- This ar is found in the love of Lexington, much more or much less right in the middle of the city. (It’s up and also to the left a teensy smidge from the Lexington symbol on her map.) If you see a tricornered clearing filled v junkers, lived in by Ghouls, and also watched end by a Raider through a rocket launcher, you’re in the appropriate area.

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- (Once you’ve uncovered this location, ns recommend exercising excessive caution fast travelling to Super Duper Mart. Ghouls have actually a habit of appearing near below quite often, and also they’ll probably acquire the autumn on friend if you’re not careful.)
- The at sight Duper Mart is a place straight out of a zombie movie. There space dead Ghouls ideal at the entrance, i m sorry should give you a taste of what’s come come. The route splits to the right and also the left; we’ll inspect to the left first. It’s precious it to note that there room corpses everywhere, and also some of them will climb up to attack you. If in doubt, examine V.A.T.S.; if the Ghoul registers as a target, it’s, uh, ‘alive’. Move slowly, and, if possible, use a silenced weapon so multiple Ghouls don’t charge you at once.
- Cling come the left wall and head right into the Mart. There’s a little office on your left v a Novice hackable terminal. The terminal enables you come unlock a for sure - it’s appropriate behind the terminal, and also contains a bunch of ammo - and also activate the Protectron sentry near the entrance. The Protectron is really noisy, and you deserve to let it attract out Feral Ghouls for you when it’s active. It’s incredibly great at killing Ghouls, as well, so attract them come the Protectron to save on ammo. Monitor it roughly the main room till you’re clear of Feral Ghouls. Inspect the rear of the keep for a story of a Junkyard Vendormagazine while you"re wandering about; it"s top top a magazine rack.
The at sight Duper Mart in autumn 4. Have actually fun trying out this place on your own!

- follow me the right wall is an open up store room - check the shelves because that an active Feral Ghoul, laying on the floor - and also in right here some back hallways to an ext rooms. Ghouls seem to spawn and look for you once you go back here, for this reason be all set to usage either the service window or the door to shoot lock down.
- In this hallway you’ll uncover a locked Novice crate on your left (hey, a Teddy Bear!), and ahead space a variety of Ghouls play possum. Fighting them will certainly likely create a decent-sized firefight; if you desire to stop being flanked, gain into one of the smaller side rooms and also hold your ground. (Or hide. Whatever.) If you want an simpler time, though, simply throw a Molotov or miscellaneous fiery at the soil in this room. The ground is coated in gasoline. Foom!
- In the behind of this room you’ll discover the corpse that a male named Josh, and on him, among a range of decent items, is Josh’s Holotape. It’s a bit haunting. The trunk he’s laying against has more ammo, together well, and there are several beneficial Fusion Cells on the desk beside the trunk.
- Head ago out come the key room. (Be cautious on your method out. Ghouls will most likely spawn and also / or become active. Hope Protectron can help.) There’s a Novice locked door right beside this one. Pop inside and also you’ll find an ext hallways. There’s a room ahead that’s blue-lit; inside room multiple Ghouls. Duck into the adjacent, orange-lit room and use it to snipe the Ghouls as they come into view. The blue-lit room is a small kitchen, and in the behind of the you’ll discover a bathroom. Kill the Ghoul that shows up as you get in - be ready with V.A.T.S., this sucker is quick - then examine the room for part Jet in a box.

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- There’s a ruined wall in the kitchen resulting in a maintenance room. There’s a blend Core in the generator ago here. Over there are additionally stairs, and a Feral Ghoul will become energetic at the bottom as soon as you enter. Take it it out prior to it can rush increase the stairs. Despite any type of fears you may have about a basement, this leads the end of at sight Duper Mart…
- … though, naturally, the tiny loading dock you find has two an ext Feral Ghouls that will become energetic when friend enter. Take it ‘em under while they’re quiet rising. In this area you’ll uncover the corpse that a man who, together with a bunch of items (and more in the boxes he’s leaning on), is transferring Emma’s Holotape. Give it a listen for an ext creepy storytelling. (The damned corpse obtained stuck to me when I choose this up. Great luck to your heart if that happens!) usage the terminal ~ above the wall surface to open the doors and also escape the at sight Duper Mart.