Dr. Bashir has been away at a conference and Jake Sisko has actually accompanied him to research a profile he is writing around the doctor. Return in a runabout, they get a distress speak to from a federation swarm under Klingon attack.

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Original waiting Date: 21 October, 1996

Stardate: Unknown



DS:4077 - The MASH Episode...

This is a very powerful episode, made an ext so by the usage of Jake as the human through whose eye we see things. He thinks he deserve to cope, he's "a Sisko," but then fact intrudes in one of the many vicious means possible.

I preferred the method this was set up, with Jake doing a item on Bashir, and travelling through him. The V.O. Parts at the beginning are a nice touch ("I have actually no idea what that is top top about") and then the distress call coming in switches it up. Bashir's concern around whether to aid or not is a nice touch, but he realises he needs to go, and I don't think Jake's debates swayed him, he simply knows it is his duty to help, and also does so, also with what might happen.

On the planet, the clinical scenes room well done, and were pretty intense. Every little thing is there, including the guy who shot self to escape from the former line. When Jake talks with him later, that is fairly a moving and also deep moment. The hospital cast play their parts well, and also come throughout as battle-weary medical veterans.

Having Jake operation away, and meet the dying male is, while a little cliched, a nice touch - Jake's struggle to make sense of the senselessness of battle is rather touching, and also the raspy soldier dying right next to him takes us much from Roddenbery's Utopian Trekverse.

On his return, the talks with Bashir, and also his inner struggle is clear even prior to the V.O. Starts. The ending, through the evacuation, is so fine done, through everyone rushing about, the feels immediate and something we, as viewers, understand (and space thankful for) the we will certainly never have to go through.

The whole thing is a snapshot of the pointlessness of battle seen v the eyes of a young boy who has had no armed forces training, and also who thinks he will be fine, just for the true horror of it every to disclose that he cannot cope with it.

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The finishing is a pretty touch, with Bashir and also Sisko reading Jake's article. The was an excellent to watch the various other side the war, and also the realities that it, rather than the sanitised versions we so frequently got in Trek.