So, the human being Noble origin is the the Cousland family, among the three significant noble families of Fereldan. The Couslands room the Teyrns of Highever, and are joined by the Mac Tir family (Teyrns the Gwaren) and the Theiren family (the Royal household of Fereldan). I named her in different ways in my play-through, yet the default name of the female human Noble is "Elissa Cousland", and I think Elissa is the many politically powerful person in every one of Fereldan.

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Let's testimonial the political framework of Fereldan. You start with the King, that sits in the Capitol which is commonly Denerim however every once in a while Amaranthine. The first king was King Calenhad, the the Theirin family, and thus began the noble Theirin dynasty, a an effective ruling household in Fereldan. The country has constantly been comprised of the freeholders, and we uncover that over there are only two major Teyrns in contemporary Fereldan: Highever in the north and also Gwaren in the south. As discussed above, Highever lands have been historically rule by the Cousland family, while the Mac Tir household didn't exist till Maric do Loghain a noble lord. Before that, the Teyrn that Gwaren was a puppet federal government to the Orlesian occupation (and Amaranthine in Highever was the "capitol" that Fereldan in ~ this time) and also before the there is no point out of that ruled Gwaren.

Below the Couslands and Mac Tirs are reduced noble houses, which include the 5 known arlings that Fereldan: Amaranthine, Denerim, Redcliffe, southern Reach, and also West Hills. The arlings kind of sit within the lands of their Teyrns and are left come their own devices, and underneath even the Arls and also Arlessas space the Banns. If you're listed below a Bann, you're a commoner.

First non-spoiler since it's pretty much said out-loud in the beginning story: the future Warden is, regardless of being the younger child, favored to be the following Teyrn of Highever. Climate the totality Origin thing happens and those to plan are put on hold. Rapid forward come the finish of Dragon Age: origins with every one of the hub-bub during the Epilogue and the choices made there. With the ideal dialogue options throughout the game, the adhering to things deserve to happen:

So what we have here is a convolution the events. By my reckoning, the female human Noble have the right to be, simultaneously: Queen of Fereldan, Teyrna of Gwaren, (possibly) Teyrna of Highever, command of the Grey in Fereldan, and Arlessa that Amaranthine. That's like... Michelle Obama if she was also Governor of Texas, governor of California, and also Mayor of brand-new York City.

Oh, and she's likewise the Secretary the Defense, too. That, or the director of the NSA, depending on how you check out the relationship in between the Grey Wardens and the government of Fereldan. Girlfriend might additionally argue that Amaranthine isn't the new York City of Fereldan, however I would also point out the there is both a city Amaranthine and a whole state the Amaranthine, lot like new York to new York City.

The just thing the isn't fully ironed the end is the lordship the Highever. Small Origin story spoiler: Fergus doesn't die in the Howe's strike on lock Cousland. Just his wife and his son. Fergus isn't stated much in one of two people epilogue the the games unless Nathaniel Howe survives Awakening, one of two people by being required to the Siege of Amaranthine or by return to background the Siege of Vigil's Keep. If Nathaniel is left to protect Vigil's Keep however the Warden-Commander conserves the survivors of Amaranthine, then Nathaniel will certainly die. In a solitary epilogue slide, that is claimed that "Nathaniel will certainly dedicate self to the Order and to clearing the blemishes top top his family's name. After conserving Teyrn Fergus Cousland native a bandit attack, a portion of Amaranthine is went back to the Howes."

This is somewhat questioned - nobody of the various other slides cite our pal Teyrn Fergus, and in reality if the on slide doesn't display (via the practically spoiler discussed above), prior to Teyrn Bryce Cousland died, the person Noble Warden was favored to come to be Teyrn. And you recognize what, also if Fergus becomes the Teyrn of Highever, that just means that the Couslands space the single most powerful political family in Fereldan, many thanks in no small part to Elissa's shrewd dealings. As far as my conserve goes, the Mac Tirs are wiped out conserve for Anora, and the Theirins are limited to simply Alistair, The call spoiler: one bastard elf baby and Morrigan spoiler: one bastard demon baby.

And if we're really lucky, 3 Theirins becomes two: it's rumored the Alistair is actually the bastard half-elf baby. Fiona make Maric promise the babe would certainly think his mommy was a human, and Duncan himself promised to watch end the child. Hrm, Duncan you say? You typical the male Alistair considered like a father, alongside Arl Eamon? Yeah, that Duncan..

However, if Alistair is Fiona's son, then Goldanna cannot be his half-sister, since Goldanna is complete human (or at least, we believe...). Goldanna is certainly (probably) no of Theirin blood, and also thus must be related to Alistair v his mother. In order to maintain this fan theory, one of two people (1) Goldanna is not his sister at all, (2) Goldanna is actually the daughter the Maric and also another woman, or (3) Fiona hit increase one an ext dude before leaving Denerim for good.

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Sorry this article looks like a CIA debriefing v all the blacked the end text, but that's a many spoilers throughout three games and two books. Hope you enjoyed the read.