Most of the puzzles in Horizon Zero Dawn take the form of simple dials, which players must relocate to among the four equivalent directions ~ above the dial itself. Commonly these puzzles are pretty simple to complete, with their options being detailed on the wall surface directly next to them. Unfortunately, one of these puzzles go prove a bit an ext challenge, and also in this post we’ll display you how to complete the Deep keys of the earth puzzle in Horizon Zero Dawn, which girlfriend run into when playing with the mission.

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How to discover the Puzzle

You’ll uncover this puzzle during the mission Deep tricks of the Earth. While exploring the area, and also following your waypoint, you come in a room through two different puzzles, one on one of two people side. Unfortunately, the puzzle come the right is absent a dial, for this reason you’ll need to replace it. In stimulate to find it, friend must very first solve the puzzle on the left.

How to repair the Dial

Use your emphasis to locate the puzzle solution next to the dials, then get in in the preferred combination. In this instance, the solution is:

Left, Up, Left, Down, Right.

With the left puzzle solved, power will return to a nearby door. Head through the door, and also explore the area till you situate the mission dial the you need. Now, head ago to the puzzle room and insert the dial.

How to settle the 2nd Puzzle

With the dial in place, it’s ultimately time to deal with that pesky puzzle. Using your Focus, take it a look in ~ the panel to the left the the dials to discover the solution. When you go into it in, though, you’ll uncover that the doesn’t work.

To uncover the true equipment to the puzzle, usage your Focus and listen come the datapoint turn off to the left that the dials. They’ll give a reservation that’s an extremely important to fixing this puzzle. Reportedly someone has hooked up the dials incorrectly, and also the combination needed to power the door has actually actually been reversed. So, to fix the puzzle you’ll require to get in in the reverse of the combination given ~ above the panel. Go into the following mix from left to right:

Down, Left, Up, Right, Down.

This will resolve the second puzzle, and also restore strength to the door, enabling you to continue your trip deeper into the installation. You can return to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide for more articles like this. We also have guides that will assist you learn how to rapid travel, as well as a detailed short article on exactly how to get the Shield-Weaver armor, i m sorry is the strongest armor in the game.

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