to seeing which characters come to be popular through players of final Fantasy crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition.

I don’t regularly have the chance to display these type of loose sketches as well as finished illustrations, for this reason this was a most fun because that me!

The original last Fantasy crystal Chronicles to be released 17 year ago, yet there room still lots of dedicated fans. I’ve had actually messages native fans telling me exactly how much they would certainly love to play that again on modern-day hardware. And now, I’m for sure delighted the they’ll have actually the opportunity.

For the original, ns imagine most people played along with their brothers or near friends, but Final Fantasy decision Chronicles Remastered Edition will let friend play through lots much more people roughly the world. The feels prefer the times have actually finally captured up, and it has really become a last Fantasy whereby everyone fights together.

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I important hope that lots of human being can have actually fun with each other on their adventures as a caravan and also make unique memories follow me their journey.