L>MisquotationsMisquotationsfor digitalrecordersreview.org and a glossary of posting Terms"Famous remarks are an extremely seldom quoted correctly."by Simeon StrunskyLike improper native conversions, plenty of malapropisms, spoonerisms,and misquotations have acquired legitimacy v repetition;but their proper use by the knowledgeable writer is together idiom orirony. One incomplete or inaccurate quotation regularly changesmeaning once rectified or inserted in context. Specimen misquotesinclude the following:`A picture is precious a thousand words.""A picture is worth ten thousand words." ; "Being shown it once is better than gift told the ahundred times." ; "I prefer your motto: "Onepicture is worth a thousands denials."" `The unexamined life is no worth living.""... The unexamined life is not livable because that a human being being ...."`We room the movers and also shapers the the world.""Yet we space the movers and also shakers / of the people for ever, itseems." `dot and tittle" "jot and also tittle" `Man proposes however God disposes.""Man devises however God directs." <"A man"s love deviseth his way:but the mr directeth his steps." Proverbs 16:9>`The people is a stage, and also we"re just actors play parts.""A noble farce, wherein kinds, republics, and emperors have forso numerous ages played their parts, and to i beg your pardon the entirety vastuniverse serves because that a theatre." by Michel Eyquem, Seigneur deMontaigne (1580); "All the world "s a stage, / and all the menand women simply players. / They have their exits and theirentrances; / and also one guy in his time plays plenty of parts," byWilliam Shakespeare (1600); "The human being "s a theatre, the planet astage, / i beg your pardon God and also Nature do with gibbs fill." through ThomasHeywood (1612)"Little strokes / Fell good oaks." "Many strokes fall the tallest oaks." `Asses are ye the sit in judgement." "Speak, ye that ride ~ above white asses, ye the sit in judgment, andwalk through the way." `Do not actors your pearls prior to swine ...." "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither actors ye yourpearls before swine, lest they trample castle under their feet, andturn again and also rend you." `Saying and also doing are two different things.""Saying and also doing space two things." `He that runs might read""He may run that readeth it" `As the twig is bent, so grow the tree.""Just as the twig is bent, the tree"s inclined." `You can never go home again.""You can"t go house again."`gild the lily""To gild polished gold, to paint the lily, ... Is garbage andridiculous excess."`Money is the root of every evil.""The love the money is the source of every evil."; "The desire ofmoney is the root of every evil.""Virtue is its own reward." "Virtue herself is her own fairest reward." ;"Virtue was enough of herself because that happiness." ; "Virtue is to it s her the finest reward." ;"Virtue is her very own reward." ; "Doubt not but anglingwill prove to be so pleasant that it will prove come be, likevirtue, a reward come itself." `to act follow to one"s likes" "to act according to one"s lights" `I to be what i am, warts and all."; `Take me together I am – wartsand all.""Sir paint me together I am, warts and also all." `Pride goeth before a fall.""Pride goeth before destruction, and also an haughty spirit prior to afall."; "Pride will have a fall for proud goeth before and shamecometh after."`To be forewarned is to be forearmed.""Forewarned, forearmed." `If God is dead, then every little thing is feasible for mankind.""If God is dead, then every is permitted." `The great Lord help those who help themselves.""Help thyself, and also God will help thee." ; "Godhelps those who aid themselves." ; "God helpsthem that aid themselves." `The road to Hell is led with good intentions.""Do not be troubled by Saint Bernard"s saying that hell is fullof great intentions and wills." ; "Hell is fullof an excellent meanings and wishings." ; "Hell is pavedwith good intentions." ; "Hell is led with goodintentions, not with bad ones. Every men average well." ; "Hell isn"t merely paved with an excellent intentions;it"s walled and roofed v them. Yes, and also furnished too." ; ""Tis the motive exalts the action; / "Tis thedoing, and not the deed." `Whom the gods would certainly destroy, very first they praise."; `Whom the godswould carry low, first they elevate.""Those whom God desire to destroy, He an initial makes mad."; "Whom God would damage He very first sends mad." ; "For those who God to destroy has designed, the fits forfate, and very first destroys your mind." ; "Whom themad would certainly destroy, they very first make gods." ; "Whomthe gods wish to damage they an initial call promising." `The mill grinds slow however exceedingly fine.""Though the mills the God grind slowly, however they grind exceedingsmall." ; "God"s mill grinds slow, butsure." `My lips are sealed.""I have seldom talked with greater regret, because that my lips room notyet unsealed."`A man convinced versus his will is of the same opinion still.""He that complies against his will certainly is the his very own opinionstill."