It’s no surprised that Borderlands was such one amazing game that people are still play it this particular day years ~ its early release.

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Especially with the relax of the new DLC, command Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, much more gamers are currently rushing with Borderlands to level increase their brand-new characters and also play the brand-new content.

I also made a new character in Borderlands 2 and started a fresh campaign. The game is still super funny to play but I tho wished there was an easier method to level increase my character to quickly get come the endgame content.

I watched number of YouTube videos and also they to be all around manipulating relief in the game and it’s no my style to cheat my way through a game. So, I retained playing the video game as the is and also then I uncovered something awesome that can give you an incredible benefit to level up rapid in Borderlands 2.

Best way To farm XP In Borderlands 2

The an approach I found doesn’t involve any kind the cheating, manipulating glitches, or spending hrs farming the exact same missions. That only requires using a relic.

I came across this awesome relic that enables you a 5.7% an increase in experience got from death enemies. It may not seem favor much yet this little relic has actually helped me acquire XP much quicker than ever before before.


The point is, when you begin leveling up with the game, enemies additionally get tougher and generates an ext XP as soon as you death them. So the 5.7% rise can give you a nice incredible advantage when taking under enemies, particularly bosses.

To gain this relic, you’ll need to go through few of the first missions till you satisfy Mortdecai. After completing the key mission “A Train come Catch”, you’ll find a brand-new side-mission ~ above the Sanctuary bounty board called “The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai“.

When you complete this mission, you’ll get the Moxxi’s Endowment, it’s the relic that provides you the XP boost.

Slap the relic onto your character and also just play with the video game as you usually would and also watch the level go higher and higher.

How To rise Your personality To Level 30 In Borderlands 2

I likewise learned from an additional player named Menthex that the brand-new DLC likewise lets you an increase your personality to level 30 and also jump straight onto the endgame content without having actually to playthrough all the simple missions.


To rise a character, simply go to the Select Character page and also from over there you’ll view an option referred to as Create a brand-new Level 30 Character that enables you to produce a new class with a level boost.

When you an increase a character, you’ll skip every the key missions and jump directly to the last mission that beating Handsome Jack and also the Warrior.

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Hope this tip aided you to level up your characters while friend wait because that Borderlands 3, or also playing because that fun.