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The X-02 power Armor wielded through the forces of the Enclave in the capital Wasteland. Currently in the Commonwealth!

Mods inquiry this file

Mod nameNotes
4estGimp - Enclave X-02 PA INNR and also ini for complex Item SorterMain mod
an loose brotherhood mod
Better America rising Level Lists
Better Enclave Armor
BOS black evil one overhaulThis is needed.

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Brotherhood and also Enclave Followers
Compatibility job MPAM PAMAP for Enclave X-02 armor (EN and also RU)
Enclave X-02 and Hellfire X-03 Chem station Recipes (Individial Plugins)Required only for the X-02 recipe plugin.
Enclave X-02 strength Armor - Chinese
Enclave X-02 power Armor - standard Power Armor RebalanceHard requirement, no exceptions. This mod is only a .ESP replacer.
Enclave X-02 power Armor - Impervious Patch
Enclave X-02 power Armor - Traduzione Italiana
Enclave X-02 strength Armor Patch
Enclave X-02 power Armor RUSSIAN
Enclave X-02 strength Armor v.0.401 - Portugues do Brasil PTBR
Enclave-Minutemen-Overhaulfor main
Gunner-clave - A light Enclave NPC mod (plus man Henry Eden LooksMenu)For Dicky"s an option Edition (Optional)
Horizon - substantial Power Armor MergeOptional Patch
Horizon - Enclave X-02 strength Armor (Nexus Version)
Impervious power Armor expansion PatchesMaster document for "Is a master record for the spot "IPA expansion Patches - X02"
LOST AWKCR VIS-G PatchesAWKCR and VIS-G patches for multiple mods!
Movable X-02 Patch
MPAM X-02 Patch
Paladin Danse X-02 strength ArmorDownload and Endorse this great power armor mod.

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Power Armor come the world (Power Armored adversaries - Legendary strength Armor)Optional patch
Random Patches and also Tweaks
Servoarmadura X-02 - X-02 power Armor ESPANOLDescargar e instalar, luego reemplazar con el archivo en Español
ThaMan's Horizon strength Armor Patches
X-02 more power armor mods and Power armor paints and materials linked patch
X-02 PipBoy Flashlight spot
X-02 strength Armor - every Factions PaintjobAdd all Factions and also some much more Paintjob
X-02 Tesla Patch
X-02 Tesla strength Armor power Weapon damages IncreaseAdd increase Energy damages in Tesla Upgrade.

Credits and also distribution permission

various other user"s assetsAll the legacy in this document belong to the author, or room from free-to-use modder"s sources Upload permissionYou are not allowed to upload this record to other sites under any type of circumstances change permissionYou are allowed to modify my files and also release an insect fixes or boost on the attributes so lengthy as you credit transaction me together the original creator conversion permissionYou room not allowed to transform this document to work on other gamings under any kind of circumstances Asset use permissionYou must acquire permission native me prior to you are enabled to use any type of of the assets in this paper Asset usage permission in mods/files that are being soldYou space not allowed to usage assets from this document in any type of mods/files that are being sold, because that money, on heavy steam Workshop or various other platforms Asset usage permission in mods/files that earn donation pointsYou must get permission to knife Donation point out for her mods if they usage my legacy Console modding permissionThis mod will not be available on Bethesda.net for console users

Translations obtainable on the Nexus

ItalianAuthor: MakinDayEnclave X-02 strength Armor - Traduzione Italiana
PortugueseAuthor: Jaketz - Equipe fallout BrasilEnclave X-02 strength Armor v.0.401 - Portugues execute Brasil PTBR
SpanishAuthor: TomoxxServoarmadura X-02 - X-02 power Armor ESPANOL
RussianAuthor: DjezendopusEnclave X-02 power Armor - Russian Translation
MandarinAuthor: julio131Enclave X-02 strength Armor - Chinese
RussianAuthor: rgnikEnclave X-02 power Armor RUSSIAN