(L30) A Promise Is A Promise 3

Location: Ba"kii Kum - Shad HomeGiver: Ketin D"KarRewards: 400 EXP, 6000 CreditsTasks:Find the damaged Sword in Maroon Valley.

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Go to the Dusty Home structure in Maroon Valley and get the Cursed Coin from Ketin D"kar.At the top right edge of river Cliffs close to the turn off torch is a ar you can use the Cursed Coin to walk to a brand-new area.Enter the Cursed Temple and fight the Cursed Sharkster to obtain the damaged Sword.Return come Ketin D"kar.

(L30) Maroon Trailblazing

Location: Maroon valley - Dusty PathGiver: HenryRewards: 1000 EXP, 6000 CreditsTasks:

Complete Maroon valley CollectComplete Maroon valley DefeatComplete Maroon valley LandmarksComplete Maroon sink Data Probe

This is one huge quest similar to the other trailblazing pursuits you"ve encountered before.

(L30) Maroon valley Collect

Location: Maroon valley - Dusty PathGiver: HenryRewards: 0 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:

Find hard Sand x10Find Arid timber x 5Find Old bones x 10Find Helix Relic x 5

(L30) Maroon valley Defeat

Location: Maroon sink - Dusty PathGiver: HenryRewards: 0 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:

Defeat Pinceron x 5Defeat Sharkster x 5Defeat Vulturbine x 4Defeat Tim x 3

(L30) Maroon sink Landmarks

Location: Maroon valley - Dusty PathGiver: HenryRewards: 0 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:

Find the eastern Entrance landmarkFind the Maroon Tree landmarkFind the Arcing Stones landmarkFind the Hourglass tower landmarkFind the West enntrance gate landmark

(L30) Maroon valley Data Probe

Location: Maroon valley - Dusty PathGiver: HenryRewards: 0 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:Find the Maroon valley Data Probe

It is in the secret Cave.

(L32) just Deserts

Location: Ba"kii Kum - Baki safety HQGiver: Sgt. NiellosRewards: 300 EXP, 8500 CreditsTasks:

Go come the main route close to Ba"kii Kum and look for the traitorous guardFind out wherein Billston walk by assessing the surroundings with your analysisDefeat BillstonReport to Sgt. Niellos in the Baki guard HQ

(L32) warm Trail

Location: Ba"kii Kum - Arid Breeze HQGiver: Joel MahirRewards: 300 EXP, 9800 CreditsTasks:

Go to Torn road in Maroon Valley and also meet HiraSearch the wall surfaces for the cavern entranceFully check out the cave.Report back to Joel

(L32) Steamy Booze

Location: Ba"kii Kum - MarketGiver: Kney"tehab Rewards: 300 EXP, 12300 CreditsTasks:

Talk to Ryda in the Ba"kii Kum Bazaar HouseFind the brewing materialsBring the materials to RydaGo into the basement of the Bazaar HouseExamine the brewing device and begin the brewing processReport back to Kney"tehab

(L32) Steamy Challenge

Location: Ba"kii Kum - DistilleryGiver: Ryda Rewards: 200 EXP, 7777 CreditsTasks:Get a unavoidable score of 4,500 or higher.

(L33) follow of the Hologram Frobbit

Location: Autumn"s autumn - ancient Center Giver: Di"orbis Rewards: 500 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:

Follow the Frobbit in ancient CenterFollow the Frobbit now about Ruined PathStupid Frobbit appears to it is in in Eastern departure now. Keep adhering to itThat stroked nerves rodent currently went north of east Exit. Seek itGo capture up v that jumping bastard around an excellent LakeGot that furry mischief maker. Finally. Go gain your reward native the frosting in old Center

These room the price quotes that come up as you progression through the quest.

(L34) Training through The Master

Location: Rookie harbor - Dojo Giver: understand SenseiRewards: 100 EXP, 150 CreditsTasks:

Complete Training: VRPComplete Training: VPI

This is another multi-part search that is composed of subquests.

