EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Friday night"s season premiere that the popular investigative news show "Dateline NBC" featured the story of Halee Rathgeber of Newburgh.

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Rathgeber, a 20-year-old university of southerly Indiana parenting student, was discovered dead in April 2017 close to the Alcoa Soccer complicated in Warrick County.

Isaiah Hagan, 23, was found guilty of Rathgeber"s murder in June, and also robbery regarded the murder and obstruction that justice. He was sentenced to 60 years.


The "Dateline" episode, titled "On the outskirts of Town," began near the soccer complicated where Rathgeber to be killed.

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In the episode, investigators information that after Hagan"s arrest lock recovered a towel from the Hagan home that was the same kind and color as a bath towel from the Hagan home. They likewise discovered a missing gun and also learned that Hagan paid his father $210 the he fan him the morning ~ Halee to be killed. 

Family and also authorities in the illustration talked about the uncertainty initially actors on Thaddeus Rice, a friend of Halee"s that was implicated in the death of his child son, Jackson Wheeler. The family thought Halee may have given police information on Rice at some allude as she was suspiciously of the circumstances bordering the child"s death.

Suspicion later started to loss on Hagan, as acquaintances the Hagan recounted story they"d heard of Hagan thefts or get loan money from friends and family. Video of Hagan"s interview v police is played throughout the episode, showing investigators realizing the cell call triangulation and also security cameras present his confession wasn"t regular with his story.

The display suggests there was a controversy between Hagan and Rice as the major suspect, while authorities insisted it might have to be no one but Hagan.

Jacob Allen, who worked with Rathgeber and also Hagan at Texas Roadhouse, remembers gift shocked at the suspicions toward Hagan.

"I had actually never well-known him to it is in an aggressor of any type of kind," Allen states in the interview. "He just wasn"t that way."

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The "bombshell moment," as defined in the buildup come the show"s climax, explains Donna Hagan"s testimony in court that her child Isaiah had actually confessed to her that he accidentally shooting Rathgeber.

"I was in disbelief," Donna Hagan called Dateline. "I couldn"t believe it.

"We want him to understand that we love him, and also we"re gonna be there because that him no matter what," she said.

The early moments that the episode defined Halee v the eyes of her mom Heather Collins, 3 sisters and also friends.

Her father, Tharon, described an incident in i beg your pardon 12-year-old Halee was the topic of a molesting effort by a 19-year-old male and also testified against him in court after coming to the conclusion the if she stayed silent, the would execute the same to various other girls.

It was that kind of thoughtfulness and also sense of civic responsibility and also caring for others, her family says, that led Halee to go after a career in nursing.

As the illustration progresses, heath Collins described hearing a news story top top the morning of the discovery of Halee"s death, around a woman being discovered murdered. Collins to be concerned and also made call with her various other two daughters, however Halee never ever answered she phone.

The family related their stress over the course of the morning, and also eventually the shock and grief they felt once authorities identified Halee"s remains.

"I couldn"t believe it," pagan Collins said. "I just couldn"t think that someone would shoot mine child."

Tharon Rathgeber broke down in tears throughout his interview, saying the he had gone to a "very dark place" after learning of her death and also feeling suicidal end the grief and blaming self for not being able to protect his daughter.

The household is still struggling come accept Halee"s death.

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"I don"t think any of united state have pertained to terms through what happened and that she"s gone," heath Collins said.