`Do your own thing.""Ye been oure lord; dooth through youre owene thyng." ; "But perform your thing, and also I shall recognize you." `A negative thing, yet my own."; "Tis an unlovely thing, but mineown.""An ill-favored thing, sir, but mine own."`the whirligig that taste""And for this reason the whirligig the time brings in his revenges."`Alas, Yorick, i knew that well.""Alas, poor Yorick! ns knew him, Horatio: a other of infinitejest, that most wonderful fancy."`to the manor born""But to mine mind, though ns am native here and to the manner born,it is a custom much more honored in the breach than the observance."`Ignorance is bliss.""Where ignorance is bliss, "tis folly to be wise." `Ignorance is innocence.""Ignorance is no innocence but sin."`A tiny knowledge is a dangerous thing.""A tiny learning is a attention thing." <"A absence of knowledgecan be a attention thing." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe>`Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.""A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of tiny minds, ...."`the tranquility the surpasseth every understanding""The peace of God, i beg your pardon passeth every understanding, shall keepyour hearts and also minds v Christ Jesus." `May my Higher-Power provide me the serenity to expropriate the things Icannot change, the courage to readjust the points I can, and thewisdom to know the difference.""God, offer us elegant to accept through serenity the things thatcannot be changed, courage to readjust the things which have to bechanged, and the wisdom to distinguish the one indigenous the other."; "May God grantus the serenity to accept the points that can not be changed, thecourage to change the things which deserve to be changed, and the wisdomto distinguish between them."; "May God provide me the serenity toaccept whatever I can not change, the vessel to transform whatever Ineed to change, and also the wisdom to recognize the difference."; "May theSupreme Being approve me the serenity to recognize that i am areasonable animal, who is self-regulated through logic. Might theSupreme Being approve me the courage to regulate whatever i can,while trying to recognize the rest. And also may the supreme Beinggrant me the wisdom come seek intellectual reinforcement because that myemotional and psychic weaknesses."; "Do what girlfriend can, v whatyou have, wherein you are." ; "Life is a battlebetween faith and also reason in which every feeds ~ above the other,drawing sustenance from it and also destroying it." `Let the dead bury the dead.""... Permit the dead ask their very own dead." ; "Let thedead previous bury that dead!" `Anyone"s death makes united state all poorer.""Any man"s fatality diminishes me since I am affiliated inMankind."`not lost however gone""Not lost, but gone before." `A level unvarnished story I will certainly relate.""I will a ring unvarnished tale deliver."`I"ll make assurance doubly sure""But however I"ll do assurance double sure ...."`to fresh woods and fields anew""Tomorrow to new woods and pastures new."`a voice crying in the wilderness"; `to cry the end in the woods""The voice that one crying out in the wilderness ...."; "The voiceof him that crieth in the wilderness ...." `the last imperfection of noble minds""... (That last imperfection of noble mind) ...."`Fine by degrees and also beautifully small.""Fine through degrees, and beautifully less." ; "Fineby defect, and delicately weak." `I took the road less traveled.""Two roadways diverged in a wood, and I – i took the one lesstraveled by, ..." ; "Footfalls echo in thememory down the i which us did no take ..." `They preserved the even tenor of your way.""They retained the noiseless tenor of their way."`Only death and taxes are unavoidable.""... An illustration that assures permanency; however in this worldnothing can be claimed to be certain, other than death and also taxes."; "Death and taxes and also childbirth! There"snever any type of convenient time for any of them!" `Everyone is born naked, ...."; `We came into this people naked,and shall leaving it the very same way.""As he come forth of his mother"s womb, naked shall that return togo together he came, and shall take it nothing the his labor."`the best laid plan of mice and also men""The finest laid schemes o" mouse an" guys ...."`Man to be born free, yet he is all over enslaved.""Man is born free; and everywhere that is in chains. One thinkshimself the understand of others, and still continues to be a greater slavethan they." ; "It is often safer to be inchains than to it is in free." `I have actually escaped by the skin of my teeth.""I to be escaped with the skin of mine teeth."`All is lost, save life and also honor.""The only thing left come me is honor, and also my life is saved."