This guide has spoilers for much Cry: brand-new Dawn, however if you"ve arrived below by searching, we"re guessing you need a tiny help through an stroked nerves puzzle.

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As component of the key story campaign of Far Cry new Dawn, friend will need to go to Eden"s gate to get assist from what"s left that Joseph Seed"s cult, the original negative guys from much Cry 5.

As you arrive for the very first time, you"ll it is in turned far by the guards and also instead called to go to a adjacent island - you"ll view it marked on the map. There"s a boat at the bridge that you have the right to use.

The Prophecy - just how to align the amulet


Once in ~ the island you"ll be motivated to investigate the beams, so go to the the next marker, i m sorry is through the waterfront. You"ll see a vision in pink the Joseph seed standing next to an Eden"s door cross. When you connect with the cross, you"ll be offered a tiny piece the the Eden"s door amulet, i m sorry you deserve to hold increase by holding increase on her d-pad.


This puzzle needs you come align the piece of the amulet with larger pink Eden"s Crosses on the island. You"ll need to do this three times in three different locations. It"s a small visual illusion and is relatively simple once you understand how. Listen to Joseph seeds on every occasion and also he"ll offer you audio clues too.

If friend turn roughly from your present location you"ll view the very first big pink cross yet it"s partly obscured by pink vines. Joseph is talking around "burning her sins", and there just happens come be some Molotov cocktails here.

Throw one at the vines come burn them off, then was standing on the jetty with the pink marker and crates. You"ll be able to align your tiny piece the the amulet v the bigger cross, and also the perspective will certainly make the look like the full and complete cross. Both will certainly disappear, signifying you"re perfect the very first part that the puzzle.

You"re now going come repeat this procedure for the various other two puzzles. Next, head come the cabin inland and interact through the cross again to get the smaller sized amulet. You"ll view Joseph again, and also he"s talking about "the winds of change".


Here you"ll see a windmill with component of the Eden"s door cross ~ above it, and also hanging indigenous the cabin porch is a handle that you can pull to rotate the windmill sails, and also the Eden"s gate cross in addition to it.

Hold up the small amulet and use the sheave hanging top top the porch to revolve the glowing cross so it around aligns with the piece you"re holding.


It doesn"t look like the appropriate fit indigenous here, so you must go within the cabin where the pink prompt is, and also stand behind the bar to heat it up v the feet in the roof. The cross will certainly disappear and you"re done.

Now walk to the final beam i m sorry is on a smaller island nearby by. Seize the staff, which again hand you the smaller Eden"s door amulet. Joseph talks around how his household was "smashed and broken", i m sorry is your clue. The piece of the bigger pink cross all lay top top the floor, propped up against rocks but additionally partially obscured by wood. Kick and also smash every the wood.


Stand at the bottom the the hill here, organize up your symbol and also align the cross and also you"re every done. You now go come the big cross in ~ the optimal of the island and also follow the course illuminated by the pink flames, before entering the bunker.


The end of this mission hands you the book, The native of Joseph which you require to Ethan seeds to continue the key story campaign.

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Now that"s sorted, you have the right to find an ext Far Cry brand-new Dawn tips here, as well how to get the best gun in much Cry brand-new Dawn early.