just how to finish Rune-Warded door of Segrummar quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon age Inquisition’s “The Descent” DLC takes football player deep underground come fight the Darkspawn horde and also solve some challenging puzzles.

Dragon age Inquisition The lower Rune-Warded gate of Segrummar quest equipment installation
The descent DLC in Dragon period Inquisition, takes players deep underground come fight the Darkspawn horde and solve some difficult puzzles. One of these puzzles is the “Rune-Warded door of Segrummar” quest, which work players through finding three gears to open up doors and progress.

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The Descent features some memorable side quests, both silly and serious. "The Rune-Warded door of Segrummar" quest starts when the Inquisitor and their party come upon a locked door missing several gears and also blocking the means forward. The gears are all adjacent and simply need to be found and also installed to open the door. This guide will define how to uncover the gears conveniently in Dragon age Inquisition: The Descent, while likewise making progress on number of side quests.

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The first of the 3 gears needed for this pursuit is the easiest and most noticeable to find. It is situated on the ground simply to the right of the gate. Choose all interactable item in Dragon Age: Inquisition, it will have actually an outline and also should it is in pretty hard to miss. That only leaves 2 more, each of which only requires a bit much more legwork to find.

Where to discover The Gears to open up the gate in Dragon age Inquisition: The Descent

Dragon age Inquisition Rune-Warded door of Segrummar room loot
The 2nd gear necessary to complete "The Rune-Warded gate of Segrummar" search in Dragon period Inquisition: The Descent is near by, though acquiring it will call for fighting turn off a couple of Darkspawn. Indigenous the very first gear, players should turn around and head under the hallway come the northwest. They should stick to the right wall, and enter the very first room to the right. ~ a brief fight v some Darkspawn, football player are cost-free to loot the room of every its valuables, consisting of the 2nd gear, which football player can find leaning next to a tomb. That only leaves one more!

Finding the third gear is a simple task. Indigenous the room with the second gear, the party must head ago into the hallway and continue away from the locked door. Castle can ignore the various doorways ~ above their way to the end of the hall and also should look come the left. There will be some fallen rocks by an archway, and that’s wherein the final gear is. Players have the right to then head earlier to the door, i m sorry is now unlockable.

Players will need to insert all three gears right into the locked door. A keep in mind will appear, and also players have the right to pull the bar to open the door and also progress. With that, the “Rune-Warded door of Segrummar” search is complete. Much more Darkspawn, along with more loot, awaits. Farther into the Deep Roads, players can find much more locked doors that require gears to unlock.

While working on "The Rune-Warded gate of Segrummar" search in Dragon period Inquisition: The Descent, there are several side searches to progress. First, after ~ obtaining the 3rd gear, the Inquisitor and their party can discover the room to the southern to find a note forced to complete the “Killing Me Softly” quest. Likewise in this room is a publication that beginning the “Builder’s Towers” side quest, a standard Tower of Hanoi puzzle that have the right to be uncovered in virtually all Bioware RPGs.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is available for PC, playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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