I love the look and how easy it to be to build in this case especially because that my an initial build ever. However, I have actually one complaint, the GPU is means too close come the cover because that the basement top top the pc. It"s nearly hitting. However this is probably because it is matx and also I"m no sure just how much much better they might do. Overall, ns love it.

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Could use rubber apparel in the instance for cable management but absolutely love this case. The price because that it is not bad, that comes with a glass dashboard that has actually a an excellent tint to it. Perfect for her needs.


Hinged home window is pretty for frequent dusting or decorate changes. Former intake at an initial seems a small choked to one side, yet with the top ventilation i think friend should be able to cool many systems simply fine. Would usage again without skepticism at a an excellent price.

Really beautiful and also clean instance for the bucks. Less than $60 once I got it. What I many like is the door-like side window.

It"s beautiful but one of mine standoffs was no usable as result of being stripped, there to be a little scratch on the peak from the factory, and it doesn"t come with any kind of built in pan or cable monitoring ties. It additionally doesn"t have great airflow in the front.

This is an absolutely beautiful instance with choices of various colors including pink. The ventilation isn"t negative as it looks like; price is also an excellent for a situation with tempered class and also hinge design. However, you could want come think twice before you buy because of its bad quality:

You need to install 2 added copper columns before you put in your mobo, but they can not be totally inserted come the pre-drilled holes. Therefore, the 2 copper columns you mounted will constantly be greater than the others, make it impossible to have actually your mobo sit 100% vertical. (i.e. The ideal hand side of mobo will be 1-3mm higher than the left hand next - this is poor for PCB)The screws can quickly get stripped and the package doesn"t come with plenty the backupsCable monitoring would it is in super difficult if you have a big GPU (2.5 - 3 slots)No dust filter

I want a mATX instance to aid with desk space. Ns really love the looks of this case and that hinge magnetic door feels so good to quickly open the next without unscrewing anything. Structure in the instance was relatively easy but it is tight so if you have larger hands favor I do, beware. The bottom headers of mine mobo were tough to accessibility due come the PSU shroud therefore I had actually to remove my GPU first to plugin the cables. Cable monitoring was no the easiest but that might be as result of my inexperience yet I setup to shot to tidy points up among these days. Keep in mind that ns am no running any type of fans in the front of the instance as I experienced reviews speak it in reality hurt thermal performance and that this case seemed to operate better in a an unfavorable pressure setup (NZXT H500 is nice similar) using 3 exhaust fans (1x in the ago and 2x ~ above top). Case additionally comes through a dust filter in ~ the bottom the case. Price to be also an extremely good, getting it because that $50 shipped.

PCI bracket SLOT COVERS: as reported in reviews, this cannot be reattached after ~ removal. You have the right to see from mine photo how I provided cable ties to stabilize the peripherals due to the fact that they met the situation brackets in ~ an undesirable angle. Because that the graphics map I even bent the mounting piece slightly, so that the map looked and also felt seated beyond just the lock wing pointing up. EDIT 2 months LATER: Ties room my wanted solution come an unfortunate style (see mine photos) however I"m reassessing this as a bigger trouble to live with and so I"ve decreased stars native 4 to 3. Ties (or bolts through nuts, i think) are a disincentive to remove the peripherals once you want to clean or work in the case. Preventing the need to reduced the ties and also fit brand-new ones is currently an obsession. That takes 5x the moment to do basic tasks within the case when I"d otherwise have actually removed the peripherals for convenience if brackets operated as on most cases. It"s tho a cute situation with great cabling cutouts, though perhaps not an excellent ones: due to the fact that my very first post I"ve also an installed 2 SSDs in back, yet dealing with each one in either direction presents a "bend the cable difficult or else expose it in front" conundrum. I believe in placing up through inconveniences with the Micro form factor yet if you do not, and also especially if you desire a top-notch curated watch while using number of add-ons, climate this case may no serve friend well. USEFUL: crate fits (just barely) in overhead warehouse in a 737.

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DOOR: The light "give" of the magnetic resistance lock is addicting. I challenge you to own this case and not open up the door every work just since it feels good.