Etude home Baking powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam is just one of my latest korean Beauty to draw this month and also so far one that the finest Korean beauty products I’ve ever before used beside Benton High content Snail punishment Essence. But before I’ll tell what ns think of it, let’s talk around its key ingredient: Baking Powder.

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I’m sure every one of us are familiar with baking powder, that is likewise known as baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate. It has been a kitchen clip for generations yet only a few know that it’s additionally a major player in the beauty realm. This cheap product that’s likely currently in her kitchen makes a fabulous, all-natural exfoliant. If you’re concerned around the security of this ingredient or want come learn much more about it, read it all on Cosmetics info here.


What is it?

Etude house Baking flour BB Deep Cleansing Foam not come be puzzled with Etude residence Baking powder Pore Deep Cleansing Foam (because they room a little different, but the very same packaging), is a dye-free face cleanser formulated through baking flour to penetrate and also cleanse deep within pores to eliminate makeup and residues. It has actually 100% organic fragrance and ideal because that BB cream removal. Unlike most korean beauty products it does no promise countless things but ns still love it than my regular facial cleanser.

You can inspect its ingredients evaluation in the CosDNA.


Packaging: Etude residence Baking flour BB Deep Cleansing Foam comes packaged in a plastic tube, just like your regular drugstore facial cleansers. As whole it’s not glamorous no one cute where oriental beauty commodities are famous for. But it does have actually a very refined look and easy to squeeze which help to regulate the amount being dispensed.

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Application: I apply Etude residence Baking powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam on mine wet face and lather it. Then i massage the thoroughly yet not also much, just sufficient to remove my makeup because it has actually tiny scrubs (I gambling those space made from baking powder) but you can likewise put the on electrical cleansing brush (if you have actually one) because that a much much more deeper cleaning and also then wash it v cold water then heat water.

A lot of of facial cleansers cases to be deep cleansing that deserve to remove makeup and also residues for this reason I put this product to the test. Also, I’m a really lazy person especially as soon as I badly desire to retire on mine bed so i really choose to skip at the very least one step in my skin care routine. (NOTE: These space actual photos. Castle were just cropped however never edited ~ above any beautifying apps.)