Those of girlfriend looking to complete the next collection of Overtime difficulties may have actually run into a little bit of a roadblock, as the Fortnite “Dance within a holographic Durr burger head” objective is not working, demanding one error fix. Fortunately for you, us know precisely what is leading to the issue. It’s actually very simple and is conveniently fixed. Here’s what you should know about the Overtime broken objective, and the exactly “Dance on top of the selfhood Sword” challenge.

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Why is the Fortnite “Dance within a holographic Durr citizens head” difficulty not working?


For some reason, Epic games has noted the wrong summary for one of the Overtime challenges. A Fortnite “Dance on top of the selfhood Sword” challenge should be in the place of “Dance inside a holographic Durr citizens head.” This appears to it is in a simple mistake that the developers have made. Here’s hoping the devs can squeeze out a text fix prior to the week ends, together players will certainly no doubt be perplexed by the not correct description.

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Following the epic battle between robot and monster, a sword was left grounding in the ground northwest of braided Springs. As stated by
FortniteBR ~ above Twitter, the challenge is to run on height of this sword, and in reality has naught to perform with a holographic Durr burgess head.

You need to dance on top of the selfhood Sword instead of a holographic Durr burger head.

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That difficulty is incorrect.

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