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» house » resources & support » faqs » Community-contributed estimation regulates after 11

Why don’t mine community-contributed estimation regulates work in 11 or 12?

Title Community-contributed estimation commands after 11
Author Theresa Boswell, digitalrecordersreview.orgCorp

together of 11, variables room no much longer dropped since of collinearity. Instead, this variables space omitted and also are labeled with the “o.” operator in the tower names the the resulting parameter vector. Also, element variables room now permitted in most official commands and also older, community-contributed commands do not assistance the brand-new features.

these two enhancements will impact community-contributed commands and may cause the commands to return an error message. Until the author of the command to update the command to allow factor variables and handle the brand-new collinearity behavior, a work-around is required.

common error message that may be presented when a command walk not permit factor variables or understand the new omitted operator encompass the following:factor variables not allowedr(101);interactions not allowedr(101);varname#0b: operator invalidr(198);factor variables and time-series operators not allowedr(101);i.varname invalid namer(198);o.rep78 invalid namer(198);_i.varname invalid namer(198);_o.varname invalid namer(198); If you receive an error message comparable to the above, the community-contributed command has actually not been changed to work-related with the features introduced in 11. Listed below are the solutions to working about this issue:


If your model includes collinear state that room omitted and also your community-contributed command is complaining about the “o.” notation, then the systems is to operation the estimate command under variation control. For example, rather of typing

regress y x1 x2 x3 x4 x5type

version 10.1: regress y x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 This will certainly run the estimation command as it ran in 10.1. If you are able to eliminate the collinear state manually from your model, climate you can reduce your independent variables so the none space omitted and run the estimate command without version control.

variable Variables

The brand-new factor-variable attributes are NOT supported under version control. This is since they are attributes introduced in 11 and also do not work in previous versions. Therefore the above solution for collinearity will not job-related for element variables. You will have to use the xi prefix if the community-contributed command walk not enable factor variables. Because that example, instead of typing

regress y i.factor type

xi: regress y i.factor

aspect variables and collinearity

If her estimation model contains both factor variables and also collinearity, you will need to use the xi prefix along with version control for the community-contributed command come work. Because that example, rather of typing

regress y x1 x2 x3 x4 i.factor type

version 10.1: xi: regress y x1 x2 x3 x4 i.factor because that authors that want aid on enabling these new features in their commands, watch the following FAQ:

exactly how do i modify one ado-file developed for ahead versions that come support variable variables and the collinearity habits introduced in 11? (