Nier: Automata is a complex, multi-layered game with some remarkable story-telling. Inspect out this amazing, memorable estimates from the game!

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Let's be frank, if you've play Nier: Automata (or any of the Nier games really), you'll know it's no what girlfriend would speak to a "conventional game". From its story to its gameplay, there is a the majority of craziness to adjust to in this action role-playing title. Climate again, if you're a fan of PlatinumGames' various other titles, perhaps you'll adjust just fine. But whatever your thoughts ~ above the game's outlandish themes and also presentation, you absolutely can't refuse its ambition.

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Not just does the video game attempt to build a complex, multi-layered story throughout multiple playthroughs through a gut-punch that a credit sequence, it also has a lot come say around the nature of humanity and also what it means to live. Together such, there's a many poignant Nier price quotes scattered throughout the numerous chapters of the video game that to win a sense of hope and also melancholy in same measure.

Updated September 14, 2021 by Stephen Morin: Nier has turned into whole franchise at this point. 2021 witnessed the release of the Nier Replicant remake and also Nier Reincarnation. Both brand-new and old players are returning to the transcendental experience that is Nier Automata.

Fans space eager to watch the connections in between the games, despite they could be much more thematically connected than anything. Simply reading Nier Automata estimates (from that many great characters) might want to do you replay and also discover more and an ext of the nuances in the story.


Nier Automata last Credits shoot em up
The route E ending is often thought about the true finishing of Nier Automata. Football player are forced to see finishing C or D prior to they deserve to even accessibility ending E. Rather of concentrating on the game's main characters, Nier Automata division the fourth wall and puts the morality of the player in the spotlight. After dice to the shmup-esque last credits fight multiple time (which is practically inevitable), the game will ultimately ask the player, "Do you think gamings are silly small things?"

even Albert Camus would be proud of the absurdist take it this Nier Automata quote extracts indigenous the player. By accepting defeat and saying Nier is simply a game, the player is one accomplice come the id that nothing yes, really matters and also nothing is worth fighting for. By not giving up, despite the tragedy that life and its level of unfairness, the player acknowledges that fighting because that something much better has meaning, personal meaning, and that alone renders life precious living.

nier automata pascal an equipment children
The Nier games have constantly been very great at transforming the player's awareness of things roughly or presenting really poignant clues of view that you would certainly not expect. The above quote is native an optional scene during Route C whereby the an equipment children have damaged their own cores.

Pascal desire to live in harmony through others and also teaches himself and other devices all about human philosophy, history, and feelings. To this extent, he taught the machine children about fear, not realizing the aftermath of his actions. Despite Pascal's ideal intentions, this resulted in one that the saddest moment in the game.

nier automata adam replicated city
The above quote is spoken by Adam, among the 2 twin devices that serve as antagonists on much more than one story route. His interest in humanity leads that to come to be obsessed with the idea of death, which he sees as among the cores that what provides humans different from machines, who can reboot over and also over.

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This quote is pretty exciting as it makes us question what renders humanity, and also Adam has a fair point. Us are constantly in conflict, we are always killing one another.

12 "We've ruined machines beyond counting. Maybe someone sees that together a sin."

2B Slicing ceo Nier Automata
This quote come at the conclusion the the "Machine check 2" next quest, but to totally understand it, some context is required. After ~ you finish the "Assault" quest, you have the right to encounter a big Engels an equipment that is repairable. ~ above finding the necessary contents to do so, it identifies itself as Engels 110B, who you deserve to talk to whenever friend choose. Engels will regularly ponder the state the the world with you prior to he starts to contemplate the nature of sin.

Sin is a concept brought on by 9S when Engels very first comes back online, i m sorry leads right into "Machine check 2." during this next quest, Engels acknowledges the plenty of androids he has killed. He says he must atone because that this sin and offers increase his components as penance. Shortly after doing so, he overcome away because of his mechanism shutting down. 2B is the one who claims the abovementioned quote upon his passing, reflecting a surprising moment of reflection because that the usually stoic and also pragmatic android.

during your 2nd playthrough together 9S, you can find a character merely named the Weird machine in Pascal's village. He's called the Weird maker because older kids keep providing him a cheap coin or an high-quality coin, but he keeps selecting the cheap one. This provides the other children the impression that he is faulty somehow. However, upon hacking monster Machine, you discover that the is in reality extremely facility and intelligent. As soon as you confront him on this, Weird device reveals that he just acts the fool so they'll keep giving him cheap coins, discovering that they'll stop giving him basic money the minute he picks the high-quality one.

It's in ~ that point that he claims the above quote, which, while pessimistic in nature, does sell a very revealing glimpse into the nature the humanity. Or, at the really least, the points some human being will do when they think the they cannot be watched or understood.

10 "What is it that separates equipments from androids prefer us? The machines have actually grown emotions. ...Consciousness. The final screams castle summoned top top the leaf of your death... They still echo within me."

This is a fairly deep 2B quote toward the finish of course A as soon as she contemplates what truly provides them various from the machines. It's most likely something the players had started to question themselves if playing, as both androids and also machines space manufactured, for this reason if they both own emotions, what is the difference?

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It becomes increasingly difficult for players to keep slaughtering makers without a qualm if playing, as an ext and much more often you space given examples of sentient makers who desire peace.