`To whom lot is given, much more is expected.""From everyone who has actually been provided much, much will be demanded;and native the one who has been entrusted with much, much an ext willbe asked." ; "Everyone to whom much was given,of him much will be required, and also from that to who they entrustedmuch, castle will need the more." `From every according to his ability, to every according to hisneed.""In a higher phase that communist society ... Just then deserve to thenarrow horizon of bourgeois right be totally left behind andsociety inscribe top top its banners: from each according come hisability, to every according to his needs." ;"Having then presents differing according to the grace the is givento us, let us use them." ; "... From every accordingto his ability, to every according come his possibility." `Don"t swap equines in midstream.""Don"t swap horses." <1864 Republican campaign motto; based upon1840s-era joke, told 9 June 1864 as an anecdote by AbrahamLincoln: "It is not best to swap equines when cross streams.">`You"re either v me or against me.""He who is not with me is against me," Matthew 12:30 Bible>`If you"re not part of the solution, climate you"re part of theproblem.""Be component of the answer, not component of the problem, together the Americanrevolution proceeds." `rebel rouser""rabble rouser""... And that federal government of the people, through the people, because that thepeople, shall no perish indigenous earth." <19 Nov 1863 GettysburgAddress by Abraham Lincoln>"... Government, produced the people, make by the people, andanswerable to the people" <26 jan 1830 U.S. Senate decided byDaniel Webster>; "This is what I speak to the American idea –a federal government of every the people, by every the people, for every thepeople." <1850 Boston decided by Theodore Parker>`That government which governs the very least governs best.""Society in every state is a blessing, however government, also inits best state, is but a crucial evil; in that worst state, anintolerable one." ; "Government is an evil;it is just the thoughtlessness and also vices of men that do it anecessary evil. As soon as all men are good and wise, federal government willof itself decay." ; "All governmentis evil.... The ideal government is the which governs least."; "That federal government is ideal whichgoverns least." ; "... The countryis governed finest which is administrate least." ; "In the kingdom the multiplication the prohibitiveenactments rises the poor of the people; the moreimplements to add to your profit the the civilization have, thegreater disorder is over there in the state and also clan; the an ext acts ofcrafty dexterity that males possess, the an ext do strangecontrivances appear; the an ext display over there is of legislation,the much more thieves and robbers there are." `For angry to triumph, it is only necessary for good men come donothing.""The just thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for great mento perform nothing." <"He who accepts angry withoutprotesting versus it is yes, really cooperating through it." MartinLuther King Jr (1958); also "some guys wish evil and achieve it... just let it happen." Stephen Vincent Benet (1928)>`Anyone that is not liberal prior to midlife has actually no heart; andanyone that is still liberal after ~ midlife has actually no head!""Any man who is not liberal once young has actually no heart; and also any manwho is no conservative as soon as old has actually no head!" `Power corrupts, and absolute strength corrupts absolutely.""Power often tends to corrupt, and absolute power corruptsabsolutely.""Eternal vigilance is the price the liberty." "The problem upon which God hath offered liberty to man iseternal vigilance." `peace at any type of price"; `peace at any kind of cost""Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at theprice the chains and slavery?" (also: "Everyonespeaks for peace at any type of price, and since war has been brought totheir own homes, they look desponding come the critical degree, andbegin to think that they have been vastly deceived by engagingin it ...." ; "That doctrine has done an ext mischief than any I deserve to well recall thathave been afloat in this country. It has occasioned more warsthan any type of of the most ruthless conquerors. It has actually disturbed andnearly damaged that political equilibrium so necessary to theliberties and also the welfare that the world." )`with charity because that all and also malice towards none""In charity to all mankind, bearing no malice or ill-will come anyhuman being, and also even compassionating those who host in bondagetheir fellow-men, not knowing what castle do." ; "With malice towards none;with charity because that all; v firmness in the right, together God gives usto see the right, let us strive on to end up the job-related we are in;to bind up the nation"s wounds, to treatment for him that shall haveborne the battle, and for his widow and also his orphan – come doall i beg your pardon may attain and cherish a just and lasting tranquility amongourselves and also with all nations." `Although cowards die countless times, heroes die however once.""Cowards die many times prior to their deaths; / The valiant nevertaste that death however once." `Never have actually so