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Parking:Lot, Private

Bike Parking:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:No

Price variety :Below Average



If you"re ready to placed up through the unwelcome customer service, and a dirty, messy place, then walk for this place. Their price is fair, no all the great. And yes the is true, most of the worker doesn"t speak English, so the is really hard to interact with them. Ns usually bring sample towel in to do it easier. They have actually beautiful rhinestone for decoration thou.

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This is the 2nd time Me and also my wife involved this store. Us like about this store is they have what us need and also what we want, cheap price. Yet the thing i yes, really disappointed was the Owner . We witnessed him yelled in ~ a females worker with bad language in font Us.We didn"t know what happen between them, yet that lady cry . I"m a Vietnamese too, I own a restaurant in SF too.But ns never ever yell at my worker choose that even if they do a big mistake. Disappointed about this owner!!!

Large selection of beautiful specialty fabrics and notions. Many serger thread and also appliques. Several locations in the same strip mall, behind the key store.

I agree through CAgirl28. This location is a endowment trove. I"m a designer who relocated to the area from Santa Cruz and was ecstatic to find this place. I refer world from mine shop to them top top a constant basis. For my money and my tastes over there is no to compare in north California. I"ve looked.

MAKE sure THEY reduced YOUR cloth ON THE TABLE IF no YOU gain CHEATED the end OF FABRIC.THEY do NOT take THE TIME since IT IS much faster FOR THEM so YOU get CHEATED and also CHARGED. THES fabrics ARE seconds SO FILLED v FLAWS and THEY ACT like THEY DONT know WHAT YOU are TALKING ABOUT.

The Owner is rude and they fight through you end every dissension no transaction given. He wants cash for this reason he doesnt need to report it. They space so messy crowded and dirty.No one speak english and also it is very hard come comunicate with them. He alters the price once you come ago to the store and also you finish up arguing. Great thing we carried our receipt for this reason he can remember what that charged critical time. The place is a fire trap and should it is in reported. No many thanks dirty dirty filthy!....

Tons and tons that fabric! that is rum an ext like a market than a consistent store. If you come there for cloth not because that the wonderful customer service, shiny isles or crafts recommend then this ar is because that you. Don"t take me not correct - castle aren"t unfriendly, lock are just super busy. Lock have an excellent selection that shifonne, silks, swimsuit fabric and dressy cloth in general. They likewise have upholstery fabric yet this is no whar I generally buy anyway. Good selection the serger thread. They space the only ar I recognize where you can buy top quality rinestones and beads around here for a reasonable price.

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Fabrics R us is AMAZING. I love this place. There room two locations in the very same plaza since there is SO lot fabric. Many of the cloth is nicer fabric, favor satin, brocade, etc, and considering the kind of fabric, is quite inexpensive. This is the place to walk on a small budget. The owners and also workers don"t speak super good english, and also sometimes it"s difficult to understand them, therefore if you"re ready to sacrifice customer company for short prices, you should definitely check the out. Because there is so much fabric it does gain tight in specific places, and also if there space a many of people there, that can gain crowded. Make sure you wash the fabric before using it, since depending on how they cut it, it can get yes, really dusty. They likewise have a huge selection of zippers, and few other things, like appliques, part thread, etc. When/if you walk make certain you offer yourself many of time. If you"re looking for something specific, you might have to destruction a little. I"ve gotten all of my towel from below for the last 2 years, other than for large cloth. Don"t expect the same varieties of cloth here as areas like Joann"s or Hancocks. It"s mostly finish bolts they gain from manufacturers, and that"s component of the factor they deserve to sell it for such low prices.

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