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Doug Dimmadome is a fictional cartoon personality from the TV show The reasonably Oddparents and is normally accompanied by his above catchphrase “The name"s Doug Dimmadome, owner the the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!" In memes, the is often used alongside referrals to his quote, i m sorry is typically seen as a form of copypasta, and linking his photo to real-world civilization who re-superstructure his likeness. That is likewise commonly referenced with his ridiculously tall “ten-gallon” cowboy hat, viewed in an item labeling macro format.


Doug Dimmadome very first appeared in the Nickelodeon show The fairly Oddparents, specifically season two, episode 18 titled, "Nectar the the Odds" the premiered ~ above September 13, 2002, in the united States<1>. In the episode, Timmy Turner attempts to market lemonade in bespeak to acquisition tickets to watch “Crash Nebula on Ice,” but discovers his lemonade tastes horrible and also doesn’t market well. Ultimately he learns that Cosmo"s sweat makes the drink taste better, so he adds it together a mystery ingredient. Since Cosmo is a fairy however, his sweat has magical properties, resulting in the lemonade to provide the wishes of those who drink it.

In the clip (shown below) wherein Doug appears, Timmy has just wished everything ago to normal, giving up every his money native the lemonade sales. One of the youngsters who escaped from Vicky"s secret lemonade manufacturing facility emerges and begs for something come drink. Timmy then offers up the last little bit of miracle lemonade to him, and upon drinking it, he wishes that his father was here. Suddenly, Doug Dimmadome traction up in a car and it’s revealed that the boy was actually Dale Dimmadome, Doug Dimmadome"s lengthy lost son.


Doug Dimmadome and his likeness have been supplied in numerous memes over the years in a vast array the formats. Among the oldest provides comes in the type of Dimma-Posting <2>, which requires posting parodies the the speech online. His decided mannerisms are well-known for excessive use of the prefix "Dimma" that civilization use in various posts (one instance seen below). This meme started trending in November 2011, on social networking web page such as Tumblr and also Twitter.


On TikTok<3>, user ImpulseLifestyle have the right to be checked out recreating Doug Dimmadome’s picture as a costume (shown below) prior to he heads right into a regional Burger King and orders food. His video received end 1.8 million likes and also 5,000 comments.


Doug Dimadome simply blew in come town. Come earlier tomorrow as we add to the hat #nocap #afterthefunction #wintervacay #normalisboring

♬ Doug dimmadome but good – changqi.jpeg

From there, the video clip spread to Reddit<4> whereby it finished up ~ above the r/TikTokCringe sub, uploaded by Redditor gentlerain ~ above February 17th, 2020. Shortly thereafter, stills indigenous the video were turned into a meme layout on February 18th, 2020, very first uploaded to the r/MemeEconomy sub by Redditor<5> TaksLongshot02 and also then come the r/MemeTemplatesOfficial below by Redditor<6> earsforyou107, wherein it to be upvoted end 9,000 times.

The meme climate saw usage on the r/dankmemes sub once Redditor<7> sponge_hitler posted a version (seen below), receiving end 35,000 likes and 172 comments.

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A type of Doug’s catchphrase have the right to be viewed being used as a copypasta (quoted below) top top Reddit<8>, uploaded by Redditor Sci_Senkra top top February 18th, 2020. This write-up uploaded to the r/copypasta below was upvoted over 6,000 times and also spread around the platform quickly after.

My surname is Dummsdaledimmadaledimmadimsdomedudidome Dimsdimmadimmadome, owner that the Duhdimmsdimmadaledimmadimmsdome Dudiduhdimmsdaledimma Dimmsdale Dimmadome! give thanks to you because that locating mine long-lost son, Dale Dummadomedimmsmadomedimmadomedimmsdaledudimmadomedougsdaledimmadome, heir to the Dimmsmadomedimmsdomedimmadaledaledimmadoodougdimmadimmsdomedaledome fortune! If there’s anything i can ever before do come repay girlfriend for your kindness, all you must do is ask