countless owed so much to therefore few.""Never in the ar of human dispute was so lot owed by so manyto therefore few." `the lion shall lay down v the lamb""The wolf additionally shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shalllie down v the kid; and the calf and the young lion and also thefatling together; and also a little child shall lead them." `The only thing we have to fear is are afraid itself.""The only thing i am afraid of is fear." `Whatever doesn"t death you provides you stronger.""Out that life"s institution of war: What go not ruin me, provides mestronger."; "What does not damage us, we destroy, and it makesus stronger." `No pain, no gain!""There space no gains without pains." `My strength is multiplied due to the fact that my thoughts are noble and also myheart is pure.""My stamin is together the strength of ten, / because my love ispure." ; "What strongerbreastplate 보다 a love untainted? / Thrice is he equipped thathath his arguement just; / and also he however naked, though locked up insteel, / who conscience v injustice is corrupted." ; "No one is much more dangerous than he that imagineshimself pure in heart: for his purity, by definition, isunassailable." "Yours is no to reason why, yours is however to do and die." by J.Rudyard Kipling"Theirs no to make reply, / Theirs no to factor why, / Theirsbut to do and also die." by mr Alfred Tennyson`The an overwhelming gets excellent immediately, however the impossible takeslonger.""If the is only difficult, that is done; if the is impossible, weshall see." ; "The an overwhelming isdone at once; the difficult takes a small longer." ; "While they were saying among themselves it can not bedone, it was done." ; "He started to sing as hetackled the thing / the couldn"t be done, and also he did it." ; ""Difficulties" is the name given to points which itis our organization to overcome." ; "Thedifficult we carry out immediately. The difficult takes a littlelonger." `do six impossible things prior to breakfast""Why, occasionally I"ve thought as plenty of as six impossible thingsbefore breakfast." `God give me strength"; `Lord, lend united state strength""Strengthen me, O lord God that Israel, this day." ; "Be of an excellent courage,and that shall strengthen your heart." ; "Bestrengthened with could by (God"s) heart in the inner man."; "Seek no out the things that are too hard forthee, neither find the points that are above thy strength."; "God does not provide us strength, that rewardsit." ; "Do not pray for basic lives. Pray come bestronger men." "A woman is favor a teabag – just in warm water do yourealize how strong she is." by Nancy Reagan <"Observer" (29 March1981)>"A woman is like a tea bag; friend never recognize how strong it is untilit"s in hot water." through Eleanor Roosevelt "My respect is mine loyalty." by Heinrich Himmler "My respect signifies faithfulness." `might is right""Might makes right, and also hoary folly totters ~ above in she mad careerescorted by armies and navies." ; "Wheremight is, the right is" ; "Those who can, perform whatthey will; and those who can"t, do what they must." ;"Let us have belief that right provides might; and in that belief letus to the end, dare to do our duty together we understand it." `an eye for an eye""And if any kind of mischief follow, then thou shalt provide life for life,eye because that eye, tooth because that tooth, hand because that hand, foot for foot,burning for burning, wound for wound, strip for stripe." ; "You have heard the it was said, `An eye because that an eyeand a tooth for a tooth." but I say to you, do not resist anevildoer. However if everyone strikes you on the ideal cheek, revolve theother also; and if anyone desires to sue you and also take her coat,give your cloak too ...." `swords right into plowshares""Beat her plowshares into swords and also your pruning hooks intospears. Permit the weakling say, `I am strong!"" ;"They chandelier beat your swords into plowshares, and also their spearsinto pruninghooks: country shall no lift up sword against nation,neither chandelier they learn war any more." `War is a terrible thing, yet not the worst the things.""War is one ugly thing, yet not the ugliest of things ...." ; "War is a terrible thing but such a battle as thisarmy has waged for nearly two years many horrible of all. Battleafter battle has been given and no decisive victory." ; "How dreadful is war!" ; "War is a disastrous thing, and unjust war is a crimeagainst humanity." ; "Wars are, that course, asa preeminence to be avoided; but they are far much better than certain kindsof peace." ; "Although war is evil, it isoccasionally the lesser of two evils." ;"Unfortunately there space innocent casualties in every war, it"sinevitable. It"s a dreadful thing, but war is a horrible thing."`War is simply politics by various other means.""