(L34) Training: VRP

Location: Rookie port - Dojo Giver: master SenseiRewards: 50 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:Finish the VRP training Course

(L34) Training: VPI

Location: Rookie port - Dojo Giver: master SenseiRewards: 50 EXP, 0 CreditsTasks:Finish the VPI maintain Course

(L36) The northern Trial Building

Location: Vermillion Wasteland - search Hub Giver: GeneralRewards: 200 EXP, 10000 CreditsTasks:

Activate the gadgets of the north region.Inspect the Trial building in Ebony ForestReport ago at the pursuit Hub

(L36) The southerly Trial Building

Location: Vermillion Wasteland - quest Hub Giver: GeneralRewards: 200 EXP, 10000 CreditsTasks:

Activate the devices of the southerly region.Inspect the Trial building in flow DeltaReport back at the quest Hub

(L36) clues of Power

Location: Rookie port - Falldivers HQ Giver: Forerunner ElenyaRewards: 300 EXP, 11111 CreditsTasks:

Meet v Pioneer Deggart in ~ the Autumn"s fall landmark: town RemainsActivate the Probe in village Remains and guide it follow me the pathReport back to Forerunner Elenya

(L36) Wet Work

Location: Rookie harbor - Rookie Harbor security HQGiver: Sgt. Brassler Rewards: 300 EXP, 7800 CreditsTasks:

Talk come Captain wind turbine in southerly Beginners ArcTalk come Captain wind turbine in beginners Arc again and also start the patrolReport ago to Sgt. Brassler

(L36) Bull ~ above Fire

Location: Rookie harbor - fruit of autumn HQGiver: chef Woodkeeper ManzanaRewards: 300 EXP, Parched leaves x14, Ripe to apologize x8, Ginger Tom. Salad x4Tasks:

Enter the Densewater Caverns on Secluded route in the northeast that Autumn"s FallSearch because that Bloodhoof and defeat itReport earlier to chief Woodkeeper Manzana

(L36) brand-new Harbor

Location: Rookie harbor - MarketplaceGiver: Mr. Nomsworth Rewards: 300 EXP, 12000 CreditsTasks:

Talk come the safety in Traders Kontor at the Alley QuartersTalk to Chairman StewardTalk to the metal trader in Bergen town Trader"s DenFind the smelter components in holy place Mine (B3, North, "Chamber that Fire")Report back to the metal trader in Trader"s Den of Bergen VillageReport back to Chairman Steward

(L38) raising the Steaks

Location: Rookie harbor - climbing ExitGiver: Ms. Selena TeakRewards: 150 EXP, 9010 CreditsTasks:Collect the adhering to items and also deliver them come Ms. Teak.

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Elder hardwood x 4Royal Hive x 2Ripe apples x 8

(L40) an Infested Village

Location: basin Keep - Major"s OfficeGiver: K"taraRewards: 1500 EXP, 6000 CreditsTasks:

Meet the Shad in front of the pursuit Hub in basin KeepMeet K"tara again at the landmark in V"rda Vil eastern in the south eastern of Gaia"s GardenFollow K"tara come the left next of V"rda Vil NorthGet the Stone an essential from the tree home in V"rda Vil NorthMeet K"tara again at the landmark in V"rda Vil EastFollow K"tara come the hidden passage at the Clinging RiverFind the resource of the epidemic in Chief"s DenDefeat the summoning enemiesReturn to K"tara in ~ the left next of Chief"s DenTalk to K"tara in V"rda Vil West at the tree in the lake

Same together the story quest.

(L40) Hostage Situation

Location: container Keep - basin Police force HQGiver: Sgt. Bronzler Rewards: 300 EXP, 16700 CreditsTasks:

Talk to Offc. Nailson in former of Clipson Tower located in basin KeepNegotiate through the PapagangstersRescue the hostages top top 1F and 2FReport earlier to Sgt. Bronzler

(L40) Turret Defense

Location: basin Keep - woodland Vanguard HQGiver: Kacela MadakiRewards: 300 EXP, 15850 CreditsTasks:

Enter the Grubby cave on calm Backyard in Gaia"s GardenDefend the Pathhacker native the tide of adversaries that spawnReport back to Kacela Madaki

(L40) tropical Chill

Location: container Keep - container Trade cooperation HQGiver: grandm BasuRewards: 300 EXP, 21100 Credits, Moon Fruit x5, large Nut x3, Lazy nippers x2Tasks:

Head to the Old Timber cave located in Gaia"s GardenNavigate the caveReport ago to mrs Basu

(L40) Lakeside Escort

Location: container Keep - Gaia"s Gardeners HQGiver: Claude ReynesRewards: 300 EXP, 9900 Credits, green Risotto x5, Wrap roll x3, Elder timber x2Tasks:

Head to royal Grove checkpoint in Gaia"s GardenFollow the specialist approximately as she take away water samplesReturn come Claude Reynes