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Adds a powerful single shot Makeshift Anti-Materiel Rifle come the wasteland with miscellaneous crafting choices to choose from.

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Mod nameNotes
Chinese - Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX)【必须】主文件
Consolidate Weapon crafting Recipes excess (CWCRS)*optional*
Hailey-a stealth save game
Handmade Anti-Material Rifle ReplacerThis mod changes the stats, accuracy and ease of access of the Handmade AMR make by Shoeburglar.
Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX) - German Translation
LOST AWKCR VIS-G PatchesAWKCR and also VIS-G patches because that multiple mods!
No Weapon Recoil Auto restore for some Mod included Weaponsoptional
v1.88 Horizon Weapon Patches
Weapon needs (MODDED firearms PATCH)

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Translations accessible on the Nexus

MandarinAuthor: BroodahoodChinese - Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX)
GermanAuthor: SvorgeHandmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX) - German Translation

Added optional .esp variation in FOMOD.Fixed worry with missing with wrong texture on the Recon Scope.
If you have the old version of the mod mounted the Makeshift Anti-Materiel Rifle I extremely recommend you uninstall it, fill up her save and also save your video game then come back and download this. If you room updating from variation 1.3 i recommend doing those following steps although can not be required this is just if the legendary versions are not spawning for you.The Anti-Materiel Rifle was designed through the Gunners because of a need in high calibre rifles come combat the higher Brotherhood that Steel visibility in the republic after their arrival.Weapon InfoReceivers:50Cal solitary Shot308 single Shot308 large Magazine308 little MagazineShotgun small MagShotgun large MagDragons Breath50Cal High ExplosiveBarrels:Long BarrelMedium BarrelShort BarrelSnub BarrelSights:Scope (x4, x6 and also x10)Nightvision Scope (x4, x6 and x10)Recon Scope (x4 and also x6)Iron SightsReflex SightsCombat scope (x4)Stocks:Marksman StockImprovised StockImprovised comfort StockNo StockMuzzles:Muzzle BreakSuppressorCompensatorBayonetBurlap plunder Colours:BeigeGreenBlue Tape™No WrapLegendary Versions:BlueBig PipeMorning BreathBread and ButterWhere to discover the weaponThe weapon should start to generate on high level Gunners as soon as you reach level 15. You can likewise buy the weapon indigenous KL-E-0 in good Neighbour.(If the weapon is not spawning try sleeping because that 4 in video game days come refresh level lists)(Ammo for the High Explosive recipient is crafted in ~ Chemistry Workbench in energy menu)Blue legendary version deserve to be found in the Quincy ruins in ~ the optimal of the church bell tower within a duffel bag.Big Pipe and also Bread and also Butter can be found in Vault 95 Overseers office in addition to a new Gunner boss "Captain Bannar" he will have the crucial to the duffel bag for the Blue legendary HAMR.Morning Breath can be uncovered at the Hub City Auto Wreckers inside a locked footlocker.

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Known issues1.Minor clipping with grip in third person.2.Minor Clipping as soon as reloading the weapon (Only clearly shows in higher FOV in 1st person)Xbox Versionhttps://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4068131CreditsHaRu is still relevant in mine heart.asXas for Blue Tape™