Bite of the fox is in the loot pool, it simply never drops. My friends/clan and also I linked have turn in about 4000 steel banner tokens with not a solitary bite that the fox dropping this season. They execute drop yet it’s at together a low rate it renders absolutely zero sense.

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Why execute orewing’s maul, bright sphere, fools remedy, and also the forward path all drop but bite of the fox doesn’t? all of these weapons were introduced/reissued in arrivals however bite the the fox and also swarm of the crow (but I’m no going to emphasis on that together we have sufficient power gls) space the only ones right dropping. And it isn’t the reality that bite of the fox to be reissued since so was orewings and shining sphere but those room dropping at a significantly greater rate.

What renders it worse is that at this time we room absolutely doing not have in the kinetic special weapon department and also bite of the fox and reintroducing eye of sol to the loot swimming pool would assist remedy this issue.

Kinetic (legendary) special weapon choices that space dropping right currently (at a reasonable rate) include: heritage, blasphemer, toil and trouble, astral horizon (without QuickDraw), succession, lengthy shadow, and also supremacy. 7 total.

Currently there space 3 kinetic snipers in the loot pool: long shadow, succession, supremacy. Together opposed to 8 power sniper rifles: apostate, adored, far future, frozen orbit, widows bite, far-off tumulus, ikelos sniperv2, and omniscient eye.

There are more energy snipers than one-of-a-kind kinetic tools in total! Right now we need bite the the fox to drop an ext than ever.

Sniper breakdown (my opinions add to stats)


Pros: aggressive frame, yes, really pretty good stats, is at this time dropping, god roll is moving target snapshot.

Cons: worse stats than frozen orbit, must finish deep stone crypt (requires beyond light), no QuickDraw, and has 50 zoom.

Overall: probably worse 보다 frozen orbit however not bad. It’s all we have obtained though.


Pros: really good stats, is right now dropping, greatest aim aid stat in the game, 40 zoom. God role is picture + kill clip/rampage.

Cons: needs last wish, odds of gaining one through a an excellent roll is quite low, poor range, 140 rpm.

Overall: most likely the finest 140 rpm sniper in the game. The being said 140s are simply not as an excellent as the other two archetypes the snipers. Much better than distant tumulus, ikelos, widows bite, apostate. Probably equivalent if not slightly much better than omniscient eye.

Long shadow:

Pros: adaptive frame, clean sights, nice sound (maybe?)

Cons: 50 zoom at the minimum, poor aim assist, worse stats in almost every metric when contrasted to adored and eye the sol, contempt worse stats than much future however significantly worse rolls. May take a while to acquire a great one because it is a civilization drop with a fairly big perk pool.

God roll: photo moving target +atc/ata scout/Rex. On most snipers this is a great roll but long shadow needs this roll. Relocating target put the aim help stat as much as 69 (59 base) i m sorry is barely over default eye that sol and also adored (68).

Overall: no good. It feels decent however a QuickDraw opening shot far future, a default adored, and also any eye of sol with picture is better in virtually every way. It’s every we have actually though.

Kinetic snipers the aren’t dropping

Eye of sol

Pros: 45 zoom, high target assist, great range, an excellent rolls, ideal stats (tied through adored) on any kind of adaptive framework sniper. God role is photo opening shot. The can also roll with snapshot box breathing/vorpal because that shutting down supers.

Cons: the scope is a little huge and some world don’t favor it. You need to do trials because that it. Oh and also the reality that you can’t freaking obtain it anymore

Overall: In mine opinion, this is the most versatile and best sniper in the video game with photo opening shot, but you might argue for much future with QuickDraw opened shot despite it having actually worse stats.

Bite the the fox:

Pros: aggressive structure sniper, 43 zoom, high range, deserve to roll with explosive payload for fun, god role is photo openingshot, snapshot moving target isn’t bad either.

Cons: poor stats contrasted to frozen orbit and also succession. Worst aim assist by a far-reaching margin. The limit isn’t very great and some people absolutely dislike the sights. You need to play a the majority of iron banner and also hope, so basically, you can’t freaking gain it

Overall: Bite the the fox is lugged by the reality that it is an aggressive structure sniper and also that it’s at 43 zoom. It’s stats are substantially worse 보다 the other aggressive frames yet with opened shot the can comprise for it. It’s a an excellent option for world that dislike high zoom snipers but want to use an wild frame. Not particularly meta defining yet it’s required to round the end the kinetic options.

So what?

As you have the right to see all 2 of the meta archetypes (adaptive and aggressive) kinetic snipers room worse 보다 their energy counterparts. I am not certain why however hardly anyone uses sequence and frozen orbit is objectively better, and also long shadow at 50 zoom doesn’t hold a candle come adored stats or far future’s god roll. Supremacy is an excellent but it’s a 140 rpm for this reason it’s not good (hyperbole but you obtain the idea). We clearly need an ext kinetic snipers in the video game so ns propose buffing the drop price of (or whole iron banner prey rework would certainly be also better) bite that the fox and also bringing ago eye that sol to compete with adored/far future and administer a reduced zoom alternate for meta kinetic snipers. Right currently unless you have a bite the the fox or an eye the sol you’re stuck to either the finest off meta sniper, a lengthy zoom kind aggressive or a below par lengthy zoom adaptive.

Please bring back bite that the fox and also eye of sol


We space in a kinetic unique weapon drought appropriate now and need new/more options.

For some factor bite the the fox (and swarm that the raven) right drop native iron banner but all the various other arrivals tools do. There room 3 kinetic one-of-a-kind snipers (dropping in ~ a reasonable rate) and also 8 energy special snipers. Currently available Kinetic snipers are just worse than energy. Long shadow can’t contend with adored and far future, succession is slightly worse 보다 frozen orbit, supremacy is a 140.

Bite the the fox isnt OP and it helps round the end kinetic snipers together a totality so it must drop more.

Eye of sol is the just kinetic sniper that can contend with adored and also far future yet it is completely impossible to get now.

The straightforward solution is come bring back eye that sol and rise bite of the fox drop rate. The harder but far better solution would be to market a booty picker (like the dsc chest) for trials and Iron banner or to add a comparable mechanism to umbral focusing to trials and IB.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong around anything and also let me recognize what you men think.