Ive tried the challenge numerous times yet just cant gain past it, my current battle team v it is dynasmon, armageddemon, and also alphamon ouryuken, all level 99. My reserve has omnimon, Omnimon zwart, tyrantkabuterimon, gallentmon CM, kentaurosmon, and also gankoomon. Any kind of tips ~ above the order i need to take them out in? edit: ns DID IT! thanks for the reminder on sistermon b awakened, the really was my savior.

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Using royal knights yourself isn't that great because that the the opposite alpha's support skill (Increases damages to imperial Knights through 50%). So that f*cks you increase royally.

Grab part non-royal piercers, probably Sistermon Blanc (awakened) and also whittle them under to a reality killing range before you end up them turn off or you'll end up v 1 hyper buffed adversary that oneshots anything.

Theres actually a method to make use of the AI in Great an obstacle 7 similar to you deserve to do because that Great challenge 2. The AI for some reason turns really stupid if you knock its HP under low. For part reason instead of going for killing blows it will spam protective Inherited skills to perserve itself.

Kill Alphamon an initial in one go. That the squishest that the 3 imperial Knights in this fight. Ideally a Data Piercer or someone with Character Reversal add to a really strong Virus piercer together a follow up space two paths to kill him in one go. That must leave your third Digimon tho able to attack.

If girlfriend opt for an offensive approach, a really strong AOE attack to knock castle to roughly 60 percent chandelier do. If girlfriend opt for Sistermon Blanc (Awakened) friend use defend Wave (Awakened) then usage the other two Digimon to little down the 2 staying Royal Knights to around 60 percent your following go.

Now the factor you do this is because the AI goes complete panic and also starts to do really dumb stuff. Contrasted to the start of the fight wherein they one shot you, they'll spam buffs. In Omegamons case he'll put on a respond to effect every so often and in Dukemon's instance he will sometimes use Burst flame 3 for pitiful damage.

Take benefit of this! they buff? friend buff. Repeat and heal till everybody is maxed out then proceed to death Omegamon.

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I cannot stress and anxiety this enough if girlfriend somehow mess up and kill Dukemon rather of Omegamon 2nd...kiss the effort goodbye. This will enable Omegamon come use last Holy Knight providing him 10 million turns to Transcendent sword AOE everybody to death.