Where perform you walk in Fortnite to run in front of a bat statue, in a way above ground pool, and on a seat for giants? Ah, the well known dance-in-front-of-something-obscure challenge. A quite to know they’re there because that casual an obstacle completers, yet for an progressed Fortnite an obstacle goer, you’ll complete an extra difficulty by visiting them all in a solitary game.

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That’s right route planners, run in front of a bat statue, in a method above floor pool, and also on a seat for giants in a single match, and you’ve perfect another an obstacle in itself. But, where space all those locations, and is it possible to gain to all areas in a single match? Of food it is! But, no without gift prepared and also planning first.

Want come know exactly how to complete this week’s run in front challenge? We’ve covered exactly how to discover all these places in the Fortnite season 10, mainly 6 boogie challenges, which has the bat frosting in Haunted Hills, the floating pool close to Fatal Fields and the seat for giants somewhere east of Polar Peak. As soon as you come at every these locations, you’ll want to face the object and also select your preferred dance style.

Fortnite bat statue location

The very first location can be found in Haunted Hills, northwest that the map. The bat statue sit at the back of Haunted House, on the raised edge come the right of the point of view statue, beside the residence that commonly hosts a chest.


Fortnite in a way above ground swimming pool location

True to its name, the swimming pool in this week’s Fortnite challenge can be discovered floating, right now located in the skies to the left of deadly Fields, it will continue to relocate slowly roughly the map because that the rest of the season – so store an eye out for it. The stranded motel positioned on a hovering mound of dirt has actually taken with it every the finest parts native its follower Lazy Lagoon.


Fortnite seat for giants location

The last location, top top a seat for giants, can be found below Shifty Shafts and to the right of Polar Peak. The easiest way to get here is to land on the giant wooden chair come the appropriate of the little cluster that houses and the tacos diner.


There you have actually it, all the places for the Fortnite Season 10 mainly 6 in former of challenges.

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If you’re excellent scaling gigantic chairs and also boogying come bats, friend can inspect out our various other Fortnite mainly 6 challenges, advanced the disco round atan icy plane hanger, or visit the overlapping piano.

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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

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