What are the Differences between East coastline Swing vs West shore Swing?

Students frequently visit the run studio requesting to learn just how to totter dance. However, they are usually unfamiliar through the different species and layouts of swing, especially which ones would be most perfect for them. In this blog ns will comment on the features of east coast swing vs west shore swing, and the basic differences between, the two many popular species of swing dance in the united States and also around the world: East coastline Swing and West coastline Swing.

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You have the right to see the basic West coast Swing Steps here or the starting person East coast Swing actions here

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East shore vs West coast – Let’s talk music!

One of the biggest distinctions in east coastline swing vs west shore swing is the music. Every swing music has actually a 4/4-time signature. Both species of swing, eastern Coast and also West Coast, re-superstructure the same simple six-count timing, namely: whole beat, whole beat, triple step, triple step. Or, analyzed into number counts: 1, 2, 3-and-4, 5-and-6. Yet the speed and also feel of the music is various for each dance!

East coastline Swing Music

East coastline Swing music is typically identified by large band, quick blues, or rock and roll. Additionally, today’s modern-day American Rhythm style of East coast Swing is often danced come upbeat, energetic pop music. East coast Swing music often tends to be much faster and also livelier than its counterpart, West coast Swing. East coastline is normally danced in ~ a speed selection of in between 136 come 144 beats every minute, or bpm. When students speak they want to learn how to jitterbug, or rock and also roll, or carry out the exact same dance they witnessed on the TV show “Dancing through the Stars,” your intention is to learn East coast Swing. Below is space some classic east coastline swing songs.

West coast Swing Music

West coast Swing has acquired in popularity partly due to the fact that it can be danced to a wide variety of music genres, including: slow and fast blues, contemporary, hip-hop, pop, top 40’s, and country. Speeds of music for this kind of swing vary greatly but will typically fall between 90 to 120 beats every minute, or bpm. Among the main functions of West coast Swing is that dancers space highly urged to emphasize and also dance interpretively come the music. Musicality is a significant factor in win West coastline Swing run contests. This have the right to be achieved by acting the end the lyrics of the songs, “hitting the breaks” in the music with suitable matching moves, and also matching body activities to the sound of the beats. The West coastline Swing dancer requirements to it is in a chameleon of sorts by an altering attitudes to enhance the layout of music…from sensual & seductive to hip-hop, or from modern-day to blues.

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East shore Swing an easy Steps

East coast Swing is more of a rotational dance while West coast Swing is a slotted dance. Once performed socially, both are frequently danced in one small area. Yet in competitions or display dances they can cover the whole dance floor.

The primary aspects of the East shore Swing simple are rock steps and triple procedures danced together a chasse. East shore Swing is characterized by bounce, rise and also fall, or lilt. It is emphasized through high-energy flicks and kicks of the legs and also feet, to add a pendulum hip swing. Lifting of the knees between the measures is encouraged and also demonstrates the high power of the music. Learn the EC Swing run Basics!

West coast Swing basic Steps

Standard elements of the West shore Swing basics space walk, walk, triple step, triple step. The last triple action of each pattern is referred to as the Anchor Step. West coastline Swing is a smooth dance with solid emphasis on connection with her partner, musicality, and also footwork.

Both East coast Swing and West coast Swing are fun and also social dances the are commonly seen at weddings, parties, and bars. I extremely recommend do the efforts both types! i m sorry is her favorite and why? leaving a comment below. 

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Watch our video on the distinctions of ECS vs WCS

Want to watch a little of the distinctions of the two dance styles. Us did a renowned 5 min video clip on our youtube channel that you could enjoy. It’s an older video but it will provide you a quick overview the the differences between east shore swing and also west coastline swing.

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Swing dance History

Wanna find out a bit an ext about swing dance history? just how did west coast swing evolve from lindy hop and also where walk east coastline swing fit into the story. We will talk you believed a bit of the story inside this video.