The common survival mode simply doesn’t do it for you anymore? You want to freckles it up a tiny bit? Well, good thing there is the Adventure Mode! the is a collection of 5 different civilizations that have actually all type of tricks up their sleeves.
BY: Jenna S.

10. Wendy

Best usage – she sister AbigailDisadvantage – can not hit the hardStats: health and wellness – 150, Hunger – 150, Sanity – 200 Damage modifier: 0.75xSanity modifier: -0.75x

Wendy is no a character ns would select for my an individual playthroughs because she is an ext of a passive player and also I favor the energetic gameplay. She sister is a good use because that fighting mobs, such as spiders and bees, and also can also be a good distraction to pass with the Guardian pigs. The is pretty lot it. Her reduced sanity loss have the right to be advantageous especially throughout the fifth chapter, Darkness. Her best disadvantage is the she has actually a 25% damage reduction make her among the worst personalities for combat. That have the right to be tricky if fighting MacTusk and his hounds, as you have actually to deal with them pretty quickly – and taking an ext hits to death them doesn’t help at all. Overall, Wendy isn’t the best an option and, in mine opinion, has to take this 10th place.

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Best usage – Mighty StateDisadvantage – fear from monsters and the darkStats: wellness – 150 to 300, Hunger – 300, Sanity – 200Damage modifier: 0.5x to 2xSanity modifier: -1.1xSpeed modifier: 0.9x to 1.25x

His starting type is his constant form. He has actually 200 health and also will remain in this type while his hunger is between 100 and also 225. His stronger kind is his Mighty form, which will certainly be caused after his hunger over 225 points. His maximum wellness will walk from 200 to 300, his damages will increase between 1.25x to 2x and he will also receive a 25% activity speed boost. However, thus state, his hunger will decrease quicker than in the regular state. The 3rd and last state is Wolfgang’s Wimpy State, which wake up on 100 hunger and less. His maximum health and wellness goes down to 150 and his motion speed reduce by 10%. His damage will be 0.75x to 0.5x, depending upon hunger.Honestly, I can be biased on this, due to the fact that I nothing really prefer Wolfgang that much but him being afraid the monsters and also dark is going come make problems along the way. His Mighty state requires more food and the Adventure setting kinda lacks it. And it’s simply not the worth that in my opinion. Yes, he deals more damage in his Mighty State than all the other characters, but you’re not handling any large mobs and also a ham bat or a tentacle spike will certainly do.

8. Woodie


Best usage – Werebeaver, and also LucyDisadvantage – turning back to Woodie ~ the Werebeaver formStats: health and wellness – 150, Hunger – 150, Sanity – 200Damage modifier together Werebeaver: +41 and 20% armorSpeed modifier as Werebeaver: 1.1x

Woodie have the right to be pretty advantageous for gathering logs as he has Lucy, his trustworthy axe. He have the right to turn right into Werebeaver after ~ hitting trees v an axe because that too long in a short period of time, or throughout a complete moon. While transforming into his cursed state, that drops every little thing from his inventory, because Werebeaver no have accessibility to it in ~ all. The hunger meter will certainly disappear and also will be changed by the Beaverness meter. It has actually a value of 100, and it will degeneration at a rate of 2 points every 2.5 seconds. Damages taken through the Werebeaver will additionally decrease the Beaverness meter. To keep the Werebeaver up and also running, you have to consume logs, grass, and anything pertained to that, life logs being the ideal out of all, offering 50 points. The Werebeaver have the right to chop trees, dig, mine, demolish structures and fight mobs. Once fighting, he deals 51 damage, which is nice decent. He has night vision and he is excellent at looking for the Things since he is immune to rain and also winter. It can not be every rainbows and also sunshine, the course, that is why, if you readjust back to Woodie, her sanity and health will certainly be significantly low, and you space again breakable to winter, rain, and also heat. So, if you don’t turn ago into Woodie in one adequate place with an excellent resources, you might die. 

7. Wigfrid


Best use – her fighting skillsDisadvantage – have the right to only eat meatStats: health and wellness – 200, Hunger – 120, Sanity – 120Damage modifier – 1.25x (caused), 0.75x (taken)

Wigfrid transaction 25% extra damages to the mobs, and by death them she receives sanity and health. She spawns the consistent with her fight Spear and Battle Helmet which are both decent because that combat, especially if her generated people lacks resources. Her only disadvantage throughout adventure mode can be her hunger for meat. The adventure mode has actually some meat options, mainly Tallbirds, occasionally Beefalos and Pigs. Gift a carnivore, she cannot eat mushrooms, therefore the sanity can’t be easily controlled. Girlfriend need great sanity control since some passages in the Adventure setting require low sanity come pass, some of them require higher sanity. She gains sanity easily, once fighting mobs, however, losing sanity won’t be the easy, uneven you invest some time in the darkness, maybe.

