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"Triple D" fans have made websites through updated restaurant guides. Food Network

Fans of the show developed a website with all areas Fieri has actually visited on "Triple D." The creators the the website update it weekly, for this reason you have the right to stay up-to-date ~ above the latest from Fieri.

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Not only does the website categorize the places by city, state, cuisine, and food type, but additionally you deserve to use it to arrangement a roadway trip.

There"s likewise another fan-run site referred to as FlavortownUSA, which help to organize the stop on "Triple D."


male Fieri's signature red Camaro is transport to each destination on "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." He's no actually driving it. Food Network

Throughout the opened of a "Triple D" episode, you"ll view Fieri drive his signature 1968 Chevy Camaro SS come the following city top top his list. However Fieri doesn"t actually road trip throughout the country in the souped-up convertible.

The Camaro is shipped on a trailer to each city the the show films in, and also Fieri supposedly doesn"t drive in that — he"s just filmed opening and also closing the auto door.


guy Fieri has documented his findings. Amazon

Over the years, Fieri has published three publications related to the show: "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: an All-American Road pilgrimage … v Recipes!," "More Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: an additional Drop-Top cooking Cruise with America"s Finest and also Funkiest," and also "Diners, Drive-Ins, and also Dives: The Funky find in Flavortown: America"s classic Joints and Killer comfort Food."

All of the books highlight restaurants Fieri has actually visited v the show, and some descriptions even come through the recipes because that his favourite findings.


man Fieri and also Kid absent on "Triple D." Food Network

Many famous deals with have joined Fieri throughout "Triple D," including Adam Sandler, chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Gene Simmons, boy Rock, Matthew McConaughey, and his girlfriend Steve Harwell native the band Smashmouth.

male Fieri on "Food Network Star." Food Network

"Diners, Drive-Ins, and also Dives" came around after Fieri winner season two of "Food Network Star."

According come a 2007 interview through Reuters, when he was on board v "Triple D," it take it him and the crew 21 days to movie the pilot episode. Luckily every that occupational paid off since the present was a hit and still is 32 periods later.

the isn't a rapid in and out to movie this show. Food Network

Restaurant owners have to sacrifice a most time to the present both prior to filming (for call interviews and meetings) and during the yes, really filming for the show.

Ted Casper, the co-owner the Casper and also Runyon"s Nook in St. Paul, Minnesota, told twin City Businessthat filming took two days in ~ his restaurant. During that time, the show filmed both B-roll the the restaurant and also the actual footage of Fieri cooking the dishes through the chef.

guy Fieri can obtain pretty excited about food. Food Network

Half the allure of watching the show is to see what male will say. Here are just a few of his famed catchphrases:

"If the was an "80s rock star, it"d it is in Naan Jovi""I think if I placed that ~ above a flip flop it would certainly taste good""That"s a warm Frisbee that fun""It"s acquired whiz-bang wow in there""The flavor jets are turned top top — you have the right to hear them?""Hello, Flavortown? mine pig meter"s going off""We"re speak the bus to Flavortown""Funkalicious"
guy Fieri is recognized to share the tips he's learned follow me the way. Food Network

Not every meal on the show is walk to be a hit, and Fieri is kind sufficient to help out the owners and chefs by providing some tips.

Fieri told Brian Koppelman ~ above the podcast "The minute with Brian Koppelman" in 2018, that he do the efforts to aid out the chefs if the doesn"t love a dish.

"I don"t have any problem — i mean, I"ve cooked every this ingredient six means to Sunday. I"ve been around forever act this, therefore I understand where they"re going to miss it. And, I"m no there come tell them exactly how to change their restaurant — that"s no my job," that said.

He continued, "That"s no what my present is all about. Yet if they ever before ask, I constantly want to sell advice to them if ns can, and assist them out. Ns mean, together we all do as chefs, we all assistance one another, and we all shot to assist each various other grow."

Businesses deserve to become an ext popular ~ the show. The Food Network

Since the display is therefore popular, it provides sense that fans would want to check out Fieri"s picks.

Producers phone call the owner of the restaurants that popularity and also profits were going to easily increase, but many owner don"t realize exactly how much the payoff is going to be.

Josh Thoma, founder the the casual seafood restaurant Smack Shack that was featured on "Triple D," told twin Cities business that his client numbers and sales enhanced 500% ~ the illustration aired.

The present doesn't cover the expense of the ingredient used throughout filming. Food Network

Eric Goerdt, owner of north Waters Smokehaus in Duluth, Minnesota, told pair Cities business in 2015 that showing up on an episode of "Triple D" cost him around $15,000 in ingredient and also cleaning costs.

