After Nero Fest showered you through ascension materials. You"re most likely running low on Monuments and Pieces. Don"t worry, due to the fact that Moon Festival is coming!


*Total Rewards
First Clear1x Mooncell Automaton, 26x Mana Prism, 5 Magic Gem the Archer, 5x Gem that Archer, 5x an enig Gem that Archer, 3 love of a international God, 1x Crystallized Lore, 5x Summon Ticket,
Event Shop20x Archer Piece, 20x driver Piece, 20x Assassin Piece, 20x Archer Monument, 20x rider Monument, 20x Assassin Monument, 10x 3* HP Fou, 10x 3* ATK Fou, 3x Moonlight Festival, 30x 3* EXP, 20x 4* XP, QP
Notable DropsSeed, Dragon Fang, Lantern, Heart, Void Dust, Archer Piece, Caster Piece, Assassin Piece, Archer Monument, Caster Monument, Assassin Monument, Moonlight Festival

Complete each occasion quest when for their guarantee rewards.Collect Dango for exchange in event shopCollect distinct Dango to unlock much more event quests.Equip occasion Craft significance for extra Dango drops.

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Event Time

Time ZoneStartEnd
US East8/* 12 AM8/* 12 AM
US West8/* 9 PM8/* 9 PM
UTC8/* 4 AM8/* 4 AM

Dango compelled to clear out the event Shop:

ATK and HP Fous2000
Moonlight Fest7500

You need 13,800 Dango come buy out the occasion shop. Focus on the Monuments first, then development down the table with any kind of extra you have.


For the first time, the minimal time event summoning would also feature exclusive handmade Essences with very unique effects.

Moon Festival event Summoning

RarityServants rate Up
5*Orion new!
4*Marie Antoinette, Stheno
3*Ushiwakamaru Jing Ke
RarityCraft significance Rate Up
5*Bathing Moon Goddess new!
4*Mooney Jewel new!
3*Mooncell Automaton new!

While the girls featured room lovely, they room not absolute essentials come have. Feel free to skip this limited Time Summoning if friend been saving up Saint Quartz.

Rate up Duration

Time ZoneStartEnd
US East8/* 12 AM8/* 12 AM
US West8/* 9 PM8/* 9 PM
UTC8/* 4 AM8/* 4 AM

Note: unique Dango have the right to be exchanged with continual Dango in ~ 2:1 ratio.

Monuments and also Pieces

Exchange ItemQuantityDango
Archer Monument 2040
Rider Monument2040
Assassin Monument2040
Archer Piece2020
Rider Piece2020
Assassin Piece2020


Exchange ItemQuantityDango
Moonlight Fest1500
Moonlight Fest12000
Moonlight Fest15000


Servant Experience

Exchange ItemQuantityDango
★3 every EXP Card3010
★4 all EXP Card2020
3* HP Fou10100
3* ATK Fou10100
100,000 QPunlimited50

Craft EssenceCE EffectDango DropPick Up
Mooncell Automatonall card effectiveness +3% (5% max)+1 (+2 max)Quest Reward, Summon
Moony JewelCharm stand up to up 80% (100% max)+2 (+3 max)Summon
Moonlight FestivalCritical damage +15% (+20% max), star gen +15 (+20% max)+3 (+4 max)Quest Drop, event Shop
Bathing Moon GoddessHeals 500 (750 max) per turn+100% (+120% max)Summon

Repeatable pursuits for collecting Dango.

See more: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Kuwaq Yaku Challenges, Area 4: Kuwaq Yaku

QuestAP1st RewardNotable Drops
Novice55x Gem that ArcherSeed
Intermediate105x Magic Gem that ArcherFang
Advanced205x secret Gem of ArcherLantern
Expert303x heart of foreign GodHeart
Goddess401x Crystallized Loremonuments
Orion in the 40AP pursuit is a tough mistress. A _____ or _____ support is highly recommended for this quest.

Collect distinct Dango to unlock rest of the event story chain:

QuestAPReward# of distinct Dango
Ep0 Moonlight Hunter51x Mooncell Automaton, 1x Mana Prism0
Ep1 Antoinette"s line of Clients51x Summon Ticket, 3x Mana Prism10
Ep2 coastline Battle51x Summon Ticket, 5x Mana Prism40
Ep3 destroyed Castle"s Moon51x Summon Ticket, 7x Mana Prism100
Ep4 walk Moon Goddess Dream the Dango?52x Summon Ticket, 10x Mana Prism200