... Battle is just a extension of state plan by various other means.";"War is pertained to as nothing however the extension of state policywith other means." "Hold the fort! For i am coming." <1874 track by Philip PaulBliss>"Hold out. Relief is coming." `Damn the torpedoes! full speed ahead!""Damn the torpedoes! walk ahead!" `Walk softly however carry a big stick.""Speak softly and carry a big stick." `I deserve to only sell blood, sweat, and tears.""I have actually nothing come offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." ;"The high sentiments constantly win in the end, the leaders that offerblood, toil, tears and also sweat constantly get much more out the theirfollowers 보다 those who market safety and also a great time." `Millions for defense, sir; however not a solitary penny for tribute!""Millions because that defense, yet not one cent for tribute." `no rest for the wicked"; `no remainder for the weary""There the wicked stop from troubling, and also there the weary it is in atrest." `washed in the blood the the lamb""These room they which come out of great tribulation, and also havewashed their robes, and also made them white in the blood that theLamb." `I am the resurrection and the light.""I am the resurrection and also the life. He who believes in me willlive, even though the dies;" `Even the devil can quote scriptures for his own purpose.""The adversary can mention Scripture because that his purpose."`Let him that is there is no sin actors the an initial stone.""He that is there is no sin among you, permit him first cast a stone ather." `wearing her heart on your sleeve" "I will certainly wear my heart upon my sleeve because that daws come peck at."`I to be my brother"s keeper."; `You have to be your brother"skeeper.""Then the LORD stated to Cain, `Where is your brother Abel?" `Idon"t know," that replied. `Am ns my brother"s keeper?"" ; "Our tasks are identify ... That us may keep thespiritual impulses in our world for generous giving and also generousservice – in the spirit that each is his brother"s keeper."; "We deserve to throw far anything we own. But wecannot litter away damaged men. Because that we are made ours brother"skeeper ... And in God"s name we shot to straighten and also repair."; "Today we know thatWorld war II began not in 1939 or 1941 but in the 1920"s and1930"s as soon as those that should have known much better persuadedthemselves that they were not their brother"s keeper." ; "There is always a possibility that he who setshimself up together his brother"s keeper will finish up by being hisjailkeeper." `the right stuff""That crew that Liverpool hard situations had in lock the best stuff"; "It is for us of the new World to sitat the feet the Gamaliel the the Old; then, if we have the rightstuff in us, us can present that Paul in his revolve can come to be ateacher and a scholar." ; "The best Stuff" through Tom Wolfe (1979)`No greater love hath a man than the he lay down his life foranother.""Greater love hath no male than this, that a man lay under his lifefor his friends." `The guilty of the fathers are visited top top their youngsters unto thethird and also fourth generation.""The god visit the sins of the fathers ~ above the children."; "... I, the Lord her God, am a jealous God,punishing the kids for the sin the the fathers to the thirdand 4th generation the those that hate me, however showing love to athousand that those that love me and also keep mycommandments." `Those that live by the knife shall dice by the sword.""Put increase again thy sword right into his place: for all they the takethe knife shall perish with the sword."; "Those who rise by thesword will autumn by the sword."`bite the dust""May numerous of his guys fall around him vulnerable in the dust and bitethe earth!" `on the side of the angels""That question is this: Is man an ape or one angel? I, mine lord, amon the side of the angels." ; "Don"t be on theside of the angels, it"s as well lowering." `Do to rather what girlfriend would desire them to do to you."(insert versions of gold Rule here)"What you do not great upon yourself, extend not come others."; "Violence and injury enclose in their network all thatdo such things, and generally return ~ above him who began." ; "His hand will be versus every man, and everyman"s hand versus him." ; "Take him, andlook well to him, and do him no harm; but do depend him even as heshall say unto thee." ; "I to be convincedwe execute not only love oneself in others yet hate ourselves inothers too." ; "As us are, so we do; and also as wedo, therefore is it done to us; we are the builders of our fortunes."; "The impressive thing is that we reallylove our neighbor as ourselves: we do unto others as we do untoourselves. We dislike others as soon as we dislike ourselves." ;"Absolutely speaking, execute unto others together you would that theyshould do unto friend is by no way a golden rule, however the best ofcurrent silver. An ethical man would have actually but small occasion forit. The is golden not to have any type of rule at every in such a case."; "If you forgive my faults, I will forgiveyours." ; "Do not carry out unto others together you would thatthey have to do unto you. Your tastes may not be the same."; "Do unto the various other feller the means he"dlike to carry out unto you, an" perform it fust." ; "Ido depend others what they do unto me, just worse." `No good deed ever goes unpunished.""No good deed walk unpunished." `The legislation is a jealousy mistress, and requires a long and also constantcourtship.""The legislation is a jealous mistress. He who would success her must wooher." `Out that the mouths the babes come truth."; `... Wisdom.""Out of the mouths that babes and also sucklings hast thou ordainedstrength." "Man does not live through bread alone, ....""Man doth not live by bread only, yet by every indigenous thatproceedeth the end of the mouth the the lord doth man live."