i"ve been waiting for 75% off fallout new vegas and now it"s here! currently i just have to decide if i should spend twin to gain the ultimate pack that more than likely includes all of the dlc.

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most that the dlc sound like missions -- will certainly i discover those missions within the key game?

Yes, however not necessarily for the factor you think.

The DLC chin is quite good, and you can discover them inside the base game - everything is integrated into the basic game. However the actual reason to acquire the can be fried edition is because that the mods. Modding for brand-new Vegas (and autumn 3 prior to it) is huge, and also many that the mods require having all the DLC. If you"re absent the DLC, you might not have the ability to run particular mods, or you"ll need to use old and outdated versions.

So acquire the can be fried version and also save you yourself a substantial headache. And also it"s just $2.50, the DLC and better mod assistance is worth the much.

Yes it’s worth it. Castle each small expansion packs. As soon as you leave the beginning area you’ll pick up a bunch of signal on her pip boy, these room each that the dlcs. They have actually their very own stories and also side quests. It’s to be a when so ns don’t mental them fine (maybe time for me to revisit) yet I remember enjoy it them.

When it is asked in the forums, i turn roughly the concern the following way:Do you prefer to watch just the an initial half of a movie or the whole of it?

I"ve just played one Fallout and also it was brand-new Vegas. I put over 100 hours into the game and haven"t finished it yet!! It"s among the greatest solitary player gamings I"ve ever before played, quickly worth the $5. If you"ve been waiting to choose it up now is a really great time.

Very much yes. The DLC space most certainly worth it.

You have the right to actually find this forum to uncover a few more object with specifically this question.

Yes, all of the DLC is story DLC, no one of the is "crap" DLC choose cosmetics or what cashgrabs have actually you.

As a lengthy time fallout player the DLC"s are the best part of the game. Some human being love the main game but for me it simply feels rushed as it was back in the days yet the DLC"s space all great and well made. Fine worth the bucks.

I"m normally fine v the base video game only but I eventually got the can be fried edition and I didn"t regret it one bit. The DLC"s were pretty cool, ns think there"s only honest Hearts i didn"t choose much and also rushed a bit. If i remember well, you can"t obtain to the DLC parts/areas till you"ve got to a specific level. (or probably you can get in it yet at your very own "risk". Yet it"s been a while due to the fact that I played and I might be not correct on this.

Anyway, i did mode my game and also as someone pointed out a little earlier, some mods require you to have the finish edition in order for them to job-related properly.

Whether you"re right into modding or not, I"d say ultimate is completely worth acquiring as the DLCs include quite a many content.

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I know I"m going to gain a most hate and an ext than a couple of blacklists because that this, but I yes, really thought new Vegas was only a below par and mediocre game. If they do the game with a comparable premises and also took out the autumn name, it can have made much more sense together it had almost no feeling of a post apocalyptic wasteland and also just a toxicity dump site in the Mojave Desert, i m sorry in and of itself, constitutes a wasteland. Yes, there to be vaults yet they were fully optional and also none had anything to do wit the story. Friend aren"t also a vault dweller which also loses the idea that a fallout game.

Plus, that was far too easy. Even I, a player that suck at EVERY video game I play, was able to beat it on hardcore v minimal issues. Except for the reality that I wanted to do an explosives develop but through the weights that the weapons and ammo i was forced to give up it sadly.

So every in all, if you like brand-new Vegas climate by all method like it. I, and also my RL friend, have never really cared for it and also would no recommend it. Particularly if this is your very first Fallout game.

And yes, i do have 281 hrs played. That"s since the video game did have one of my fatal flaws to it. I can NOT leaving a solitary inch the the map unexplored in games like this. And I do have to admit the Old people Blues was among the ideal DLC"s I have played in a long time. The sheer humor in it consisted of for a many the main games large flaws. Hand members anyone? :P