This quote native Pod 042 is in reality the last line in the video game at the conclusion of finishing E, or "the true ending." it comes soon after the last confrontation in between A2 and 9S, in i beg your pardon both space killed. Your pods, however, make it the end of the conflict and also are look at attempting to repair the please androids. Pod 153 and 042 invest some time debating even if it is or not they're just setup them approximately repeat the same mistakes they made prior to their passing.

while 042 acknowledges that it is a possibility, he also doesn't view it together a certainty. Through this quote, 042 supplies up some hope for what's to come by saying the the future is a choice, not preordained. So while they have the right to absolutely do the exact same mistakes that led them under this path, they must be allowed the choice to execute so.

8 "The time ns was able to spend with you. It was choose memories the pure light. Give thanks to you... Nine... S"

This is surprise dialogue friend can uncover upon recognize 2B's crashed trip unit as 9S. Upon finding out the crashed machine, you'll find a tape-recorded audio log through a final message because that 9S. It supplies one last look into just how much 2B had adjusted before she surrendered to the reasonable Virus. Once they very first met, 2B was really careful to remain pragmatic and detached indigenous 9S, discovering she would have to kill the if he obtained too near to finding out the truth.

in spite of this, 2B eventually concerned care about him come the allude where his affect permanently changed her tardy of the world. Thus, this final message reveals that while she lived her life resenting her given role and the world that compelled it top top her, she died finally able to see the light as soon as more. This properly concludes her arc in the game and also leaves a lasting impression not only on 9S yet the player together well.

On her playthrough together 9S, you acquire given some extra dialogue and also scenes in many places. One instance is during the boss fight through Eve, with 9S bearing witness to more of Eve's grief together he hacks right into him.

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The over quote comes from Eve, heard by 9S while within his system, and also it really provides you realize the at the end of everything, us are defined by the storage of united state that live ~ above in others and also in all the moment that us shared.

6 "It always ends like this."

This quote holds more definition the an ext you learn throughout the game. It comes at the conclusion of path A (your an initial playthrough) soon after 2B is required to choking 9S to fatality after he becomes corrupted by a virus. Together 2B is holding his body, she open minded weeps as she states this line.

As has actually been previously mentioned, 2B has actually a an enig directive to kill any scanner android that starts to i found it classified information, which pipeline 2B intentionally cold towards 9S in fear of obtaining too emotionally attached. This 2B quote reveals, however, that not only has she done that exact thing multiple times, she has likewise had to kill her partner over and also over again.

It's 9S's turn to mourn this time around if you look for out the "Gathering Keepsake" next quest, i m sorry takes location after the fatality of 2B. After collecting the important components, you can return to Emil's house where 9S will recite this monologue prior to planting a grave marker for 2B.

Of all of the 9S quotes, this one yes, really denotes 9S's ultimate loss into darkness. Unlike 2B, who started the video game cold and also detached, 9S began out together bright and also optimistic. Yet over the course of the game, 2B would learn to embrace her emotions and also find irradiate of her own, if 9S would progressively become more hopeless and, as this quote clearly demonstrates, suicidal.

4 "I never quite realized ... Exactly how beautiful this people is."

This sad A2 quote is said during the ending of course C just prior to she dies. It's a very touching moment as A2 ultimately lets walk of every one of her revenge and hatred and also can lastly see the world for what it is, yet tragically it's just prior to she dies.

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This quote is perfect at reminding us that we should not take points for granted and also that we should appreciate what is ideal in former of us, while no letting ourselves be spend by ours past.

throughout the game's final confrontation between 9S and A2, 9S has plainly lost his mind indigenous pain and also grief, top him come spout out this particular quote. And also in the quote, you have the right to see the culmination that 9S's whole character arc. His ongoing curiosity around humanity, the world, and everything both had to offer is a huge part of what cd driver him throughout the story. However, what drives him the many is his connection to 2B.

when that connection is severed v tragedy, all that's left is an android that no longer finds happiness in the civilization he once discovered fascinating. He just finds a cold, cruel civilization that infects and destroys whatever it touches. Despite this, he can't seem to avoid longing because that a link with humanity, forever feeling choose he shed something he never ever had.

2 "Do no feel bad about it. We space alive, after ~ all. And also being alive is pretty much a consistent stream that embarrassment."

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This one is absolutely less serious than some of the various other entries, however still emotional nonetheless. This quote comes from a conversation between Pod 153 and Pod 042 throughout Ending E. Pod 042 admits to some embarrassment over what he brand a "suicide attempt" at the end of the game's climax, to which Pod 153 responds through the previously mentioned quote. Pod 042 admits the ide is as well "abstract" for him to understand at the moment, however anyone alive can understand this ide pretty easily.

the is interesting to take into consideration what precisely they're defining as "embarrassing" in this case, due to the fact that there's a many of different emotions that deserve to be tied right into embarrassment. In plenty of ways, this line in reality tries to repaint a bulk of the game's events in a darkly feeling way, showing on the pointlessness of it all. And also it does so right before painting the opportunity for a brighter future.

It appears only suitable to end this list wherein it began. As soon as again throughout Ending E, Pod 153 provides these indigenous of understanding as a callback and as a closing statement to the game as a whole. It's simple, and also it doesn't say all that much on its own, however unlike the intro, which to be dripping v resentment end life's consistent give and takes, this quote make the efforts to discover hope and also beauty in that exact same cycle.

and that seems favor an suitable sentiment to finish this trip on. To finish with the expressed id that a better future is possible. Even if every little thing that lives is designed come end, life is still precious living and also exploring in spite of its perceived cruelties.