6. Willow


Best usage – her lighterDisadvantage – Insanity firesStats: wellness – 150, Hunger – 150, Sanity – 120Sanity modifier: approximately +10/min per nearby fire

Willow is not my best choice when it comes to Survival mode, yet when it comes to Adventure mode, she deserve to be nice good. She spawns v her very own portable light source, Willow’s Lighter. It has infinite uses and also is similar to a torch. Also though it’s not as great as a Miner’s Hat, it doesn’t require any type of fuel, and also it does spawn with Willow, so that is taken into consideration a great advantage, especially during the Darkness level. Girlfriend can additionally cook her food top top it, and also therefore no require for unnecessary campfires. Her sanity control is pretty much a piece of cake since she deserve to eat mushroom to lower it and also light fire to get it. She is likewise immune come fire damage and therefore can obtain warm easily during winter. The only thing you must be careful around is her “insanity fires”. When Willow drops come 60 sanity and below, she will randomly irradiate something top top fire. This can cause your basic to burn down. Use Willow for a quick search the The Things and also moving fast from one level come another. 

5. Maxwell (*SPOILER ALERT*)


Best usage – Codex Umbra, shadow armor, Dark SwordDisadvantage – short HealthStats: health and wellness – 75, Hunger – 150, Sanity – 200Sanity full - +20/min

Okay, let’s say you perfect the Adventure setting once, obviously, your following best an option is Maxwell himself. That enters the constant with his own armor and also weapon, and also his book, Codex Umbra, in addition to 4 Nightmare fuel and a violet gem. Ns think nobody else spawns with that countless items together Maxwell. He has actually a sanity rebirth of 20 points per minute, and also the Dark Sword is one of the strongest tools in the entirety game. The is overall a very strong character. He can spawn his other shadows indigenous the Codex Umbra and they can assist him conference resources. The biggest disadvantage is his low health. With just 75 points, you really have to be cautious not to it is in hit, as also one struggle by a mob have the right to be life-threatening.

4. Wickerbottom


Best use – her knowledgeDisadvantage – Can"t sleepStats: health – 150, Hunger – 150, Sanity – 250

Wickerbottom is an great character because she doesn’t require a Science maker to prototype items. This will come in comfortable in the early gameplay because you deserve to craft various tools and armor, and even winter items. Wickerbottom’s downside is that she suffers native insomnia and also therefore can not sleep at all. So execute not garbage your resources for do tents or sleeping rolls. Her other downside is the she can not eat spoiled food as it will drastically drain her sanity. Adventure mode should be pretty quick, so there is no need for resting anyways, and also as you progress through the world, you will certainly be cooking and also eating food top top the go. Therefore, she disadvantages are not that drastic. 

3. Wilson


Best use – His BeardDisadvantage – no one reallyStats: health and wellness – 150, Hunger – 150, Sanity – 200

Wilson’s beard is just one of the finest when it pertains to insulation in Winter, and since there are levels wherein there is mainly winter or also levels whereby it’s only winter every the time, Wilson is one of the finest characters to usage in the Adventure mode. He has actually no disadvantages other than not having much more advantages 보다 his beard. However honestly, it’s enough for a pretty much vanilla adventure mode, through no extra excitement and also no extra concerns apart native the people you currently have. Using Wilson in Adventure Mode and also facing Maxwell in ~ the end is fairly poetic due to the fact that he is the main protagonist ~ all.

2. Webber

Best usage – deserve to befriend spiders, can eat monster meatDisadvantage – mobs hostile to spiders, are hostile come Webber tooStats: wellness – 175, Hunger – 175, Sanity – 100

Webber has actually an illustration of a spider, and also therefore, spiders room neutral towards him and can it is in befriended. This is really advantageous due to the fact that most that the levels are full of spiders. The is also useful because that farming silk because that a peak Hat, or farming spider glands for wellness gain. Optimal Hat is a good Sanity an increase if the Tam o’ Shanter can not be obtained. Gift a monster, he can eat monster meat, and also there is a most that in the adventure mode. One of his defect is the all the mobs who are hostile towards the spiders are likewise hostile to Webber. But, let’s be real, whatever in Adventure mode is the end to acquire you, therefore this is not that big of a deal. An additional disadvantage is his short Sanity i beg your pardon is pretty annoying due to the fact that you will have actually to resolve Shadow Creatures many of the time.

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1. WX78

Best usage – upgradable via gears, system overloadDisadvantage – rain damageStats: wellness – 100 to 400, Hunger – 100 come 200, Sanity – 100 to 300Speed modifier – 1x come 1.5x

WX78 is a mediocre character, if not upgraded. If you use 15 gears, WX78 will certainly reach his maximum upgrade and will have actually 400 health, 200 hunger, and also 300 sanity. That provides his stats the highest out of any type of other character, and we all recognize that gears room not an problem in the Adventure Mode. Of course, the can likewise eat them anytime the is hungry, insane or his health is low, in addition to the various other food. He have the right to eat even spoiled food v no downsides, however, this walk not apply to food that generally lowers your stats, like Monster Meat, because that example. His biggest disadvantage is his damages during rain. However, if to win by lightning, that goes right into System Overload, and with that, his motion is raised by 50%, he emits light and also he is immune come freezing. This renders WX78 the OG of Adventure Mode, placing him in 1st place.