Best-selling calendar location | The absolute elevation of groan-worthy comedy | printed on high-quality file | features easy tear-off pages

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The original #1 Dad joke calendar! Don’t let anyone fool you, dad jokes room the granddaddy of every knee-slappers, the father of all puns. In this calendar, you’ll discover the absolute elevation of groan-worthy comedy through cheesy quips, witty one-liners, and also horribly awesome puns. Remember, girlfriend don’t have to be a dad to tell dad jokes!

Q: Why did the coffee document a police report? A: It obtained mugged.Small however impactful, this desk calendar is perfect to brighten up also the the smallest of spaces offering a pop of personality and also quick monthly reference. Fresh, fun, and also exceptionally stylish, this calendar features a built-in easel and is perfect for display on also the many space-challenged desktop, table, or bookshelf. Difficulty yourself throughout the year or give this calendar together a gift to a friend.Best-selling calendar title!The absolute height of groan-worthy comedyPrinted on high-quality paperFeatures straightforward tear-off pagesIncludes easel backing for displayFull-color images and also pagesGive together a gift for any type of occasionStay organized and on track every yearPerfect because that the workdesk or tabletopGreat for families, students, and professionalsAbout SourcebooksSOURCEBOOKS began in 1987 and has grown and also flourished end the year by following its elevation vision and also publishing particularly authors and also unique books with reader in mind. Provided for its strong publicity and marketing efforts on behalf of that is authors and also retail partners, Sourcebooks stands this day as among the leading and also largest elevation publishers in phibìc America. The Sourcebooks story is no one of simply bestseller lists and significant accomplishments. It’s additionally the story that its roster of countless talented authors and also an ever-growing number of hard-working, book-loving employees. Today, Sourcebooks continues to publish writer in plenty of subjects and styles and in formats both classically physical and dynamically digital along with gifts ranging from calendar to coloring books. The eclectic and also exciting breadth that its list is unmatched. Your mission is guided through its continuing commitment to getting to readers v books and also that will illuminate, inspire, and also enlighten their lives.Why you require some everyday inspiration or just a good laugh to begin your day? start every day turn off fresh with among the many 365 day desk available. This charming job by work space a great way to keep track that the date and also eager to watch what tomorrow holds. Even if it is you gain encouraging messages, discovering a brand-new language, snarky quotes, beloved animals, trivia, puzzles or scriptures verses, there is a daily desk calendar for you. Decorate her office cubicle, kitchen counter, or any type of other spot where a box calendar will fit! The best method to start the work is with among our plenty of Page-a-Day calendar or a stunning Gallery desk calendar available in plenty of sizes and also page formats. Tear off the page on one adhesive bound calendar or readjust to the next day with one of our plenty of loose-leaf Conserve your favorite messages, comics, or pictures for later use.

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You can enjoy a new image or quote every work of the week! has actually a large selection that is sure to please everyone.More Info"Dad joke" is a term used to describe a brief joke, frequently a pun, presented as a one-liner or a question and answer, but not a narrative.