TheFiddle leaf Figtree is a tropic plant aboriginal to the rain woodlands of west and central Africa. The is a gorgeous plant the sports big green leaves and also is a favorite amongst the ardent adhering to of houseplant fans. Despite its popularity, fiddle leaf figs space not the easiest houseplant to maintain and may endure from stunted growth if not taken care of properly.

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Some that the many common causes for her Fiddle sheet Fig to not prosper are rarely often, rarely watering, bad drainage, wrong lighting, lack of humidity, and also pest infestations. These factors must it is in optimally managed to ensure healthy growth in the plant.

Although there space several reasons why the fiddle leaf figs might not it is in growing, most of them are relatively easy come fix. The very first step in treating a condition is in knowledge the cause of the disease, and the exact same reasoning applies here as well. Check out the remainder of this post to understand the reasons why your fiddle sheet fig is no growing.

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Lack of a regulation Watering ScheduleFungal Infection because of Root RotYour Fiddle leaf Fig Is not Being Fertilized FrequentlyYour Fiddle sheet Fig demands RepottingImproper light for your Fiddle sheet FigPoor top quality Potting soil for your Fiddle sheet FigThe pipeline of your Fiddle leaf Fig are Unable to BreatheSeasons influence the expansion of your Fiddle sheet FigFiddle leaf Figs room Sensitive to TemperatureBacterial epidemic of your Fiddle sheet FigPest Infestation of her Fiddle sheet FigLow Humidity is a trouble for your Fiddle leaf FigFiddle leaf Figs are Prone come SunburnFiddle leaf Figs thrive Bigger in larger PotsLack that a ideal Drainage SystemPruning Helps regain the health and wellness of of your Fiddle leaf FigFiddle sheet Figs room Sensitive come StressFinal Thoughts 

Lack of a regulation Watering Schedule

Plants require water come grow. It help them in moving out their metabolic functions, no difference with the fiddle sheet fig. A dried fiddle sheet fig will not have actually the resources to grow. You can let the floor dry out a bit in between watering.

An ideal way to understand when the fiddle sheet fig demands watering is when the top couple of inches in the pot is greatly dry. TheDr. Meter S10 soil Moisture Sensor Meterhas a sensor probe that ensures accurate and instant experimentation results.

Too lot moisture in the floor is additionally not an excellent for the plant as it leads to root rot. Having actually a humidity meter help detect this. Another means to know that the plant is overwatered is through looking at its leaves. If the pipeline soften and get dark brown spots native the within of the leaf, it might be obtaining too lot water. Understanding this will assist contain the damages in the plant.

You can room out her watering schedule from when a week to 10 days. As soon as you carry out water, that is important to offer the plant a generous drink until any kind of excess drains out the pot’s bottom. Once the leaves curl or build crisp brown edges, or as soon as the soil seems to have actually receded native the pot, it may be since the tree is not getting enough water or the waiting is too dry.

It is better to have actually an under-watered fiddle leaf fig than an overwatered one, as root rot and also poorly draining floor are frequently harder to fix.

Fungal Infection as result of Root Rot

Sometimes fiddle leaf figs construct brown spots because of fungal infection from the roots sitting in too much moisture. Overwatering and poor drainage regularly lead toroot rot. If not regulated in time, the degeneration then diffusion to the pipeline of the tree stunting that is growth and also eventually death it.

If there are only a couple of brown clues on the leaves, then let the tree dry the end for a couple of main so that the roots have adequate time to recoup from the excess humidity in the soil. However, if these brown spots have spread to more than just a few spots, then it will certainly be good to inspect the roots for rot.

The best means to ascertain that the fiddle leaf fig has root rot is by in reality removing the pot and inspecting the roots. If the roots space brown or black and are mushy, climate it is a sure sign of root rot. Automatically stop watering and also place the plant in a dried area with sufficient light so that the floor dries up. However, if the source rot is as well much, the is much better to prune the end the influenced roots andrepotit.


Your Fiddle leaf Fig Is not Being Fertilized Frequently

Fiddle leaf figs need a lot of fertilizer come grow. The health and wellness of the plant and also the large leaves is dependent on how often it is gift treated through fertilizer. Even though plants obtain their energy from the sunlight, they also need particular other nutrients to thrive. The soil gives this nourishment.

Most potting soils are enriched through nutrients, however the nutrients deplete over time as the plant supplies them. The floor in which a fiddle leaf fig is planted needs to it is in supplemented v fertilizer. Fiddle leaf Fig Tree plant Food is a fluid fertilizer that you have the right to mix through water in a watering can and also feed it to the plant every one to two weeks.

