You require the King"s Ring to open the King"s Doors, but prior to you can reach the Undead Crypt you have to go through the King"s Passage and the Shrine of Amana.

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Slowly head under the hallway, but attack each statue as you progress. Part will attack while others will die instantly. There"s a Lifegem ~ above the left as you progress, and the heart of a Proud Knight and Twinkling Titanite top top the right near the end. Take under the guard at the an extremely end of the hallway, climate go with the mist door come battle against the looking Glass Knight.

Boss Battle: spring Glass Knight

Reward: spring Glass knight Soul

The battle with the looking Glass article is reasonably similar to many other boss battles. Begin off the battle strafing in circles roughly it. Many of that is melee combos consist of 2 or three waits. However, sometimes there"s a pause prior to the third attack, so be weary if you effort to counter strike after prevent or evading two attacks.

When the Knight holds its knife high into the waiting to charge it v lightning, ago away from that quickly. The following assault is lightning charged and has a an extremely wide, circular strike radius. It can be challenging to stop if you remain too close come the boss. Luckily there"s sufficient recovery time ~ the strike to move back into close selection and also hit the boss when or twice.

Once the knight reaches about 50 percent health, the charged lightning attack adds a lightning-based projectile the shoots out right from the sword. It"s a an extremely linear attack and easily avoided if you"re off to the side or behind the Knight.

When the Knight places its shield ~ above the ground. A safety is around to come the end of the shield and also attack. The guard doesn"t take numerous hits to bring down, but the knight doesn"t stop attacking if you"re engaging the minion. To avoid having actually to address multiple enemies, take under the minion as easily as possible, while keeping an eye top top the Knight so you can avoid its strikes if need be.

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Defeat the boss, then head come the far side the the area to discover a coffer the holds a soul Bolt, spell Quartz Ring +2, and three Bonfire Ascetics. Step on the middle of the rock circular communication to take the lift down to the lower floor, then continue through the grassy tunnel. When you reach the tiny clearing, cut down the foliage to the best to uncover a environment-friendly Blossom behind it. Continue down the next tunnel to discover a bonfire in ~ the end and also enter the Shrine that Amana.