Who is this dude? he is in skate 3 and also he walk a collab v emerica awhile back, is on Heroin skateboards, and also is in some barrier Kult.
Reminds me the Neckface.

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Him and also the obstacle Kult (BA.KU) only skate barriers like what"s pictured next to him.I discover it quite stupid.
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Him and also the barrier Kult (BA.KU) only skate barriers like what"s pictured beside him.I uncover it pretty stupid.
Him and the obstacle Kult (BA.KU) only skate barriers like what"s pictured next to him.I uncover it pretty stupid.
Yeah ns noticed because all the footy was simply hime skating those barriers, however like why the alter-ego?
I to be wondering that this was too, quite stupid if friend ask melook at this YouTube - DEER guy OF DARK WOODS EMERICA INTERVIEWso lame
Him and also the barrier Kult (BA.KU) only skate barriers like what"s pictured alongside him.I discover it pretty stupid.
Some of that is overkill, i need to admit. Still, the dude does part ridiculos shit on barriers, and only those of you that have skated barriers know how difficult they are to skate and also do legitimate tricks on. Seriously, the does backside kickflip 360s on barriers, into the little transition there is, and also barely pivots them.
Hating on obstacle kult renders you a kook...Their legit as fuckFull B.A.K.U videoBarrier_Kult_video.mp4hesh legislation sectionYouTube - barrier kult:47 beast the gevaudan = clearly haslam. Yet still some gnarly tricksAlso, if you think their 100% serious, something is wrong with you.Its basically acquisition the totality "Satan is so cool" point to a whole other level.Barriers = hard as fuck come skate too. For this reason respect 2ft bs airs turn off a 3ft ramp through 2 ft the vert..

dtj16, ns couldn"t of stated it better myself (referring come your very first post). I offer them heaps that respect. Castle obviously are just having actually fun doing what they space doing, and skating what they choose to skate. The alone is respectable.
Why not?Why would certainly sammy baca have actually footage in hesh law?Why would emmanual guzman have actually footage in heshlaw?Skaters have actually friends outside of your "team mates"..Plus Deerman has actually a collabo deck with creature together well..
i don"t recognize really. I just wanted come know about them. I"m sort of curious, and also I couldn"t discover anything in the google search really.
I don"t understand really. I just wanted come know around them. I"m type of curious, and also I couldn"t find anything in the google search really.
Thats type of the point.BAKU is mysterious. Not everyone who skates demands to recognize everything about every skater.They carry out their shit, it it s okay seen, and also its rad.Thats about all anyone demands to know..Deerman has had a grasp of interviews in mags, and that emerica interview. So.. Friend can get info in that.Plus the civilization who don"t gain it, never will.But the world who are hyped top top it, will remain stoked..
if this is serious, then wtf? lame.but i understand it"s not. It"s the most mysterious lol i"ve ever before had in a while.

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he"s not actually haslamhaslam is just part of BA:KUdeerman is noble thoughi"m constantly down to support him and heroin
Isnt it likewise like through the exemption of Deerman (which, at least in skateboarding, is his just ego...that we recognize of) isn"t it choose Haslam and other dudes get together, placed on ski masks with funny names, and also joke that there conjuring Satan by skating barriers?
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