Reporting is a an important part that the sales process. By analyzing your metrics, you gain understanding of how your sales teams space performing, and also have the possibility to identify areas for improvement.

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While it’s important to understand sales performance together a whole, it can likewise be beneficial to recognize how details segments of her pipeline space performing.

In this post, we’ll go over how to develop a segment-specific report the you have the right to use to understand your business’ quarterly sales by are using Excel.


Create A Report That display screens Quarterly Sales through Territory

The first thing you’ll have to do is gather appropriate sales data to incorporate in her report. Due to the fact that you’re hoping to understand territory sales performance, your data need to be specific to those metrics.

Once you’ve gathered the data, you’ll want to ar it into an Excel spreadsheet. For this example, I’ve produced a sample data collection (snippet displayed below) and created columns because that territory, sale date, number of deals closed, and also total transaction revenue.


The first couple of steps of the procedure are prepwork for creating the last report.

1. Pick your entire table v your cursor and also navigate come the toolbar. Click the Inserttab, and also then pick PivotTable, as presented in the gif below. This table will display the end result after you complete the adhering to steps.


After selecting PivotTableyou must see a pop-up home window on her screen, as pictured below.


2. Leaving the Select a table or rangefield together is and simply choose New worksheetand click OK.

You need to then soil on a blank spreadsheet through a PivotTable Fieldsbox top top the ideal side of your sheet, as displayed below.


3. In ~ the PivotTable Field Namebox you need to see a tab that claims Quarters. If not, you must manually readjust the values. To execute this, select the checkbox next to the Datefield, as shown below.


4. Navigate come the toolbar and select the PivotTable Analyzetab, and click Group Selectiontwice. The gif below demonstrates this process.


5. In the Groupingpopup window (shown below), select Quartersfrom the menu choices and click OK. You have to still view an empty spreadsheet through the PivotTable Fieldsbox ~ above the appropriate side of your page.


Now it’s time to begin creating the report.

6. In the PivotTable Fieldsbox, select Quartersfrom the Field Namemenu and also drag it right into the Columnsbox. The gif listed below demonstrates this process.


7. Repeat the same procedure and pick the column name from her data collection that includes revenue totals and also drop the in the Valuesbox.

8. Repeat this again and select the pillar name from your data set that has territory names and also drop it in the Rowsbox.

Your last PivotTable Fieldsbox should have actually Quartersin the Columnsbox, Territoryin the Rowsbox, and Sum the Revenuein the Valuesbox. The image listed below is an instance of what this should look like.

Note that your column header titles may be different depending on how you’ve named them.

You need to now see a PivotTablein your spreadsheet that display screens the total variety of quarterly sales by territory. The image listed below is what my table looks like.


9. If you want, you have the right to clean increase the table and rename column titles that make the data collection easier come interpret. My new table is displayed below.


While the table above shows quarterly revenue by territory, you can likewise create a report that display screens the quarterly deals by territory.

10. Just repeat step seven and replace Sum of Revenuein the Valuesbox through the location of the shaft from her data collection that contains the number of deals closed.

My last table that displays quarterly sales by territory is presented in the photo below.


Once you have your last table(s) you deserve to make her own an individual customizations because that colors and fonts, and even create a chart making use of the PivotChartfunction for added visualizations, like bar graphs or pie charts.

Additional Sales reporting Tools

While Excel is one incredibly an effective tool, there are additional feature-rich services available that you can use come supplement her reporting process.


InsightSquared’sdashboards display comprehensive, real-time power reports. You have the right to analyze your entire pipeline with pre-built reports and also apply filters to monitor custom metrics, choose territory data. The image below is a sample pipeline dashboard.


Image Source


Canopy is a high-powered insights platform that you have the right to use to monitor your whole sales funnel. While it has the expected dashboard and forecasting tools, girlfriend can also get overviews the your entire sales funnel and filter by classification to view particular territory sales data (as displayed in the image below).


Image Source

If you’re a user, InsightSquaredand Canopycan incorporate with Sales Hub.

Understand All facets of her Sales Performance

Whether you a small business or an companies level corporation, it’s important to recognize all aspects of her sales performance, specifically if you run in many markets.

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Use this overview to help you create a report that displays your business’ quarterly sales by are to understand how your different regions space performing.