It’s possible to get married in Dark Souls 3 by finding the sword of Avowal and performing a specific ritual. You conference the NPCs Anri the Astora and also Horace the Hushed many times throughout her adventures play Dark Souls 3, who space integral come the marriage process. These 2 NPCs likewise have a significant affect on the ending you get once you complete the game, so it’s crucial to know exactly how to play the end their story heat in the best possible way. Let’s walk over the numerous ways girlfriend can and will conference Anri that Astora and Horace the Hushed transparent the game.

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Note: Anri’s gender changes based on the gender of her character. If you’re a male, Anri will be female. If you’re a female, Anri will be male.

First Encounter

Your an initial encounter through Anri the Astora and Horace the Hushed wake up in the Road of Sacrifices area, at the Halfway Fortress bonfire. It’s important that friend speak with both NPCs until all dialogue is exhausted. Law so girlfriend will obtain the Blue Sentinels agreement item from Horace.


Second encounter (Optional)

Once friend have defeated the Deacons of the Deep ceo in the Cathedral of the Deep area, you deserve to go earlier to the Firelink Shrine and also speak with Anri to the left of the thrones. This is an optional task that only provides you a bit an ext back story. It has actually no influence on the result of this quest or your ending.

Third Encounter

You can meet Anri double in the Catacombs the Carthus area. She deserve to be discovered just before the long staircase wherein you an initial encounter the large rolling round of enemies, and also to the next of the leg just prior to the High mr Wolnir ceo battle. If you have trouble locating Anri you can discover the precise locations in ours walkthrough that the area.


When girlfriend speak come Anri the 2nd time near the boss battle, do not call her where Horace is located. If you carry out this before you find and kill Horace, girlfriend will obtain the Ring the the evil Eye, yet Anri will certainly die. Don’t worry, you will still get the ring a little bit later.

Horace is located in the Smouldering Lake, with a small corridor come the appropriate of the main water area. As soon as you go under there, you need to fight versus Horace. Loss him to acquire the Llewellyn Shield, climate you can return come Anri and mention his ar (but not that he’s dead) and also Anri will certainly survive. However, it’s not vital to go back to Anri after killing Horace. In addition, once Horace is dead, the Shrine Handmaid will sell his Executioner’s armor set.


Fourth Encounter

In the Irithyll the the Boreal Valley area, Anri can be uncovered to the side of the room whereby the Church of Yorshka bonfire is located. Speak through Anri here and also you attain the Ring of the angry Eye friend missed out on earlier. Once you with the ceo battle against Pontiff Sulyvahn, summon Anri to aid you. The summon sign is right outside the boss chamber by the railing.


Fifth Encounter

Go ago to the Firelink Shrine and also speak v Yruia the Londer. She is in the same ar as Yoel the Londor. She will certainly tell you that the consciousness is ready. In ~ this point you have the right to travel come the tower just prior to you with Anor Londo. Generally there’s a hidden wall surface to the right simply as you get in the tower native the rooftops with all of the ranged silver Knight enemies. However, if you’ve been complying with this collection of quests, the wall is gone and you have the right to head under the hallway to uncover a Pilgrim.


Speak with the Pilgrim to acquire the Sword the Avowal, then proceed to the finish of the hallway to discover Anri ~ above the ground. Method Anri and also perform the routine to finish the ceremony. This is the last time you conference Anri.


Alternate Encounters

If you want to conserve Anri and not obtain married (thus no being able come secure the finest ending), kill the Pilgrim disguised as a statue in the edge of the room whereby the Church that Yorshka bonfire is located. Simply strike the statues and also kill the Pilgrim. This has to be done before you loss Pontiff Sulyvahn.


Just before you struggle the Anor Londo boss, Aldrich, there’s a summon sign to aid Anri on the ground. Help her defeat the boss and Anri pipeline the blade with Ludleth (the human being sitting on the throne at Firelink Shrine) for you.

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If girlfriend told Anri about Horace’s death, you can find the NPC again whereby you battled Horace in Smouldering Lake. If you opted no to call Anri, you can discover the NPC by the graves near the enntrance gate to the Cathedral that the Deep. If you technique Anri in either location you need to battle versus the NPC. If Anri dies at any point in time throughout this quest, the Elite items armor set deserve to be purchased native the Shrine Handmaid.

For an ext information ~ above NPCs and all things Dark Souls 3, be sure to inspect out ours walkthrough and guide!