In this quick guide, we will certainly look in ~ “I am the Storm” Quote, and also the definition of i am the Storm, and also poems about with the title ns am the Storm.

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I to be the storm: Quote

The full I to be the storm quote walk something favor this:

“The devil whispered in my ear, ‘you space not solid enough to resist the storm’. Today, i whispered in the devil’s ear, ‘I am the storm’.”

There is another I am the storm quote the is claimed slightly differently, and also it goes:

Fate whispered come the warrior, “You cannot resist the storm”, the warrior responded “I am the storm”.

I am the Storm: Meaning

The definition of the quote ns am the storm is suggest that once someone has id in themselves, they are qualified of dealing with up to the biggest foe or the greatest challenge.

A solid sense of confidence in one’s very own abilities serves us well whenever we embark ~ above a brand-new adventure.

This quote can also be regarded as a feeling of unconditional hopeful regard about oneself i m sorry is other that constantly serves human being well no matter where they space going or what lock do.


I to be the Storm: Poems

There room a few poems virtual along the lines of the “I am the Storm” quote, 3 of them are offered below.

This is an “I am the storm” city titled, ns am here, i am the Storm, by Andrew Charles Forrest:

“You’ll notice, that it’s not so warm

For i am here, ns am the storm

Listen to me, feeling my pride

There is i do not have anything you can hide.

I will flood her senses, so

There will certainly be nowhere you have the right to go

To escape my fearsome roar

Below the water, or the tor.

I will discover out whereby you’ve gone

And ns will discover you every alone

I really don’t recognize why you run

Or close her eyes come pray because that sun.

He’ll be here another time

But for now, your thoughts space mine

Fall upon your knees to me

And i shall drift away to sea,

For I will certainly have completed my goal

To watch inside your pale soul

To see your darkness fears come true

As ns shine the dark on you.

If you are afraid me, I know not why

For it wasn’t me that made girlfriend cry

You mustn’t be fear you see…

It was you, who made me.”

This is one more I to be the Storm Poem, and this one is titled I am the Storm, and it is by Steven Forrester:

“Inspiration is a funny thing

It can come native anywhere


What’s to be done

Is a preview the what’s to come

Life hard

Only gaining harder

My goals are far

And seem to be obtaining farther

I’m a father

And a poet

Though at existing I don’t view her

I hope she can see later

That we’re not so bad

Me and also her mother

She’s angry through me

I’m hurt by her

But choose a kidney stone

This will certainly pass

I ask

Does anyone understand?

Can everyone relate?


That’s okay

I’ve constantly been patient.

People try to shower me

Break me

And take it me


There is a quote here

That has driven these words

Like bees, castle swarm

You say

You cannot fight the storm

I say

You’re right

I can not fight myself

I to be the storm.”

The last ns am the storm city is title the same, and it is by a blogger dubbed Jammy110

“I am the Storm

The adversary whispers in the wind.

“You can’t withstand the storm.”

Looking ago you grin

Replying as you transform.

“I am a summer storm

a typhoon temptress

you have been misinformed

I shall fury relentless.”

But behind the buffeting blasts

in the tempest’s eye

abides a location of contrast

for it is wherein your nurturing nature lies.”

Motivating Quotes similar to i am the Storm

Here are some motivating price quotes that are comparable to ns am the Storm:

“I think in terms of evolutions, not revolutions. Failure is not component of mine vocabulary.” -Shelia Lirio Marcelo, founder of

“You take her life in your very own hands, and what happens? A disastrous thing, no one to blame.” -Erica Jong

“Give me a stock clerk v a goal, and I will give you a male who will make history. Give me a man without a goal, and I will give you a stock clerk.”-James Cash Penney, founder of J.C. Penney

Oprah Winfrey: “It doesn’t issue how far you could rise. At some point, you space bound to stumble…. If you constantly pushing yourself higher…the regulation of averages, no to mention the myth of Icarus, predicts that you will certainly at some allude fall. And also when girlfriend do, I desire you to understand this, remember this: there is no such point as failure. Fail is just life do the efforts to move us in an additional direction.”

Billie Jean King: “Champions store playing until they obtain it right.”

