The Dog Cat & Bird Clinic that Nutley is a full-service animal hospital. We proudly serveNutley,Belleville,Clifton, Bloomfield, Lyndhurst and surrounding areas.Our employee of certified vets is specialized to providing the greatest quality medical care to fulfill your pet"s needs. Many importantly, we treatment for your dogs, cats, pets birds, tiny exotic mammals, and also reptiles together if they were our own. Favor those who visit us, us share one abiding love because that animals. We carry out each of our patients v the exact same high-quality treatment we would recommend because that our own pets. Us have devoted our professional careers come seeing the life"s important animal companions room treated with the treatment they deserve.

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Our History

Dr. Louis J. Crupi founded the Dog, Cat and also Bird Clinic of Nutley on February 20, 1988 at our original location on Passaic way in Nutley, NJ. The hospital began as a one-doctor exercise with just a couple of employees, yet soon prospered to fulfill the area"s demand for a reliable, experienced veterinary caretaker for family members pets.Expanding into our present facility, best down the road at 324 Passaic Avenue, the clinic is currently a multi-doctor exercise with over 15 active support staff of technicians, client care representatives, and also kennel attendants.The caring veterinarians and staffof The Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic have actually been working hard to far better serve the better North Jersey area for over 30 years, with an developed reputation for providing quality care and compassion for our patients, clients, and also the bordering community.We offer complete pet servicesincluding pets wellness, pet diagnostics, and also veterinary surgery, our knowledgeable staff job-related to offer every dog, cat, bird, rabbit, reptile and pocketpetin our community the attentive and also compassionate care they deserve.
Late/Canceled/Missed appointment PolicyAt the Dog, Cat and Bird Clinic that Nutley, we aim to carry out the best feasible care to our clients and patients. In order to execute so, as of January 1st, 2020 we are an altering our scheduling policies. Due to the fact that our visits room by appointment only, us feel the is vital to save appointments running on schedule come respect everyone’s time and also prioritize patient care. Brand-new clients to our hospital will be inquiry to provide a credit card to host their meeting time. Late appointments: If you are late for an appointment, (“late” is arriving 9 minutes or more after her 20 minute meeting slot was booked for) you have actually two options: you have the right to reschedule the appointment or you deserve to wait for the next obtainable appointment the day if over there is one available.Missing one appointment: us will call you to repeat you of your appointment 1-2 days prior to your appointment. However, you room still responsible for keeping your appointment time also if us cannot with you. If girlfriend fail to present up because that a reserved appointment and do not call 24 hours in development to cancel it, you will certainly be fee a “no show” fee of $79.50 (office visit/examination fee).Cancellations: we do know that occasionally situations come up that are beyond your control. In those instances, us request the you extend us the courtesy of a 24-hour notification of cancellation. We will certainly charge $79.50 (office visit/examination fee) because that a to let go appointment and also cancellations received less than 24 hrs prior to appointment time, other than for situations of emergency.

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