Your Fiddle leaf Fig demands Repotting

Another typical reason because that stunted expansion in fiddle leaf figs is that they might be outgrowing your pot. Once a plant starts gettingrootbound, the roots will wrap about itself tightly and also stop branching the end or taking in the water or nutrients important to assistance growth.

An easy method to understand whether a plant is rootbound or no is by checking for any roots that may be popping the end the peak of the floor or coming out the bottom the the pot.

When your fiddle sheet fig appears too large for the pot, it may be time to relocate it to a larger pot. This will give the plant more room to grow and get taller. The is also great to fully repot the tree by removed as much soil native the roots together you can and also planting that in fresh brand-new soil. This will offer the plant fresh nutrients to grow in fairly than reuse the old soil, which has now lost its nutrients.

Most fiddle leaf figs need to be repotted every two to three years. Repotting sound intimidating, specifically with vulnerable plants prefer the fiddle leaf figs, however it doesn’t have to be.

This video clip tells you whatever you should know about repotting your fiddle sheet fig:

Improper irradiate for her Fiddle leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf figs deserve to be an extremely sensitive to your environments. They have the right to be impacted by the light also. If girlfriend are maintaining it indoors, the tree will do well in prior of a home window where the can acquire a the majority of sunlight. However, that is important to it is in gentle v the plant and not move it dramatically from one area to another with stark differences in terms of air quality and also light intensity.

Keep the tree in a location where it receives indirect light, and then slowly move the to direct sunlight. This will help the tree avoid any type of trauma, and eventually help it thrive. Fiddle leaf figs have to store increase a kind amount of energy through photosynthesis in stimulate to prosper consistently large and healthy leaves, and having enough light is crucial for photosynthesis.

Poor top quality Potting soil for her Fiddle sheet Fig

Fiddle sheet figs grow best in soil the is nutrient-rich, has an excellent drainage, and also is contempt moist. Well-draining soil is essential so as no to keep the root damp. Wet roots result in root rot end time. Nutrient-rich soil is important as the fiddle leaf figs require all the nutrient to thrive their distinct and huge leaves. That is additionally necessary because that the plant’s as whole health.

The fiddle leaf fig likes its soil slightly moist with a short drying-out period between the watering sessions. At any time the peak 2 inch (5.08 cm) the the soil dries, it is one indicator that it demands watering. Allowing the soil to dry more than a couple of inches is most likely to cause leaf loss. Vice versa, too much moisture in the soil may result in root rot, causing the tree to dice over time.


The leaves of your Fiddle sheet Fig space Unable come Breathe

Plants absorb light v their leaves. They also breathe in carbon dioxide from your leaves. Regularly the build-up of dust and also dirt on the pipeline stops the plant from properly carrying the end its photosynthesis process.

It is right to tenderness wipe the leaves v room temperature water every 3 to 4 months. Girlfriend can likewise shower the tree thoroughly as soon as every 6 months to store it clean. This helps prevent pests indigenous infesting the plant and ensures the the leaves room able come absorb and process sunlight an ext efficiently.

In this video, you deserve to see several of the ideal ways come clean her fiddle leaf fig leaves:

Seasons influence the development of her Fiddle sheet Fig

Fiddle leaf figs show up to have a slowdown in growth throughout the autumn and also winter months. This is because the fig is conserving energy to endure the winter months. That is during spring and also summer the the plant often tends to grow the most as the gets added energy from the longer daylight time during these seasons.

It is recommended the any activity such aspruningor repotting that you setup to execute to the fiddle leaf fig, have to be done at the start of a new season of expansion such together spring and also summer. This plants are an extremely sensitive come change, and also they require extra to make reservation of energy, the they get throughout spring and also summer, come cope with any task that introduces a vast change in their environments.

Fiddle leaf Figs are Sensitive to Temperature

Temperatures in between 60 – 75°F (15 – 24°C) are an ideal for her fiddle sheet figs. However, they execute not do really well in temperatures reduced than 55°F (12°C). Utilizing a humidifier or misting the leaves v tepid water help the plants retain some warmth throughout harsh winters.


Bacterial epidemic of her Fiddle sheet Fig

If the leaves of the fiddle leaf figs start to yellow or construct brown spots, the plant can be suffering from bacter infection. This symptoms may sometimes be perplexed with the of root rot. Through root rot, the leaves often tend to remain dark green however have brown spots, whereas, v a bacterial leaf spot, the leaf transforms yellow as the brown clues spreads.

