The story starts in the underwater kingdom of Estarkh, the house of a gyeongju of creatures that were mutated through their own pollution to the suggest of being allergic to clean water. Your leader, Baramos, decides someday to leaving the kingdom in search of the legend Dragon. Follow to the legend, the blood that the Dragon brings immortality come the one who drinks it. Baramos knows that the Dragon deserve to be summoned by the Red Stone, therefore he launches his floating fortress, Gaim, to search for it. Meanwhile, in the kingdom that Aliahan, a girl called Tiala is celebrating a birthday. Her parents call her inside to greet understand Yogi, a town elder who has concerned visit her. Yogi"s date of birth gift come Tiala is the Red Stone, i beg your pardon she wears with pride. She rushes off to show her brand-new invention, a pair of wings, to her girlfriend Abel. She brings she pet slimes, Chichi and also Kaka, with her. Abel is fishing in the Aliahan"s Dragon-God Lake when Tiala arrives. She witnesses Abel being attacked by an tremendous fish, i beg your pardon beats Abel savagely with its tail till Abel washes ashore, exhausted. Tiala begs him to take her wings because that a test-flight, and with some reluctance, that accepts.The wings loss apart when Abel is in mid-flight,and Abel crashes back in the lake. Tiala swims out to him, and also the two swimtogether underwater. They uncover a weird slab the rock with the two chief tenetsof the Legend the the Dragon carved on it:

The legend Dragon can only it is in summoned using the Red Stone. The Dragon can only be sealed using the power of the Blue Stone.

Gaim come in Aliahan, and Baramos autumn anchor in the lake, poisoning it. Every the fish space killed. Abel and Tiala are met at the shore by Baramos" right-hand wizard, Moore. Moore requirements that Tiala hand end the Red Stone. She refuses, and Abel provides a valiant effort to protect her. The two room teleported board Gaim through Baramos" magic. Baramos litter Abel about using his telekinesis, and also upon tiring of him, drops Abel back into the lake. At the last moment, Chichi leaps under after him. A single feather from Tiala"s wings flutters down from the skies as Gaim departs.Abel awakens in the city priest"s house. The is instantly bullied by his stout friend Mokomoko, who has a crush on Tiala and also is infuriated the Abel allowed her to it is in kidnapped. The priest informs them the Abel is to become the legendary Hero of the Blue Stone, and gives the a sash and also crown. The crown contains the Blue Stone. Mokomoko objects, and also the priest speak him to companion Abel. Mokomoko is offered a pair the granite clubs.Moore uses his mind-reading ability on Tiala and also discovers the not just will lock be unable to take the stone from she (it resists your touch), however that she has actually no idea how to usage it. Baramos sends Moore to Tiala"s home village to find out its secrets. To pose a formidable threat, Baramos gathers his energy around a set of jewels from Gaim"s collection, developing a huge Anteater.Moore and also the Anteater strike the village. Moore hypnotizes grasp Yogi and learns what that knows about the legend Dragon. When Yogi recovers, the casts a powerful spell to shock the Anteater, when Mokomoko knocks the creature off that feet with his clubs. Abel pounces ~ above the monster with a pitchfork, killing it instantly. The Anteater explodes in a display of glowing light prior to condensing back into the 3 jewels from which it to be formed. Yogi speak Abel and also Mokomoko to seek out the King that Aliahan. Sapped the his strength, Yogi dies.The King presents Abel with a sword and sends him and also Mokomoko through a magic portal in his surprise underground fountain. Immediately, the lock is attacked by a substantial horde of Baramos" jewel monsters. Moore stays in the castle just long enough to read the King and also Queen"s minds. Then, a mysterious girl warrior charges into the castle and also dispatches all of the staying monsters. She too provides a sudden exit, ~ collecting the monsters" jewels.On the various other side that the portal, Abel and also Mokomoko discover themselves surrounded by drunken monsters in a public bath in the mountains. In a adjacent pool, a drunk person wizard watch them and also introduces himself together Yanack. Abel at first refuses Yanack"s market to assist them. Upon leaving the bath, Abel and also Mokomoko clumsily loss off the mountain, yet Yanack involves their rescue in a levitating basket. The basket proves to be Yanack"s major mode the transportation.The trio access time Leebe village and solves the riddle posed to them through its aged population. Their reward is a map, left by a hero from ancient times well-known as Roto.As the three travel, they notification they room being complied with by the warrior girl. She knows the three are emerging a habit the being assault by Baramos" monsters, which she can easily kill because that the reward of the jewels inside them. She introduces herself together Daisy. One monster, a paris wildcat, strikes Abel and also steals his map. Daisy death it, however Moore arrives and steals the map himself.Aboard Gaim, Tiala is assigned a jewel monster called Dodonga to watch end her. He brings she food, which she refuses to eat and also instead offers to him. The accepts, and also while the is liven eating, Tiala tries come escape.

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She doesn"t get really far before Dodonga records up to her and carries her ago to her cell.