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You obtained the totality Squad Laughing is one expression indicating that someone has led a group of people to erupt in laughter, i m sorry is often used sarcastically virtual in assorted meme enthusiast communities. Top top TikTok, numerous users have uploaded clips of us lip-syncing one audio clip that a human saying "Damn bro, you"ve acquired the totality squad laughing" if wearing a deadpan facial expression.


The original picture of Family Guy personalities staring, captioned "Damn Bro You obtained The whole Squad Laughing," was developed by an unknown user prior to November 24th, 2019 and also was supplied as a reaction ~ above iFunny, Discord and also other platforms.

On November 24th, 2019, iFunny<3> user BeefFishstick posted a voiced version of the meme to iFunny, where the short article gained over 6,800 smiles in two years (shown below).

On November 25th, 2019, Redditor BeefFishstick uploaded a video clip to r/okbuddyretard the Family Guy personalities standing still with the caption "Damn Bro You acquired The entirety Squad Laughing" (shown below). The article gained 2,200 point out (99% Upvoted) in a month.

It’s no funny bro. Nobody cares bro. Literally nobody asked i don’t even treatment bro. Indigenous r/okbuddyretard


On December 18th, 2019, Redditor LN_Studios posted another image macro come r/teenagers<1> the Lego characters with a deadpan facial expression through the subtitle "Damn Bro You gained the whole Squad Laughing" and also received 24 points (97% Upvoted) in numerous weeks. On December 24th, Redditor elias2357 uploaded a yoda-speak variation of the meme to r/okbuddyretard<2> (shown below, right). Redditors ongoing to article variations that the meme to r/teenagers and also r/okbuddyretard.


On December 26th, YouTuber dailymemeoverdose uploaded a video of a big family sitting roughly a table saying with each other "Damn Bro, You gained The totality Squad Laughing" (shown below). The video accumulated end 24,500 views in a week.


On November 30th, 2019, tik user
asafyrov uploaded a video of four people facing the camera and saying the phrase together while looking severe with the caption, "POV: you do a joke" (shown below, left). The video clip gained over 223,100 likes in a month. Top top December 15th, TikTokkers
glojustus and
troyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy supplied
asafyrov sound clip and the clone impact to recreate the video clip with their own captions (shown below, right). The videos built up over 197,300 likes and 186,500 likes respectively.

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External References

<1> Reddit – r/teenagers

<2> Reddit – r/okbuddyretard

<3> iFunny – BeefFishstick

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