Bacterial epidemic feeds on brand-new growth. If the more recent leaves in her plant are yellowing faster, that is likely because of bacterial infection. Both source rot and bacterial sheet spot will reason the pipeline of the plant to loss off eventually.

Pest Infestation of your Fiddle sheet Fig

Spider mite, scale, and other pests may sometimes epidemic the plant, though it is rare through fiddle sheet figs. But any sort of pest infestation might slow the development of the plant. A quick and easy method to spot this infestations is by looking for small spots ~ above the leaves that turn into holes.

Luckily the is simple to treat this infestations by usingneem oilproducts or make a solution of one tablespoon that baking soda and also one teaspoon of mineral oil in a small spray container filled v water and spraying the in the influenced areas. It is also helpful to keep infected plants away from the various other houseplants to sluggish the spread.

Low Humidity is a trouble for her Fiddle sheet Fig

These tree are supplied to hot and also moderately humid climates. The right humidity for a fiddle sheet fig is between 30 – 65%. The humidity in an average family members is usually sufficient for these plants. Still, if you live in one arid climate, you can increase the humidity by misting the plant or place a humidity tray.

Leaves that are brown top top the edges and dry suggest low humidity. Once the humidity levels are too low, that can cause the air to it is in dry, resulting in the leaves’ brown edges. This likewise impacts the growth of brand-new shoots from the plant.


Fiddle sheet Figs space Prone come Sunburn

If the pipeline on the fiddle sheet fig are transforming pale or yellow and also then occurring brown point out in locations where straight sunlight touches them, climate it is a authorize of sunburn. Change the place of the plant by relocating it slightly far from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is regularly the cause behind producing the irradiate brown spots that may cause the leaves to look at bleached.

These clues will mainly be on the peak leaves and sometimes can present some red/yellow coloring. If this happens, that is advisable to remove the sunburned leaves and place the plant that provides shade from the sun’s straight rays.

Fiddle leaf Figs thrive Bigger in enlarge Pots

Roots the the fiddle leaf figs often tend to sprawl. A pot dimension that is huge enough come accommodate this will also lead to the better overall health and wellness of the plant, and also the plant will have tendency to thrive bigger.

However, in a little size pot, this is not the case as the roots do not get enough an are to stretch and also flourish. That is ideal to graduate the fiddle sheet fig to incrementally bigger pots over its lifetime.

Lack that a proper Drainage System

When potting her fiddle sheet fig, make certain that the pot has a good drainage system. This will assist the floor to dry up between watering sessions and preventwet feet. The planter pot should have adequate drainage holes to let the water out. Additionally, you require to include gravel and pebbles at the bottom the the pot in stimulate to protect against the floor from clogging increase the drainage holes.


Pruning Helps reclaim the health of of her Fiddle sheet Fig

Leaves the have arisen spots or space in varying stages the wilting and falling should be pruned away utilizing pruning shears. Start by pruning ago any damaged leaves. This will aid your plant to send out an ext nutrients to its healthy and balanced leaves, making lock stronger.

Also, remove any type of crossing branches the take increase the breathing room of the fiddle leaf fig. This plants require breathing room for healthy growth, and also crisscrossing branches will just crowd and take far their capacity to breathe.

To correctly prune the fiddle leaf fig tree, do the cuttings an inch away native the tree’s trunk. This is excellent to stop inflicting any kind of damage come the main trunk. If you prune improperly, that may likewise lead come stunted development in the plant. Top top the other hand, a well-pruned plant will certainly sprout more branches from where the cuttings to be made.

Fiddle sheet Figs space Sensitive to Stress

These plants have the right to be stressed fairly easily. This frequently leads castle to shed their pipeline or construct warped and curly leaves. Oftentimes, as soon as a fiddle leaf fig is repotted or moved to a new spot, that suffers a little of trauma in its roots due to the repotting. However if girlfriend wait till new growth appears, the plant would have healed native the trauma by then, and the brand-new leaves have to return to your original healthy state.

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Final Thoughts

This article contains the basic symptoms of stunted growth and a couple of remedial measures that deserve to be required to reverse this. However, it is essential to remember the each plant is a distinctive living being, and their needs may vary relying on the climate, the high quality of air and water, and many various other factors. Pay fist to these small details as they will have actually a large impact ~ above the growth of your fiddle leaf fig.