Thoma additionally said in the same short article that he had to close Smack Shack for 4 days and that the episode expense his company an estimated $12,000 come film.

It"s a pretty huge investment considering the episode could not air for as much as a year, however many restaurants check out a huge increase in sales after it does.

Fieri doesn't favor to talk to the chefs beforehand because he wants every little thing on the present to be authentic.

guy Fieri tries to wait until he's on camera to talk to the chefs. Food Network

The show"s executive, management producer, candid Matson, told world in 2019 that Fieri doesn"t choose to make small talk with the restaurant owners before they begin filming the episode.

"That"s an extremely important due to the fact that they"re having a genuine, organic minute of meeting each various other for the first time," the said.

According to a Food Network newspaper articletitled "Diners Declassified: Behind the scene with man Fieri," this deserve to make Fieri it seems to be ~ standoffish at first. Yet it"s only due to the fact that he wants every little thing to come throughout authentically ~ above camera.

guy Fieri is involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish-America/Facebook

Fieri said Delish in 2018 that he invites Make-A-Wish candidates and also their family members to every one of his tapings for the Food Network.

The Make-A-Wish structure is a nonprofit the helps minors with critical illnesses endure life-changing moments.

"I know what the family is walking through, to some degree," he said. "I understand that heartache and I watch that, and if there"s noþeles I can do to aid enlighten or empower those kids, I want to do it."

In an attempt to balance out every one of the food he eats on the show, Fieri bring a juicer top top the road with him.

male Fieri stated he tries come balance his diet while filming. Ethan fearbut /GettyImages

Fieri test out some high-calorie bowl on the show, therefore in order to save a more balanced diet, the starts each filming day with freshly squeezed juice, he told world in the 2019 interview.

"I usually exercise prior to work. Then ns drink a large vegetable and also fruit juice — we bring a juicer top top the road," that said. "I make everybody drink it because I understand the immunity, and what the body requirements when everybody"s top top the road, and working stunner hours."

But juicing isn"t simply for his personal health. A filming job usually is composed of trying 2 dishes at every of the three places he visits, therefore he said starting the job on a lighter keep in mind helps to store his palate clear.

He continued, "If friend eat as well much, and you gain too lot in her mouth, girlfriend overload your palate, friend desensitize it. I don"t wanna carry out that."

male Fieri makes the final call on every the restaurants. Food Network

After the production team compiles and vets a list of restaurant candidates for the next season that the show, Fieri personally choose which people they"ll visit.

In the exact same Food Network newspaper article, Fieri stated he looks for specific things native a potential restaurant.

""Triple D" is all around three things," the said. "Food, story, and character. Us shine a irradiate on locations like this, which room run by human being who love the very same kind that food i love."

He likewise handpicks every dish that gets featured on the episode. Matson told human being in 2019, "Guy will spot a distinct ingredient or a means of preparing a food that"s different and also chooses that."

man Fieri stated he doesn't favor eggs. Dmitry Galaganov/Shutterstock

Fieri has actually tried some amazing dishes throughout the years, but even a experienced restaurateur deserve to be a tiny picky sometimes.

He told human being that the doesn"t prefer liver or eggs, therefore viewers aren"t likely to see countless of those dishes featured ~ above the show.

"Liver is nasty," the said. And, that explained, he"ll only eat eggs prepared in particular ways: "I eat them in dressings however sunny-side up, over-easy or scrambled? No, say thanks to you."

guy Fieri was awarded a Hollywood walk of reputation star in 2019. Paul Archuleta / Stringer/Getty

In 2019, Fieri was awarded a star ~ above the Hollywood go of Fame because that his job-related on the Food Network.

He"s just the 3rd food personality to get one, behind Bobby Flay in 2015 and also Wolfgang Puck in 2017, follow to The Mercury News.

His friend, gibbs Matthew McConaughey, gave a speech at the event saying, "In a organization where you deserve to be anyone you want to be, you"ve been you the totality time. That ain"t easy. Congratulations."

Fieri made certain to thank all his fans, the residents of "Flavortown," as well as everyone who has actually made his career possible.

If you're wondering if Fieri has been come the restaurant you're dining at, simply look because that his spray-painted head.

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male Fieri pipeline his note on the restaurant he access time on the show. Fiona Clair because that

After he"s finished filming at a restaurant, Fieri leaves his note by spray-painting a large picture that his challenge to be held on the wall — frosted tips, goatee, and huge sunglasses included.