`By the sweat of her brow shalt she eat bread.""In the sweat the thy confront shalt thou eat bread." `apple rotten come the core""A goodly to apologize rotten at the heart: O, what a goodly outsidefalsehood hath!"; "An angry soul creating holy witness Is choose avillain v a laugh cheek, A goodly to apologize rotten in ~ theheart."`Water, water, every where, and also not a drop come drink.""Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink."`First catch your hare" "Take her hare once it is cased...." <"The arts of Cookery madePlain and also Easy" by Hannah Glasse (1747); "And the is typically saidthat girlfriend must an initial catch her deer, and also afterwards, as soon as it iscaught, skin it." by Bracton (ca1300)>`let united state eat, drink, and be merry."; `Eat, drink, and be merry,for tomorrow we shall die.""Let united state eat and also drink; because that to morrow we shall die."; "Drink, anddance and also laugh and lie, Love the reeling midnight through, Fortomorrow us shall die! But, alas, we never do."; "Let united state eat,drink, and also think not of tomorrow; for he who does, misses themoment."`There"s no free lunch!""There is no such thing as a complimentary lunch." `Buddy can you spare a dime?""Brother, have the right to you spare a dime?"`Neither a borrower nor a lender be.""Neither a borrower no one a lender be, because that loan oft loses bothitself and also friend, and also borrowing dulls the sheet of husbandry."`honor amongst thieves"; `no honor amongst thieves""Honor is periodically found amongst thieves." `in one dropped swoop" "in one dropped swoop" `Go west, young man.""Go west, young man, go west." ; "Go West, young man, and grow up v thecountry." `That"s one small step because that a man, one huge leap because that mankind.""That"s one little step because that man, one large leap because that mankind."`Had ns been consulted ns would have recommended somethingsimpler.""Had i been existing at the Creation, I would certainly have offered someuseful hints for the far better ordering that the universe."`ex nihilo" "ex nihilo nihil fit"; "nihil ex nihilo" ; "creatio ex nihilo" `The hand the rocks the cradle rules the world.""The hand the rocks the cradle / Is the hand that rules theworld." "The pen is mightier than the sword." "So far had the pen under the king the superiority over the sword...." "The pen worse than the sword." `Don"t among you shoot till you deserve to see the whites of theireyes.""Don"t fire till you view the whites of their eyes." ; "Silent till you view the white skin - man of their eyes."; and also "No firing till you view the whitesof your eyes." `Git thar fustest with the mostest.""I simply took the short cut and got there very first with the mostmen." `Forgive your enemy."; `Forgive thine enemies.""Cosmus, battle each other of Florence, to be wont come say that perfidious friends,that `We review that we should forgive our enemies; however we carry out notread that we need to forgive our friends."" ; "Love thine enemies." `We"ve checked out the enemy, and it is us.""We have met the enemy and he is us." `If girlfriend lay down through dogs, you"ll acquire up v fleas.""He who lies down through dogs will climb with fleas." <"If youassociate v unsavory personalities some of that is bound to obstacle offon you." man Florio>`to rant and also rave""to ramp and rage"`We have actually ways the making friend talk.""We have actually ways of making males talk."`You dirty rat!""You dirty double-crossing rat!"`We don"t need no stinkin" badges!""Badges? us ain"t obtained no badges. We don"t need no badges. I don"thave to show you any type of stinkin" badges."`Shove it wherein the sun don"t shine!""Fold it five-ways and stick it where the moon don"t shine."`Elementary my dear Watson.""`Excellent!" ns cried. `Elementary," claimed he."`Better right here than Philadelphia.""On the whole, I"d fairly be in Philadelphia."`Meet me in the kasbah."; `We"ll go to the kasbah.""Come with me to the Casbah." `I want to it is in alone.""I want to it is in let alone." ; "I desire to be left alone.""Frankly, my dear, i don"t provide a damn." <1939 film>"My dear, i don"t offer a damn." <1936 book>`Come up and also see me some time.""Why don"t girlfriend come increase sometime and see me?"`Play it again, Sam.""Play it, Sam.

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Play `As Time go By"."; "If she deserve to stand it,I can. Beat it!"