The exotic hand cannon, Thorn, is back in Destiny Year 3. Here"s the complete guide on exactly how to earn the well known weapon, which will certainly be familiar to those that did it in Year 1.

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The exotic hand cannon, Thorn, is back in Destiny Year 3. Here"s the complete guide on just how to earn the well known weapon, which will be familiar to those who did the in Year 1.

Destiny: increase of Iron is official out and also that way that fans are chasing down the expansions secrets and also loot, particularly exotics. Among those exotics is Thorn, which has returned in Year 3 at existing Light levels.

In what seems to it is in an elusive quest, fans space still looking for just how to get your hands on the weapon the ruled Destiny"s an initial year that Crucible and Trials the Osiris play. Right here is a guide on just how to earn Thorn.

With Bungie"s emphasis on nostalgia in increase of Iron, it appears they want players to go through a very similar version that the quest that caused Thorn in Year 1.

The journey starts through an exotic weapon quest that drops randomly when transforming in bounties. Once the quest is obtained, step 1 is "Echoes the Darkness." To complete this step, play and also complete the new Wretched Eye Strike.

~ that, action 2, "Harvest of the Lesser," will certainly take football player to the Plaguelands to death Fallen. After ~ killing around 500 enemies, the next step will commence.

action 3 is the one that countless players despised in the Year 1 variation of this quest. "Feast ~ above the Light" difficulties players with acquiring kills in the Crucible using Void damage. Go into the Crucible with a Void-based subclass and also any Void weapons. Use those weapons and abilities as lot as feasible to obtain kills. To finish this step, 150 kills are needed. It has actually yet come be experiment of this can be perfect in exclusive Matches. If so, it might make this significantly easier.

After that step, players will only must consume 5 Motes of irradiate to complete the following one. Simple enough.

The last step requires players to uncover a Skelton vital and open up the win Hoard chest at the end of The Abomination Heist strike, a beefed up version of The Summoning Pits strike that made up the last step that the Year 1 version of this quest. Because that those in need of a Skeleton Key, one is awarded native the quest "None are Perfect".

after that, Thorn will certainly be bonus to the player.

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Destiny: increase of Iron is currently available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.