$75/dayPickup truck
$64/dayCompact SUV
$68/dayIntermediate SUV
$80/dayStandard SUV

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Pros:Staff in ~ IAD was awesome!Cons:USB port in car was missing making phone call charging a challenge.Reviewed Oct 30 2020
review fromdigitalrecordersreview.org
Pros:Friendly staff.Cons:The automobile REEKED of tobacco smoke. It likewise made some sort of odd sound when accelerating or slow down. Finally, as soon as picking up, ns waited 5 minutes in line, in ~ 10pm, simply for a respond to person come arrive.Reviewed Sep 29 2020
review fromdigitalrecordersreview.org
Pros:The car was clean and the pick up and also drop off process easyCons:I don’t understand why companies won’t let you usage a debit card unless you have a booked flight. Exactly how does that make feeling that a credit transaction card is better than a debit card? ns did not have a credit card top top me and also had to publication a flight on the spot simply to have the ability to get my rentalReviewed Sep 13 2020
review fromdigitalrecordersreview.org
Pros:Drop off was consolidated for assorted companies operation at the Savannah airport. It was really quick and also easyCons:NothingReviewed Apr 18 2020
review fromdigitalrecordersreview.org

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Everything was good but the returnPros:Arrival to be nice v friendly staff.Cons:They said me when I rented the auto if i saw any damage. I discussed the front bumper and they stated that is normal wear and also tear. When I reverted the automobile the lady hasseled me about the damages to the bumper. Ns told her what the previous day's representative said and also she advised me the was incorrect. She began to hound me because that my insurance money information. Once I inquiry why she remained she to be going to document a claim. Ns told her an excellent luck bc the damages is practically underneath the vehicle and the insurance allowance will contact it a danger of the roadway. Ns told her i purchased the added insurance anyway. Ns felt prefer I had actually done other wrong and also I put fewer 보다 20 miles on the vehicle. I was only in town for one night to to visit a funeral. I will certainly not be renting v Enterprise again. They're already not the cheapest.Reviewed Feb 16 2017