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This location is component of the miscellaneous quest given by mayor Kessler in Bunker Hill. Few of the close up door doors in the first floor room chained native the other side therefore you need to access them indigenous the 2nd floor. Chemistry Room in the second floor has actually a mini-nuke on peak of a table.The boss of the raider group, Zeller is discovered on the third floor. The captured caravan workers room inside individual cell in the 3rd floor. Each cell has actually a Novice lock.


The environment-friendly steamer trunk is situated to the SE of the third floor. In the computer system room come the SE that 3F has an progressed safe and an problem of astoundingly Awesome Tales, on top of a desk. The cooking station is located in the restroom to the NE.

The room to the NW of the very first floor can only it is in accessed by falling with the feet on the floor the the SW 2nd floor room, directly above it. Over there are numerous containers inside consisting of a locked explosive crate and Book Return Terminal. The terminal doesn’t have actually anything significant as compensation so just return the overdue publications you may have and also collect the tokens for now.
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