Atrariums are scattered transparent Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition, yet this guide details wherein you can uncover each one and how to solve it.

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Dragon age Inquisition Astrarium

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is a large game! It's the biggest Dragon period entry yet and also with that comes numerous collectibles scattered throughout the maps. Astrariums room one such collectible type — the lore defines that they are relics of a time once Tevinter regulated the land owned in the contemporary age by Ferelden or Orlais.

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You'll need to uncover three on each map and also solve your puzzles prior to you'll get access to a special cavern containing rare loot. To finish an Astrarium, all you need to do is connect all the stars of a constellation without illustration the very same line twice. It deserve to be lot tougher 보다 it sounds. That's why we've assembled this guide to to walk you with the process! Here, you'll find locations and solutions because that every Astrarium in the game.


Peraquialus - Dead ram Grove

Peraquialus - Dead lamb Grove (location ~ above left, equipment on right)
This Astrarium is found in the optimistically named "Dead ram Grove." It's quite easy to uncover since it's close to the Redcliffe ranches Camp in the much northwest.

The Peraquialus constellation is likewise referred to as the "Voyager." It's assumed to be the delivery that carried the old Tevinters (called Neromenians) from overseas to Thedas.

Dragon period Inquisition - Judex - The suburbs (location ~ above left, solution on right)
The Judex Astrarium is discovered quite close come the an initial region you space able to explore in the Hinterlands — just head east! It's close come the cave you'll need to explore for the pursuit "Measuring the Veil."

The constellation chin is likewise referred to together "The sword of Mercy" — words "Judex" supposed "Justice" for ancient Tevinters, and also a sword pointing down was a usual symbol for someone who had actually been discovered guilty.

Draconis - Hafter's Woods

Dragon age Inquisition Astrariums, Draconis - Hafter
The Draconis Astrarium is uncovered in the midwest the the Hinterlands, just throughout the river that cuts v the landscape.

This Astrarium is additionally called "High Dragon" and also is also Tevinter in origin. Tevinters worshipped Dragons as Gods, so it's unexplained that this constellation is just connected with dragon in general and also not a particular God.

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Dragon age Inquisition Astrariums, Servani - an excellent Cave (location ~ above left, solution on right)
One Astarium is discovered in the mountains, overlooking the Cape ~ above the Storm Coast.

The Servani constellation to represent Tevinter slavery, a practice that's outlawed or at least frowned ~ above in most other nations. It supplied to be associated with one of the "Old Gods" of the Tevinter.

Fervenial - Apostate's Landing

The most evident Astrarium location in the Storm coast is ~ above the Cape, where there's a rift to close on the north side.

There are differing opinions about the origins of the Fervenial constellation. When some argue that it's from Tevinter, others think that that originated among the elves as a relenten of Andruil, their Goddess the the Hunt.

The last Astrarium below is a small further south (though no far). It's almost directly south the the Bandit's Outpost in the northeast.

This constellation depicts a beautiful woman and it's fashionable for women in significant or significant positions come be linked with it. However, it most likely originally illustrated an Old God that the Tevinter, Urthemiel.

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You'll must get within the Coracavus ruins to with this Astrarium in the far north of the west Approach.

This is a Tevinter constellation — however a bewildering one. That's since wolves weren't of any repercussion in ancient Tevinter. Because that many, it's proof the Tevinter take it over and renamed elven constellations. These people usually combine this constellation through the elven sharper God, Fen'Harel.

You'll be acquainted with Griffon wing Keep by the moment you've operated your way through the game's main storyline. This Astrarium is found inside.

Toth to be an Old Tevinter God the Fire. The guy aflame, depicted in this constellation, is believed to be among his victims.

Satinalis - Echoback Fort

The Satinalis Astrarium is in the winding paths that cut through the hills of the western Approach.

The constellation is associated with (and called after) the moon (known together "Satina") and also the vacation ("Satinalia"). It depicts the "Celebrant" (a seated person who is performing v a lyre).

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The Eluvia Astrarium in the far south is found just north of wherein you speak to Fairbanks during the search "Fairbanks' Trust."

Eluvia is, according to folklore, a young woman that was being gone after by a lustful and also dangerous mage. To save her, Eluvia's father sent out her right into the sky. The mage eliminated the father in his anger, and so the constellation is likewise known through the name "Sacrifice."

Equinor - Harrow

If you continue southwest past the Chateau Courtyard, where you'll go for the "Deluded Chevalier" quest, friend can discover this Astrarium.

The Equinor is one more constellation whereby a debate takes place around its origins: Tevinter or Elven. Ancient Tevinters had actually a strong connection with horses, but so did the elves with their Halla (a white, horned, horse-like creature).

Solium - Direstone

This final Astrarium is found virtually in the centre of the Emerald graves map. Look for the camp that's right alongside the river and head directly south native there.

Some human being suggest the Solium when represented Elgar'nan, the co-head of the pantheon of elven gods, who was born of the sun. others argue that it originated through the ancient Tevinters because they were fascinated by the sun and also the moon. Either or no of these explanations might be true.

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Frostback Basin

Note: The Frostback basin is a region that's exclusively easily accessible to players who very own the Jaws that Hakkon DLC because that Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Visus - west Riverbank

If you're struggling to uncover the Visus Astrarium, save in mind that it's the farthest south Astrarium on the map and also is quite close to where you'll hang herbs because that the "Beasts at Bay" quest.

The Visus' meaning has adjusted over the years. Originally, for the Alamarri and Cirianne people (ancient human beings who stayed in southern Thedas) it stood for the "Lady that the Skies" watchful eye, i m sorry led them to security in your harsh environment. together Andraste marched to war against Tevinter, though, the definition changed to be the Maker's gaze, no the Lady the the Skies.

Belenas - basin Floor

The Belenas Astrarium is found in the northeast the the Frostback Basin. For recommendation on a map, it's nearly directly south of the Old Temple.

The Belenas constellation to represent a hill of the very same name, in ~ the top of i beg your pardon Korth the Mountain-Father had actually his throne. Avvar legends tell of exactly how young Avvar would certainly attempt come climb up to him and also fail.

The Fulmenos Astrarium have the right to be found directly south the the damages in the north (which girlfriend visit because that the quest "On Ameridan's Trail") and also quite close to the river.

despite it's recognized that the Fulmenos constellation is supposed to stand for lightning gift thrown by a God, nobody is sure which God is act the throwing — though, the Tevinters have actually credited nearly every one of their Old Gods v it, end the years.

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There's a cavern in the eastern of Crestwood v a Wyvern come fight inside (for the search "Wyrm Hole"). Just outside the enntrance gate is whereby you'll uncover this Astrarium.

Known under the common name of "Chaos," scholars speculate that this constellation to represent Zazikel, one Old Tevinter God.

This Astrarium is directly south of the Kios Astrarium, in the levels of Crestwood.

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The constellation is recognized to depict Duman, the Old Tevinter God of Silence, however there is an argument about what precisely it watch like. A man with a horn and a wand? A dragon? possibly it's no Tevinter in beginning at all, and actually depicts Mythal, an elven goddess who co-headed their pantheon? It's unclear.

Tenebrium - east Hills/The Flats

The critical Astrarium in this region is found on the Cape, straight west of Crestwood Village.

This constellation is another that's assumed to have originated among elves, and then was renamed and supplanted by Tevinter. That's since it supposedly to represent Lusacan, one Old God associated with darkness, but the Old Gods to be usually represented by dragons, not owls.