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Just a rapid guide to assist you to achieve the Anima Weapon (Heavensward weapons) aka the prettiest relic tier in the whole game. Simply sharing the an approach I provided to farm all the weapons.This an approach is heavy-based in poetics simply a friend alert.Remember this is a rapid guide, so there is no information info here, usage as a safety help. Quest: heart without Life (i170 weapon)Have the pursuit active, walk to the Heavensward maps and also do any kind of fate until you get one crystal:- Sea of Clouds (for 1xWind Crystal)- Azys Lla (for 1x Fire Crystal)- Churning mists (for 1x Lightning Crystal)- Coerthas western (for 1x ice cream Crystal)- Dravanian Forelands (for 1x earth Crystal)- Dravanian Hinterlands (for 1x Water Crystal)Deliver the search in Mor increase (i200) You have to do the dungeons in the complying with order:1- Snowcloak2- Sastasha (Hard)3- Qarn (Hard)4- keeper of the Lake5- Wanderer's royal residence (Hard)6- Amdapor keep (Hard)7- Dusk Vigil8- Sohm Al9- The Aery10- The VaultImportant: If you desire to, use a stronger weapon UNTIL leave the dungeon. The dungeon will count for the quest only if you leave it v the relic equipped.Deliver the search for the following phase.Coming into Its very own (i210) currently the poetics tomestones concerns play (because unidentifiable items and next steps). There space other methods to acquire unidentifiable items however I think the poetics way is simple and good.Basically you require this 4 (4) items:< > enchanted Rubber< > Fast-Drying Carboncoat< > divine Water< > Fast-Acting Allagan CatalystBut, for attain these 4 itens you'll require a mix between GC items (can it is in crafted together well) and unidentifiable.Here is your checklist:< > fascidigitalrecordersreview.orgting Rubber <> Unidentifiable Bone x10 (Poetics Exchange
Idyllshire) <> Adamantite Francesca x4 (Exchange through GC Seals, Marketboard or simply craft it)< > Fast-Drying Carboncoat <> Unidentifiable shell x10 (Poetics Exchange
Idyllshire) <> Titanium Alloy mirror x4 (Exchange v GC Seals, Marketboard or simply craft it)< > magnificent Water <> Unidentifiable Ore x10 (Poetics Exchange
Idyllshire) <> Dispelling arrowhead x4 (Exchange v GC Seals, Marketboard or just craft it)< > Fast-Acting Allagan Catalyst <> Unidentifiable seeds x10 (Poetics Exchange
Idyllshire) <> Kingcake x4 (Exchange through GC Seals, Marketboard or just craft it)All an excellent with the items, just deliver the quest.Finding your Voice (i230)You need to obtain 5x Aether Oil. You can acquire this item v a weekly pursuit in Mor for decision Tower or just buy it because that 350 poetics each.

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< > Aether Oil x5 (350 poetics)Deliver and prepare her body...A Dream Fulfilled (i240) It's the longer step. You'll require a many items here, you require in theory 80x umbrites and 80x crystal sands but there is a rng in between so generally the for sure strat is aim because that 75x.- 75 Umbrites- 75 decision SandsHow to acquire Umbrites? Poetics only.How to obtain Crystal Sands? number of ways. Pick your poison but prior to I'll target the finest ones:~ other Items ns - The best option so much if you want to waste more poetics besides the essential for umbrites. ~ Crafting products - The ideal option if you desire to waste some gil and the prices room acceptable.~ Tokens - The cheap option mainly if you desire to gathering to farm scrips.~ Amber-encased Vilekin - Your complimentary and boring resource. Part levequest can spawn a chest that consists of this item, for instance the levequest in Foundation. It's basically totally free crystal sand yet idk, ns don't think it's a great use that levequest in this video game (mainly if you're farming success or delivering coffee biscuits).Future proof (i260) You'll need more poetics (great news!) however this time is a chilled amount.Also girlfriend can get some Singing swarm with pursuits from the hyur teedigitalrecordersreview.orggers in Idylshire as well.< > Singing cluster x50 (40 poetics each)Born Again Anima (i270)You'll require to finish these dungeons (with or there is no the relic equipped, however you'll must use the right project of her relic):1- The shed City the Amdapor (Hard)2- The an excellent Gubal Library (Hard) (Hard)3- Sohm Al (Hard)Welcome to her light farm!First twin check if you have the article in her inventory.Do part A9S runs (Alexander - The eyes of Creator - Savage) unsynced. This means you deserve to farm the "Hardened" Light and also sometimes Stalwart rng-based (the finest light quality) Take less than 2min every run with a few folk, and also remembering you'll need to equip the relic because that this step. Sign up with or produce a party finder group for that one.Some Assembly compelled (Sub i270) You have the right to do this in parallel through the light action (Born Again Anima). It's easy as always just poetics consuming, you'll need 15x Pneumites.

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< > Pneumite x 15 (100 poetics OR 4000 Grand company Seals, poetics recommended) ideal Friends Forever (i275) additiodigitalrecordersreview.orglly know together the "Victory Road", the fidigitalrecordersreview.orgl step to get your last weapon. You'll need to equip the relic prior to leaves the attempt for count for the quest or simply equip it, call some girlfriend to help (or create a party finder team) and also beat this trials (Hard Modes, too much don't counts!)Ifrit HMGaruda HMTitan HMKing Moogle HMLeviathan HMRamuh HMShiva HMBismark HMSephirot HM (Containment only S1T7)Sophia HM (Containment only P1T6)Zurvan HM (Containment only Z1T9)And after all this, you'll need to waste some poetics again for this item:< > archaic Enchanted squid x 1 (500 poetics)--Congrats for you relic. Enjoy these beautifuls weapons.Feel free to comment.