Dark Souls 2: where To uncover Every Estus Flask Shard The Estus flask is probably the most necessary item in Dark Souls 2, and also you"ll want to find all of the shards to do the most of it!

The Dark Souls collection is infamous for its high levels of difficulty. You"re walk to dice dozens of times as you try to make your means through the hellish landscapes and also terrifying atmospheres that consist of the Dark Souls games.

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For all of us mortals, order to complete Dark Souls 2, you"re walk to need your trust Estus Flask. The Estus Flask is basically the player"s healing maker in the game and it is upgraded through Estus Shards. Each Estus Shard enables the player to usage the flask one an ext time. Right here is the ar of every Estus Shard in Dark Souls 2.

Majula is perhaps one of the just pleasant places in every one of Dark Souls 2. Win that, it"s one of the only pleasant locations in the entire Dark Souls series, period.

The very first Estus Shard, located at the Majula well, is probably the simplest one to uncover in the totality game -- if you know what you"re feather for. Simply walk approximately the well, smack the absent sitting there down into the well and also the attached rope will certainly raise increase a corpse. Pick the shard off of the corpse.

over there are an ext than one Estus Shards in Majula. That being said, this second one is much more challenging to uncover than the first and requires rather a couple of more steps.

First, take trip to the Cardinal Tower bonfire in woodland of collapse Giants. Go under the ladder and turn left. Walk to the gnarled tree, leap come the roof, and also face the opposite corner of wherein you come in. Then, head right into the cave. Uncover Cale, speak come him a couple of times and also he will give you a key. Making use of that key, you deserve to now unlock the main home in Majula, wherein you will find the shard on a corpse in the basement.

full of trees, monsters and also undead hollows, the forest of fallen Giants is no the easiest of settings to endeavor into. That being said, you"re going to need to brave its countless terrors if you desire to snag an additional Estus Shard.

First, you"ll must defeat the big boss of the forest, The critical Giant. Then you"ll get the Soldier Key. Rise up the stairs next to the Cardinal Tower Bonfire, go v the overfilled room and also use the crucial to unlock the chest comprise the valuable Estus Shard.

9 lost Bastille - Courtyard Entrance

There space plenty of locations in Dark Souls 2 wherein you can quickly get shed with no sense of direction. The shed Bastille is one of those places. If you desire to uncover the Estus Shard located amongst these many dark ruins, salary heed to these directions really carefully.

First, grab the Antiquated key. At the begin of the level, shimmy over the ledge, continue left, autumn onto the platform, and open the chest. Currently that you have actually the key, go to the Servant"s quarters bonfire. Indigenous there, jump across some rooftops, autumn down and also use the key to open up the door come the left. Discover the chest behind a enormous column and there that is -- one more shard.

Phantoms and ghosts lurk throughout the Shaded Woods. They aren"t the only things that are tough to watch in those woods, however. The Estus Shards within room equally elusive.

First, find the petrified adversary near the. Shaded ruins bonfire. Free and death him for the Fang Key. Making use of the key, go up the ramp native the bonfire and also take a right. Drop right into the huge pit spanned with wood planks and open a locked door. Inside, a corpse is stop the shard.

7 Shaded Woods - Petrified Woman

You"ll discover yourself very close come this shard on lot of occasions, offered that it is trapped behind a petrified woman. You"ll need to discover a way to obtain past her for the next upgrade to her Estus Flask.

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Using a Fragment Branch of Yore, complimentary the woman, open up the door, and also enter the next room top top the reduced right. A chest inside this room contains the shard you are looking for.

because that many, No-Man"s Wharf is among the most challenging areas in the game. Specifically if you shot to understand the wharf prior to you acquire to a high enough level.

First, you"ll need to go into from the opposite next of the wharf. After ~ dropping under a couple of ledges, acquire to the shortest level, and turn left. Go inside the door you see there and also a chest in the corner holds yet another shard for your collection.

5 Earthen top - Poison-Filled Hallway

Earthen height is identified by the poison the fills its many caves and valleys. If you"re ready to traverse the poison (and able to there is no dying) there room many good items to find that will help you on her quest, consisting of an Estus Shard.

Upon beginning the area, you"ll be in a chamber with poison water. Walk down the stairs, walk right into the hall, and at the finish is a corpse holding one more shard.

Every now and then in ~ the people of Dark Souls, you will run into various illusory walls. V a basic hit that your sword or a solving of a puzzle, castle fade far to expose a hidden secret or long lost treasure.

This wall surface is found just prior to the fog gate bring about the Prowling Magus boss fight. Simply smack the wall surface to the left of the gate and all will certainly be revealed.

3 Brightstone Cove Tseldora - lower Brightstone Bonfire

The Estus Shard behind the hidden wall is not the just one you will find in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. You"ll find an additional near the reduced Brightstone Bonfire.

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From the Chapel Threshold bonfire, go ago towards the chapel. Then, role off that the cliff to the structure below. When there, you have to drop come the grey basic of a structure that a spell-caster is on. V an open doorway, you"ll find an additional corpse with yet one more shard.

without a doubt, Drangleic Castle is one of the many beautiful locations in the game. Given its substantial size and also endgame status, it"s also one that the most epic. As you get increasingly closer to finishing the game, it"s vital that you uncover this second to critical Estus Shard.

As you do your method through the castle, you"re going to enter a hall full of Alonne items archers, two other knights, and also a Mastodon Knight. Head to the lower set of stairs and also hit the switch. This will expose a shortcut and also a chest, within of i m sorry is one more Estus Shard.

1 Shrine the Amana - under The Path

Hiding in the depths below Drangleic lies the Shrine the Amana. Top top entering you"ll it is in met with the eery sound that music comes from the Milfanito maidens well-known for carrying death and darkness within themselves. This is the location of the last Estus Shard.

Starting in ~ the Crumbled damages bonfire, head right. Then you"ll see 2 sorceresses. Head under the trace trying your finest not to fall off. Kill the sorceresses and also one that them will certainly drop the critical Estus Shard.

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