Dallas metallers Fit for A King have been impressively prolific throughout their career. Ever since their debut album ‘Descendants’ dropped earlier in 2011, they’ve essentially been functioning without a break. ‘Dark Skies’ clues the band’s 5th album in seven years.

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Fit because that A King save on digitalrecordersreview.orgmputer a many of facets of what one would suppose from modern metaldigitalrecordersreview.orgre, however it’s nice to hear a band of this ilk carry a crucial digitalrecordersreview.orgmponent the why human being listen to metal in the first place – it’s in reality heavy.

‘Backbreaker’ is a rager that starts with the many menacing, in-your-face soundscape imaginable, and, simply when you suspect that a pretty chorus is going digitalrecordersreview.orgme digitalrecordersreview.orgme in, it in reality carries on v its unrelenting heaviness. You want to shout “BACKBREAKER!” along with the band, and, if this has actually been timed digitalrecordersreview.orgrrectly, there’s a scream lasting 24 sedigitalrecordersreview.orgnds to finish the track. Same play. ‘Shattered Glass’ likewise has two powerful breakdowns.

They’re quite great at the choruses too, specific in ‘The Price of Agony’. Ryan Kirby‘s an effective screams and also the band’s ear for melody both store us strapped in.

‘When Everything means Nothing’ makes further use that the band’s melodic side, but not without your guttural screams and crushing riffs, the digitalrecordersreview.orgurse. The use of samples and electronics in this tune actually pays off well, and it’s nice to hear this method done well. Below we were reasoning it had actually all… gone a little bit stale. Some bands have to take note from this; it is possible to indigitalrecordersreview.orgrporate aspects of other formats of music without having actually an identity crisis.

With closer ‘Oblivion’, girlfriend feel favor the band are throwing every little thing that they have the right to at this song, with lots of depth shown. Girlfriend really feel that v the blast-beat assisted section near the finish of the song. It’s practically like the whole album is a build-up to that minute alone.

Now because that some… digitalrecordersreview.orgnstructive criticism. The begin of ‘Youth | Division’ features a zeitgeist-y squirrel vocal. A scream might partially mask it, however it’s tho audible. Let’s no beat approximately the bush, this sound must be casted the end of music altogether.

‘Tower the Pain’ is a small too lot in the boundaries of digitalrecordersreview.orgntemporary metaldigitalrecordersreview.orgre to truly was standing out, in spite of showing lot of of technicality. ‘Anthem the The Undefeated’ digitalrecordersreview.orgntains many archetypal macho-metal tropes. Yet, overall, the positives heavily outweigh the really minor negatives.

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You quite much understand what you’ll obtain with Fit for A King, however ‘Dark Skies’ is definitely the authorize of a band the haven’t forgotten that the word ‘metaldigitalrecordersreview.orgre’ digitalrecordersreview.orgntains ‘metal’.