Este Lauder: “I never ever dreamt of success. I worked for it.”

“People that say it cannot be done need to not interrupt those who are doing it.”

: George young name Shaw

“People talk around getting lucky breaks in your careers. I’m living proof the the ‘lucky breaks’ concept is simply wrong. You obtain to make your very own luck…. The people is operation by those who display up…not those that wait to it is in asked.” -Steve Blank

“Please think around your legacy, because you’re composing it every day.” -Gary Vaynerchuck

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have actually within girlfriend the strength, the patience, and also the enthusiasm to reach for the stars to adjust the world.” -Harriet Tubman

“If other is necessary enough, even if the odds are against you, you must still carry out it.” -Elon Musk

“I frequently hear from new graduates that it’s better to wait until you have an ext experience…. Yet I’m a huge believer in the power of inexperience…. The people needs you prior to you prevent asking naive questions and while you have actually the time to understand the true nature the the complicated problems we face and take lock on.” -Wendy Kopp, founder that Teach because that America

“I think in terms of evolutions, not revolutions. Fail is not part of mine vocabulary.” -Shelia Lirio Marcelo, founder of

Quotes around Confidence similar to i am the Storm Quote

Given listed below is a list of really inspiring quotes around confidence comparable to ns am the Storm:

“When you have actually a many confidence and also you feel choose nobody can beat you, it’s game over for everyone else.”: Jason Day

“As is our confidence, for this reason is our capacity.”: wilhelm Hazlitt

“Confidence is contagious. So is absence of confidence.”: Vince Lombardi

“When you have confidence, you deserve to do anything.” Sloan Stevens

“Skill and confidence room an unconquered army.”: George Herbert

“Confidence comes from hours and also days and weeks and also years of continuous work and also dedication.”: Robert Staubach

“Kindness in words create confidence. Goodness in reasoning creates profoundness. Quality in providing creates love.”: Lao Tzu

“No one deserve to make you feel inferior without her consent.”: Eleanor Roosevelt

“Doubt can motivate you, so don’t be fear of it. Confidence and doubt are at two ends that the scale, and you need both. They balance each other out.”: Barbra Streisand

“The many beautiful thing you deserve to wear is confidence.”: Blake Lively

“Confidence… thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, top top faithful protection and also on unselfish performance. There is no them, it can not live.”: Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Confidence is once you think in yourself and your abilities, arrogance is once you think you are much better than others and also act accordingly.”: Stewart Stafford

“Get much more confidence through doing things that excite and also frighten you.”: Jessica Williams

“There’s a confidence and sense of self that come with period that ns didn’t anticipate.”: Jillian Michaels

“Successful civilization often exude to trust – it’s noticeable that they think in themselves and what castle doing. The isn’t your success that renders them confident, however. The confidence was there first.”: Travis Bradberry

“Whether friend think you deserve to or think girlfriend can’t, you are right”: Henry Ford

“For me, therefore far, confidence has been a journey, not a destination.”: Jessica Williams

“Along with age comes more confidence, so it type of works out.”: Leslie Mann

“I taught myself confidence. When I’d walk into a room and feel scared to death, I’d phone call myself, ‘I’m not afraid the anybody.’ and people thought me. You’ve obtained to teach yourself to take end the world.”: Priyanka Chopra Jonas

“For me, it’s constantly been around preparation, and the much more prepared I deserve to be every week, the less pressure ns feel and the an ext confident i am. Together your trust grows, the only natural that the pressure you feel diminishes.”: Aaron Rodgers

“You just have to be yourself and go full of confidence and also be courageous.”: Gabby Douglas

“Life is not basic for any of us. But what of that? us must have actually perseverance and over all trust in ourselves. We must think that we space gifted for something and that this thing, at whatever cost, should be attained.”: Marie Curie

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and also shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness set in, their true beauty, beauty is revealed just if over there is a light from within.”: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“Once we think in ourselves, we deserve to risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any kind of experience the reveals the person spirit.”: E.E. Cummings



In this brief guide, us looked at “I to be the Storm” Quote, and the meaning of i am the Storm, and poems about with the title i am the Storm.

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