This guide provides every pointer you"ll need to beat the Crown that the Immaculate trial in last Fantasy 14.

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Final Fantasy 14"s many recent expansion, Shadowbringers, released critical year in July. However, the growth has recently been decreased in miscellaneous sales on every formats, and between that and also the recent update that Futures Rewritten adding a organize of new content, the video game has checked out plenty of new and returning football player flock ago to the game.

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While advancing through the Shadowbringers content, players will should complete The Crown of the Immaculate trial in order to progression the storyline. Like plenty of other trials, this battle can be a bit of a difficulty for most, yet just listed below is a guide as to how to unlock this fight and also how come beat it.

5 just how to Unlock and also Requirements

Final Fantasy 14 Chai-Nuzz
come gain accessibility to The Crown that the Immaculate trial, players must an initial undertake the main scenario search "Extinguishing the last Light". Players must be level 79 in bespeak to expropriate this quest and it is available by Chai-Nuzz in Kholusia (X:18.7, Y:17.7) when players have completed the previous key quest, "A Breath that Respite".

because that this quest, players will be directed to speak through both the Crystal Exarch and Y"shtola, which will then unlock the Mt. Gulg dungeon that lock will have actually to complete in order come unlock The Crown the the Immaculate trial.

together a trial, the party will consist that eight players: 2 tanks, two healers, and four DPS roles, and also all players" ilevels will certainly be synced under to 420. For preformed parties conference the dimension requirements, role and also item level limitations are lifted.

4 first Phase

Final Fantasy 14 Innocence Crown of the Immaculate phase 1
This psychological has 4 phases in total and also like most boss battles, the very first phase is the easiest. There are a number of moves the Vauthry/Innocence uses and also there space a pair of mechanics you should look out for during the an initial phase.

very first and foremost, when Innocence summons adds using Heavenly Host, it"s necessary that this are killed as shortly as possible. Forgiven Shame provides a move referred to as Scout"s Bridle, which transaction AoE damage and also can yes, really diminish a party"s health. Forgiven Venery at the same time uses holy Sword, a tankbuster relocate that transaction a hefty quantity of damages to whoever hold hate. Furthermore, Innocence provides Guiding light after he offers Heavenly hold for the second time, and it will give adds a buff that boosts their damage. Innocence additionally uses Realmrazer, one AoE that fills the room, and also Daybreak, i m sorry drops AoE swimming pool below an ext than one party member at a time, for this reason be certain to protect against these.

Sinsphere is a really vital move to look the end for, together it summons 4 meteor towers and also at the very least one player demands to stand in every one to protect against Sinsphere dealing damage to the entire party. Innocence will also use Enthrall at the very same time, i m sorry is a gaze relocate that inflicts confusion, therefore players need to challenge away indigenous him once he offers this.

Finally, Innocence will use Exalted Wing, i beg your pardon is an immediate actors AoE to the entire room that deals damage every few seconds. ~ this, he"ll usage Exalted Plumes, which loss every party member and inflicts down for the Count as Innocence transitions to the following phase.

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3 2nd Phase

Final Fantasy 14 Innocence Crown the the Immaculate step 2
Innocence transforms into a much much more angelic kind for this phase, and also fortunately because that players, must their party wipe after ~ this point, castle will start again from the beginning of step two, fairly than phase one. For this phase, Innocence has actually a whole set of new moves and also none the his initial moves from the an initial phase bring over.

Righteous Bolt is a tank buster relocate that deals moderate damage to whoever has actually hate. Winged Reprobation has actually two various outcomes, the first of i beg your pardon is Stationary Swords, where 2 swords space summoned and they shoot the end 3 AoE lines in the direction of random players. This happens an ext than when in a row, so players need to keep moving out that the way. The 2nd outcome is spinning Swords, i m sorry drops one sword right into the center of the arena through an S-shaped AoE the spins and also drops multiple swords as it rotates approximately the room. The ideal place to stand during this move is typically on the second golden ring top top the floor, as the AoE won"t typically hit here.

Rightful Reprobation look at Innocence relocate to the center of the arena and also shoot the end eight lines of AoE, ~ which, swords will likewise shoot in those directions. After a couple of seconds, the swords return, therefore players should stay the end of the way until both to adjust of swords have actually passed. At around 60% health, Innocence will use Shadowreader, i m sorry is a room-wide AoE that indicates he is transitioning to the next phase.

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2 third Phase

Final Fantasy 14 Innocence Crown the the Immaculate step 3
throughout this phase, Innocence"s move have readjusted up when again and he will begin by jumping come the north of the arena and also summoning five adds, one Forgiven Venery, and four Forgiven Shames. The Venery can not be hurt till all Shames are defeated.

The Forgiven Venery will cast Tether ~ above a Forgiven dead add, which begins a long actors of divine Sword, at the finish of i m sorry she will pull the add towards her and also sacrifice them. The Venery will perform this to each Shame in turn, and each time one is sacrificed it causes a room-wide AoE with the damage dealt being dependant on how much HP the Forgiven Shame has when holy Sword completes. Additionally, it causes a stack Slashing Resistance down debuff to all players if the dead is quiet alive. Players must aim to quickly kill the Forgiven Shame that gets tethered to protect against as much damage as possible.

The last move that this phase is Flaming Sword, the damage of i m sorry is dependant on just how much the Immaculate authority Gauge has actually filled. If this gauge get 100 — the entire party wipes. Also if the meter doesn"t to fill entirely, it deserve to still wipe the party if there are too countless stacks that Slashing Resistance Down. The damage of Flaming knife is calculated at the moment of fatality of the Forgiven Venery, so any type of party buffs have to be applied prior to this in order for them to affect the forthcoming damage.

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1 4th Phase

for this critical phase, Innocence regains every his abilities native the 2nd phase, and a few new ones. The first new relocate is God Ray, where Innocence jumps come the middle of the arena and spawns 3 cone-shaped class of AoE the go every the way to the leaf of the room. These layers walk off in stages, with the AoEs rotating in random directions every time one detonates. Was standing close to Innocence throughout this move makes it less complicated to evade the hat of AoEs.

Another new move is light Pillar, whereby players should stack on top of the targeted player behind the ceo in order come share the quantity of damage between the party. Drop that Light reasons AoE circles to appear for arbitrarily players, who must then spread out out come ensure they don"t overlap and also cause more damage come the party.

Finally, Beatific Vision watch Innocence relocate to one next of the arena and also marks a line under the facility of the room wherein it will certainly charge to the other side. The AoE damage is much less towards the edge of the room whereby his course does no intersect, for this reason players must run below to alleviate the lot of damages to them. Innocence will certainly rotate in between these brand-new moves, as well as his move from step two, and they will increasingly start to overlap as his HP diminishes, making it every the more complicated to avoid them.