I"ve already acquired 30 minutes precious of torches. I have however not got the understanding of how to actually usage "em. I"ve moved every button, searched all easily accessible options, to no avail.

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How to usage a torch?


Can girlfriend not simply walk as much as a lit brazier and press A? Or at a bonfire, you need to toggle and also then push A? complete disclosure, I"ve only watched other human being play.


i haven"t excellent it however myself, however I think if you usage the "Toggle" switch at a bonfire you deserve to then light her torch. Ns don"t know exactly how the timer works. Does the reset after the torch goes the end or do you have to find/buy an ext if you use up you time limit?


gamingsince81: Yeah, you just go approximately the bonfire and also toggle it so it states "light torch" friend can also light the on ant other sconces you have lit. Ns haven"t found any kind of to buy, yet yes, you require to uncover more.


Can you not simply walk approximately a lit brazier and also press A? Or at a bonfire, you need to toggle and then push A? full disclosure, I"ve only watched other civilization play.

The previous is the only way of that ns know just how to do it. Ns tried the latter, however bonfire fire appears to be too magical to walk on a torch.

EDIT: Apparently various other commenters case you have the right to use the bonfire. I should go try this!

I"ll admit this is a small confusing because the torch doesn"t display up together an actual item in your inventory you have the right to equip and also pull out, like many weapons/shields. The basically only exists as that timer on your devices screen.

I issue that I"m wasting a most time do the efforts to light braziers favor a crazy human being (WHAT carry out THEY DO, I have to KNOW!! p.s. Don"t phone call me)


took me around an hour to realize you don"t equip the torch manually. But yeah, any type of bonfire or fire stand have to work.

beard_of_zeus: Yeah, the implementation the the torch appears really strange, in the it"s a physics object that you need to hold in one of your hands, yet it doesn"t actually take up a slot everywhere in your inventory. It"s simply this large fat timer in her inventory menu. I assume the torch doesn"t increase your weight at all, due to the fact that there"s no means to fall it?

Maybe the entirety torch thing is a result of them acquiring a bunch of feedback from players that everybody hated dig of Giants and how it"s feasible to miss the lantern and/or placed the lantern into their inventory and forget around it. So now the torch is this huge prominent mechanic friend can"t forget about and forcibly constantly have with you, as long as you can find somewhere to light it.

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I tho kinda choose Vinny"s initial theory where he believed you couldn"t use bonfires, and also that this one sconce beforehand in the video game is the ur-sconce that is the resource of all future sconces you ever before light. It has actually a very "Olympic flame" vibe to it.